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Your smile is the sunshine That shines through my tears Throwing rainbows across my heart. t

Our first ever podcast where I explain why I started this podcast and what you can expect. We will be sharing ideas, insights, research & experiences around emotion in the . We focus on the roles of & deception

In a 2019 study studying tendencies, researchers found that angry participants deviated from an initial anchor a lot. That is unless the anchor was self-generated!

FEELINGS are your road map. Sad? Identify it. Feel it. Make room for it. Therapy offers a shoulder to cry on. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I do. I create space for your suffering so you can get through it. It WILL change.

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I’ve really been into Lorde again lately and I love it so much. There are such great memories surrounding the first time I listened to this album

If you love me let me know.

And if you don’t please make it also clear to me. Don’t be afraid!

There’s No One Better Than Her

I write this as an emotional mess. The emotional mess she’s made me.

I can count on her for anything.

I may not be famous, but seeing her supporting me through and through gives me hope.

I may have depression, but she makes me smile on a daily basis.

I may not be the most handsome guy out there, but she makes me feel beautiful both on the inside and outside.

I may not be the best, but she makes me feel like I am.

And all I can do is thank her! :’)

Have you ever thought of me at night, so much that you couldn’t sleep?

I had so many sleepless nights because of you.

Taylor Swift Songs According to Moods

(Some May be repeated)



Stay Stay Stay


The Best Day

New Years Day

New Romantics

Our Song

Sparks Fly


Shake it Off

You Belong With Me


All Too Well

Never Grow Up

Dear John


Last Kiss


I Almost Do

Cold as You

A Place in This World

Come Back… Be Here


Look What You Made Me Do


Better Than Revenge

I Did Something Bad

Don’t Blame Me

I Knew You Were Trouble

Picture to Burn

The Way I Loved You



Sparks fly


This Love

Hey Stephen

Teardrops on my guitar

New Years Day

Call it What You Want

King of My Heart


Love Story

You Belong With Me

Happiness is everything.

When you go for a walk in the sunshine.

When you do your favorite sport.

The second you remember something and it makes you smile.

Your favorite cup of tea.

A song that reminds you of the great adventures you had.

A good book.

A deep conversation.

The little moments that let you forget all those fears you have.

It is not fair that I say you are breaking my heart over and over, when you don’t even know you have my heart.

I shouldn’t blame you.


One day.

I sit lazily on the floor, my head half-sunk into the pillow I am hugging.

Then I look up and realize you are here. Not making any sound, you are simply here, working on your own stuff, goofing around, living.

And I just start crying.

Because, you are here. You are finally here.

I still remember every little detail about the day we met. And I will cherish that memory. But sadly I don’t remember the day I last saw you, maybe because you never know the last time has just happened until you are going on about things and slowly realize it never happened again.

I can not make sense to any of it.

Does She Know...

How much I miss her? That after three years of friendship, I’ve wanted nothing more than for us to be together? That she has been on my mind for almost every waking minute since we met? 

Of course not, she’s not that deep. 

It’d be nice if she knew. It’d be nice if she thought about me longingly, regretting the breakup and wanting nothing more than to see me again. I’m tired of being the one that gets hurt, the one that falls head over heels and starts planning my life out with her only to get hurt. Do you think she remembers how she has treated me in the past? How she has played games with my heart? Does she know she’s doing it or is it accidental? 

I can only hope and imagine a world where she feels regret, where she is optimistic that I still feel the way that I feel when I see her again. I hope that she thinks about me and that she feels upset that we don’t talk anymore. I hope that she has figured out what she wants by the next time I see her and that I’m somewhere there. I don’t mind having a complicated and potentially awkward past with this girl, I just want her in my future.