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Bike lock with only 4 letter words as combination of possible passwords.

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Nowhere in the documentation does it specify that and decryption must be used. But unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Here are the details broken down …

My mails are encrypted thanks to on the server and in the  mail app. To keep it safe and encrypted on the Mac, Safe helps me with… and all that in seconds 😉

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Remember, you don’t necessary need to know the decryption key with some transposition algorithms: encrypt it enough times, and it will eventually decrypt itself. #encryption #decryption

“ I have translated literæ here as “letters” despite the same word being used just a few sentences prior to clearly mean “letter” as in epistle. This brief sentence, which is in Roman script and not fraktur like the surrounding text, seems so out of place that I interpret it to be a typesetting instruction that mistakenly got printed. Typographical flotsam of this sort is common in printed works from the period and in the Steganographia in particular.”

—Alex Boxer on a line from his translation of Steganographia, a fifteenth-century text on encryption disguised as a text on the conjuring of spirits
Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: Kushner’s WhatsApp habit raises security concerns
The presidential adviser's personal accounts were vulnerable to hackers.

“There are also other ways a highly sophisticated hacking group could spy on Kushner’s WhatsApp messaging. For instance, if hackers compromised his phone through another channel, they could install a tool that recorded everything he typed into it. That would make hacking into the app itself unnecessary,.. Or, someone could steal the device itself. If Kushner is using WhatsApp on a personal device, that would make it unlikely that security officials could remotely wipe its contents to ensure thieves didn’t get access to sensitive information contained within.”

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‘ i identify as an inconvenience to the world. ’ [Aine to Elliot]

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“Fuck yeah, fight the power!” Elliot held up his hand for a high-five. “People said the same thing about me. I mean, some of them still do, but other people love me so it balances out.”

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‘ i honestly just want to pack my bags and go travel the world and see and explore everything possible. ’ [Jin to Pathfinder]

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“You should! There are many places in the Frontier to see. I have seen some of them outside of the arena. It was mostly cities. I was working.” He paused, his face briefly switching to a deep in thought emoji, before switching back to its usual smile. “Not the kind of work I do now. It was construction.”