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Be sure to grab a copy of the Portsmouth Daily Times & check out my post about an Marshall & quarterback Chad Pennington experienced, and how he turned it all around. Or follow the link: 👇

The plays a role in motor learning and in cognitive functions like , reward prediction, , & social . ’s Jennifer L. Raymond shows how neural circuits tune their performance. Join her at :

Je viens de terminer Quelle histoire triste! Sublime, certes, et sans parole, mais si tu es dépressif, ne joue pas à ce jeu. La larme qui coule le long de la joue dans un grand soupir à la toute fin. Comme la femme le fait à son enfant en se souvenant.

is so important! I have a lot of frustration and confusion around our culture that values the ability to shut down and numb out emotion. Today on my IG post, I talk about emotions, car dashboards, and how important they both are.

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"Our brain is bigger, true, but it's just a more powerful computer, not a different computer."

Looking forward to meeting back up with the participants. I still have a couple of spaces left, which include access to extra online resources, including recordings of previous meetings. Get in touch to join.

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Anyone ever feel like everything they do is always wrong? Because…..that’s me. All. The. Time.

So much going on..

Ok so an update of my life in case you were wondering my bf is undergoing surgery sometime today for a kidney transplant it’s a huge deal and he has been waiting for 5 yrs I’m extremely nervous to say the least. It’s been 100 degrees here for the last few days and its expected to go through the weekend the sun makes me sick and my fibromyalgia is acting up badly. School shopping has started that’s never fun ,my oldest son is going away for boy scouts Tuesday camping I will miss him.I had someone I trusted and cared about kinda throw me away for something I never do even though he constantly accuses me and it hurt more than I ever imagined it would so I’ve been nursing a broken heart over that. Emotional response is in high gear this week I hope my anxiety stays low and my heart heals.Heres to the next few days I hope they are good ones 💓

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how do I add more emotion to my writing? it feels like my stories are lifeless and I don't know how to fix it

A toughie! I hope this helps!

We’ll come at this from two different angles: writing and characters. To be a storyteller, the most important quality to have is Empathy: the ability to picture yourself in the place of your characters.

1- Writing - Show, don’t just tell.

‘He loved her, but didn’t know how to say it.’


‘Whenever he looked at her, his chest stirred with something primal, yet not entirely unpleasant. His heart would hammer against his ribcage, like a beast trying to pry its way from a cage. Whenever she looked at him, his face grew hot, and he’d be forced to look away, lest he make a complete fool of himself. There were so many words he wanted to say, so many words he NEEDED to say, but whenever he opened his mouth … they refused to emerge.”

Even though we haven’t mentioned love in the second example, we still know what the poor boy is feeling. Bodily reactions are always fun to play with - quickening of pulses, fluttering of the chest, fidgeting, licking of lips - and help build up imagery.

2- Characters - Give your characters strong motivations/opinions/personality traits.

A basic way of creating a character or portraying an existing one is by giving them a motivation (eg, fall in love, stay out of prison), a positive trait (eg, generous, playful, loving), a negative trait (eg, petty, greedy), and a strong opinion on something relating to the story (eg, if they’re a hero they might have a very black and white idea about justice).

A motivation makes their mindset clear, a positive trait makes them likeable, a negative trait makes them relatable, and a strong opinion gives them some dimension. Let’s do a quick one using Hizashi from one of my fan fictions:

Hizashi (VD) - Debut as a Villain - Good sense of humour - petty - doesn’t believe in redemption

Having all of these also gives you a range of potential emotions you can play with, depending on the scene, even if the scene isn’t from their perspective. What are they willing to give up for their goal? How do other characters react to their humour? How do they display pettiness? Do they recognise their negative trait is negative? How does their opinion affect how they respond to those around them?

By coming up with these points, you not only end up with more rounded characters, you also end up with more opportunities to write more emotion into the story since you have a better understanding of how the characters should respond/act in certain events.

I hope this was helpful! It was a tricky one!


@julien_and_brandon , a sweet and tender declaration of love.
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Beauty of Sadness

Everyone is broken. Most people appear to have it all together, and some may not see themselves this way…but we all have shit that stays with us to adulthood and gets in our way. We all go through shit.

1. That cashier that’s always smiling at you? They lost someone important to them three months ago. They’ve learned to cope well enough that they can appear happy, but on the inside? Broken

2. The stranger you see when you’re walking down the sidewalk that seems perfectly fine. They went on that walk to get out of their house because they don’t feel comfortable there after being involved in a physical fight with their significant other. Broken.

3. The friend that seems to always have your back? They’ve been staying strong to help stabilize you in your rough times. Their grandparents aren’t in good health and they aren’t doing so well financially. They just got out of an abusive long term relationship. Broken.

4. The teacher/professor that has to pretend they’re ok ALL THE TIME? Constantly going through life’s trials just like you are. Just as broken as everyone else.

It sounds sad to think of the world this way, but really it’s bad to assume that sadness is a bad thing. Sadness is a beautiful part of the human condition. Being broken is a beautiful part of the human condition. I try to think about a world in which everyone is happy all the time unconditionally. Is that a world anyone would really like to live in? Sadness helps us feel connected to each other. Even people like me who usually have a really hard time connecting with others through emotion can recognize and want to help end sadness.

Sadness is proof that the human heart is capable of intense amounts of love. Having recently lost something dear to me, I kept thinking it was all my fault. That I was a bad person and I lost my partner because I was so awful to them. And that meant I would never be able to have a lasting relationship in my life - and that I wasn’t deserving of one if that’s the kind of person I am. But the sadness I continue to feel after processing all of those thoughts has led me to a headspace of self-love. Someone who feels sadness this profound over losing someone couldn’t possibly be a “bad person” at heart.

I am a LONG way from being happy. I imagine most of us are. But I’m ok. We’re ok. Sadness has made me see that everyone is deserving of happiness, and eventually we will find it.