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7 elements to integrate + to create distinctive >>> via MikeQuindazzi >>> >>>

Harmonic Analytics' CEO, Phil Shepherd, alongside fellow panelist Frith Tweedie of EY Law, discussing standards and emerging tech at . Thank you and @standardsNZ for hosting us!

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CryptoKitties is a dApp on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a game that gives users access to digital cats which people can buy, sell and breed.

Our Director Clemens Mantl will be speaking at the technology forum on 06/05/19! Register today and come find out how countries are responding to emerging technologies:

This will have an impact in fossil fuels, clean energy, environment & sustainability, and the global economy. Power, in the literal and figurative sense is shifting.

As propels a new era of organisational transformation, the legacy world of vendor relationships will not endure. New research of UK enterprises reveals the increased expectations and requirements of vendors:

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The future of advertising is here. The use of augmented reality and holographic is exciting! #ar #vr #emergingtech #holographic

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The #futureofwork includes #EmergingTech, new #jobs and #augmented intelligence! >> @salesforce via @MikeQuindazzi >> #Automation #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #BigData #Fintech #Insurtech #DataScience #Robotics #HealthTech #Infographic >> @haroldsinnott


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A to the I conceptualization manifest. #artificialintelligence #birth #death #survival #conceptart #experimentalanimation #being #emergingtech #contemporaryartist #chad_mount #okc (at Tower Studio)

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Harness the power of the TOWER. #animation #matterapp #3d #towertheater #abstract #emergingtech #reflection #contemporaryart #chad_mount #okc

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Making of Emerging Technology

Emerging Tech

I am currently a student enrolled in a multimedia design program. I have had the pleasure of taking a course on emerging technologies. Following emerging technology trends is useful knowledge to have in today’s world. There are constant developments and changes with new technology. If you don’t keep up you can end up left in the dust in the world of business. Almost every job is now using some sort of software and hardware to help. Some businesses lacking the knowledge of these trends can find themselves in a poor place. That is why I am thankful to have had this course to make me fully aware of that.

When I started this course I was expecting to learn about emerging technologies in the world today. It is what was in the title of the course and so that is what I assumed. I was prepared to do a lot of research, a lot of reading, and a lot of writing. I was concerned I was going to be bored during this course. Lucky for me this course would keep me engaged through interactive assignments using technology that we all have access to. I was also able to entertain myself with ideas of the future and where technology is going and not just where we are now.

There was a lot of information to take away from this course. The first being some places to look online to learn about emerging technology. There are multiple technology themed websites and blogs that I can use to follow up on tech news. One subject that seems good to keep a close eye on is online security breaches and developments. This is because of how much data we are all sharing on the internet today. We had discussions regarding our data being sold and used amongst advertisers and data collecting agencies to cater to our “browsing needs.” What I would worry most about is the maleficent hackers that will try to obtain my location or financial information. Aside from this very serious matter there were also some very interesting and fun discussions.

There are some things I didn’t pay much notice to and became fascinated with during this course. Machine vision, Augmented reality, international internet speeds, crowd-funded technology, and the future of digital media are subjects that really grabbed my attention. The use of machine vision is used in a more productive way other than gaming. Augmented reality can really shape how we use mobile devices in the future. Internet speeds were not something I thought varied per country and I see how population density can change that. Interesting new ideas are popping up on crowd-funding sites for support. Digital media will be morphing into one stop sites and control how much we really need to browse the internet to find what we are looking for.

In the design world there are trends I need to follow to be sure I can compete with other designers. The software tools will constantly be changing and I will have to know that. Thanks to learning about some new sites to check up on these changes I can always be up to date. I also realize that I will need to build a large internet presence to be noticed. I would like for someone to be able to Google for local designers and my name will be amongst the top on Google or other social websites.

The main thing I felt through our discussions on new technology and how it is being used was a lot of inspiration. I felt very inspired and imaginative at times. What can happen in the future is almost endless. Technological advancements can be a scary and positive thing. Anything we imagined of the future in the past can truly become a reality. I will be ready for it because I will be trying my best to stay up-to-date on emerging technology and what it means to my life.