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Some of the passionate and dedicated AIESEC International Volunteers at their briefing yesterday. They will be spending time with us; learning about Embarkโ€™s daily operations and more. Stay posted for more exciting updates!

Embark reached a milestone with a 1,000 registered passionate volunteers, who are committed to the cause of improving the lives of Sri Lankaโ€™s Street Dogs as well as all other animals of Sri Lanka ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ โ™ฅ๏ธ

Sisters Lihini and Kakuli looking out for someone to adopt them. This was their 8th Adoption Day. Can you help them find their home? Please call/text (77) 902 4746 ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ

Today, Embark reached a milestone with 1,000 registered volunteers. We look forward to continue working together with all of you who are committed to the cause of improving Sri Lankaโ€™s Street Dogs as well as all other animals โ™ฅ๏ธ

From being unwanted, hungry, scared and sick to being in a happy home loved by many. The journey of Peace who was rescued the day after Christmas and adopted last Sunday ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’• โ˜ฎ๏ธ

51 Vaccinations and 18 Treatments were done at the free clinic on Monday. All of these beautiful puppies will be ready to find their home soon.

Hundreds of dogs suffer in cages each day. No one wants to live a life in a cage. You have the power to end a vicious cycle once and for all. Be the change ๐Ÿ–ค

Each day is for new adventures...weโ€™re pawsitive about that! Shop the latest collection now available at Marino Mall and Kandy Department Store, Nugegoda.

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Good Morning. Thank you for helping little Street Dogs like me have a better life ๐Ÿถ

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Yesterday was Nooriโ€™s Lucky day! She was one of the first to find her home at adoption day. Noori was rescued after hot water was thrown in to her eyes and on her body. She sadly lost one eye.

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Itโ€™s always a busy day at our clinic! Here are some of the adorably cute furry friends who turned up today! We carried out a total of 51 Vaccinations and 18 Treatments.

Makar Sankranti, the festival of the sun, is here. May the day marks the beginning of everything nice! . .

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I’m so torn on how to answer this. It’s in regards to did he suffer from behavior problems (anxiety, stress, and fear are what I have filled in). I could use past knowledge and experiences, but any future will not be possible.

I already filled out that he has passed away, as well as the cause. Maybe that will play into any results given from his profile? This is the only research section I haven’t completed because I don’t know what to do…

Those of you that have done an Embark test, if you emailed them with any questions how long did it take them to get back to you? I sent one email, waited a week, sent another just to confirm they received the first one and waited another week and sent another to a different email address and it’s been another week and I’ve gotten no response. At what point should I give them a call?


I’ll swab Bree tomorrow and then race it to the post office! Though the box says it’s only paid postage if it’s sent from the US, which is annoying considering how expensive it is. If the postage to send it from Canada ends up ridiculous, I’ll either hop across the border to send it or have my friend take it when he goes to visit his American boyfriend. It might actually get to the lab faster if it doesn’t have to go through customs.

Any other Canadians have experience with sending the Embark back? Did it take forever?

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Whaaaat?! Where and how are you seeing this?!

Omg, I guess I shared him in enough groups that he got an abnormal amount of views. 😂 I didddd upset a FB group by looking for info on his coat genes, so that may have spiked it a bit.

Gaea has new mix matches! At least I don’t remember them being there before. Look how similar they are! Rey(the one who looks like Gaea with more white spotting) is also a Georgia rescue dog!

Oops, I think I forgot to share this here: Warden’s Embark results, essentially “We’re a bit confused, but there’s definitely Irish Wolfhound and Alaskan Malamute in there, along with a primitive breed or some sort??”

Per pedigree and Embark testing, Warden’s dam is mostly Irish Wolfhound and Alaskan Malamute, with a bit of wolf and Siberian Husky. Definitely no Greenland Dog from that side of things despite Warden’s chromosome breakdown showing “Greenland Dog” as coming from the same side as the IW.

Greenland Dogs and wolves have been known to interbreed. Embark seemed pretty confident it wasnt wolf content when I asked them, but if their GD samples have individuals with wolf outcrossing, it’s not impossible, especially considering how close the “GD” percentage is to his theoretical wolf % via pedigree and dam line Embark results.

His sire is a Karelian Bear Dog, which shows on his chromosome breakdown as “supermutt” and “Alaskan Malamute”.

Embark has offered to rerun his swab in the future once they get Karelian Bear Dog in the database.


Ordered an Embark kit for Nimbus with the holiday breeder’s pricing (might as well get it now while it’s cheaper) and realized after paying that I put my old address! Sent them an email straight away (obvs they won’t be in due to xmas but should be seen when someone gets back) so hopefully will be changed before it gets shipped out!

I was very blessed with tips from my dogs owners this year, and my Christmas bonus and all that, so after a few days of trying to figure out what i really wanted, i decided to get Arthur tested through Embark! I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now, and I am very curious to see what comes back, mostly related to heath stuff.

Embark received Earl’s DNA sample, so in about 2-4 weeks we will find out what he is! I wanted to invite everyone to guess what he is before we find out though!

He’s a medium sized dog, about 40lbs, 20" at the shoulder and 30" from nose to the base of his tail. He’s 11 months and altered. I would consider his energy level to be medium, he’s definitely not high energy. He was born with front dew claws. The vets best guess for his mom and litter is pointer hound mix. I would be a little surprised if there wasn’t any lab in the mix, I’m wondering if there might be beagle or something? He rarely points but he does have what I found to be a surprisingly wide range of vocalizations. He loves the water, digging, chewing, and hiding chew things. He’s friendly with dogs and people and very smart, very cuddly he loves to hug. His mom was an incredibly sweet dog.

So here’s some photos! I tried to pick some that showed his size and his whole body, I think sometimes he looks bigger in photos than he is. The second to last photo is his mom, and the last one is him and his siblings. I’ve seen a few of them since they got homes and they all have turned out similar, everyone looks a lot like mom. Earl is actually the same size as her now, just about 10lbs lighter.