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First India Express | Empowering Women for a better tomrrow

Great experiential learning about Programming, and building capacities of stakeholders (parents, community and service providers).

When I realised the difference between the things I could control and what I couldn’t control, my whole life changed! It might sound a bit dramatic and obvious but that doesn’t matter! 😎

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Very interesting discussion about leadership in a technology driven world

Hier ein kleiner Einblick von unserer gestirgen Teamsitzung über das Deaf-Women Empowernment Workshop. Mit den Ehrenamtlern haben wir uns am Aasee in Müster getroffen und die Organisation und Planung besprochen.

Inspiring students to be leaders at the Health Active School Symposium today with community partners. Student from 18 schools launched their voice around wellness. Nothing makes me happier then students getting their voices heard.

There’s a lot of work to do & we are all in this together believe it or not. I truly appreciate everyone who is making a difference all over the world. God bless you 💕🙏🏽...& please do not give up! Haven said all that, I will be joining my friend & partner Ronald...

UNXT goes to small-town - Hiriyur, Chitradurga!! Orientation program for final year students of Vedavathi Government First grade college, Hiriyur. What an overwhelming response from the students there!😁

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You're allowed to say NO... no means NO

so I’ve been a  huge fangirl of hayleyghoover for a long time now…back since fiveawesomegirls…I love her content, and she just seems like an amazing person.

However, my respect for her has grown 100X since she posted this video today!

Pretty much her talking about the Steubenville rape trails, and talking about how everyone has the right to say NO to any unwanted physical or sexual contact.

Female POWER

It’s my 1001th post! So i thought I’d do something special and pay tribute to all the women and girls out there in the land of television and movies who have inspired me over the past few years.

Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer - TV)

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She was the very first heroine out there who started inspiring other girls. In fact, she was CREATED to do so. Joss Whedon, I vaguely remember, told a publication that Buffy is blonde, pretty, basically the typical bimbo who always dies in the first scene of every 90s horror film.

He wanted the show that they can fight back too.

And boy, did she fight back. Along the way, she won millions of fans and a spot in Television Heaven as spunkiest bimbo alive.

Plus she destroyed vampires! (that’s the only way they should go)


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The movie Kick-Ass only appeared in 2010, but has been a cult-graphic novel for quite a few years now. The movie highlighted one character, and she’s not the title character.

Hit-Girl, an 11-year-old avenger of the weak is only out for one thing: revenge. And watching her swing her balisangs, wielding her ‘25 caliber guns (not sure if those are the exact ones she uses) and slicing through men as though they were butter AND flying through the air at the same time.

This tiny wonder has a marvelous jump ahead of her and I foresee a lot more bloodshed in her future.

Lara Croft

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I think.. This was the first time I ever noticed Angelina Jolie and I was totally inspired by her from the very start. Especially the part where she was riding her Triumph bike down to some stuffy university or something like that. Just goes to show that hot girls can be kick-ass girls too. Plus her shooting. AWESOME.

Robin Scherbatsky

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So I’ve bee talking a lot about ass kicking, but what I’ve failed to do is to go back to real life and Robin Scherbatsky is totally my hero. Besides being able to shoot guns and drink scotch like a man, she’s really focused on her career and knows what she wants. I like that kinda girl. Career is number one to me too!

Olive Penteghast

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Quirky, clever, reader of books and a whiz at wordplay. She’s amazing. Watching Easy A just blew my mind. Plus she’s a girl who still believes in those corny John Hughes movies and that’s plain adorable.

Did you catch Easy A? Cause it was a great show with all the right references and ideas. Plus the ending, the way she drove off in a lawmower just made me smile.

I need her wit and sacarsm. <3

Alright, those are my top 5 awesome chicks of the year. Of course, 5 others made my top 10. But I’m too lazy to fill in all their pictures, besides, most are from books:

Sookie Stackhouse

Valkyrie Cain

Hermione Granger