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I met Deneth at a Supermarket in May 2018.He loves animals and he follows .He promised me he would adopt a street dog once his parents move in to a house. He kept his promise today by adopting lovely little Rocko!His parents kept their promise by letting him adopt a dog

We had a very busy day at our clinic today! We had many dogs and puppies turn up with their fosters and adopters to receive some much needed treatment or vaccinations. Take a look! We carried out 67 Vaccinations and 75 Treatments.

Updates from our Puppy Petting Session which happened at Merlionkids International Preschool, Kynsey Road today!

The cutest photos you will see today 😊 The Education program on kindness and compassion towards all living beings and Puppy petting session conducted by at the Merlionkids International Preschool this morning.

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At the Merlionkids International Preschool where conducted a puppy petting session this morning. Thank you for encouraging your little students to understand the importance of being kind and compassionate to all living beings.

β€œKindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.” Here’s to our wonderful team of pashionable volunteers who have dedicated their time to changing the lives of Sri Lanka’s Street Dogs 🐢

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Holidays are the best days to spend time bathing your pooch! Make sure you’ve got lovely sunny weather, all bath essentials and your pooch is in a safe, enclosed area. That’s it! Have fun! 🐢

Mid-week holidays are for spending time with the ones you love...and shopping for a cause! Head over to any Embark store and check out the latest collection of clothing and accessories ❀️

Get in touch to see how we can develop new skills in your employees as they embark upon new responsibilities in the future.

Here’s Speedy when we first rescued him in Killinochchi earlier this year during our Sterilization Campaign and Speedy now! Happy in his new home. A big thank you to our dedicated volunteer Akash for being a foster to Speedy until he found his forever home ❀️

Your purchase of clothing, soft toys and accessories at Embark helps a street dog like Rusty have a better life

15 beautiful Sri Lankan puppies found their forever home at the Adoption Day last Saturday. Thank you to all the families who chose to adopt a dog instead of buying a dog ❀️

When you realize the weekend is over πŸ‘€ This incredibly cute puppy is also up for adoption! Please call (77) 902 4746 if you’d like to adopt!

Sale! Grab our iconic Flip-flops at a reduced price. Offer available on selected styles and excluding Kandy Department Stores.

Would you like to adopt this adorable pooch?! Please call (77) 902 4746 for more details.

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hehehe I’ve ordered meg some goodies

Another Headcanon

Despite popular belief, Ace is pretty conservative when it comes to her abilities. While she enjoys driving people to insanity without relief, she knows that exposing herself in front of humans can be bad for not only her, but the whole of Nenaat; Not to mention it would heavily stall her search for the reborn Idles.

On an unrelated note, her favorite power move is to turn off the gravity of those around her(she can only do this for those people within about twenty feet of her).


To sum up the base plot, there are five main characters, but four major characters. The five mains are; Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Jack of Clubs, and the Hunter. The major characters are all of those except the Hunter.

Each one of the “Four Idle Powers” has control over one court in Nenaat(their hidden kingdom). Each one of them also has a powerful control over some aspect of life and death. The four idle powers are immortal beings, chosen by Niran, the universal observer/watcher. When they die, as long as it is not under specific circumstances, their entity will pass on and harbor inside a new body. Their memories of their past will also slowly return to them in fragments as well.

(However if their death was the result of black garnet weapons, their souls are trapped within the weapon until it is terminated, and they cannot be reborn.)

Ace controls reality. This includes time, weather, gravity, location, perspective, and other things.

King controls self. The king is a figurehead, who was enlisted with the powers of self. Levitation, voice changing, appearance swapping, perhaps even invisibility.

Queen controls the world, the elements. The water and lightning, speaking to a raging storm. Animal whisperer and mind reader.

Jack controls the people. Their emotions, how they feel physically, making them bend to her will, possibly suddenly blinding them or making them unable to speak.

(Power sets are to be worked on)





In the Embark universe, there is one unspoken quota; Ace is to Queen as Jack is to King.

The four idle powers are to naturally reside in the hidden empire of Nenaat, which is looked after and proceeded by the Matkens, a half mortal, half immortal people. There are not many Matkens left, only a few hundred that act as guards, priests, mentors and such, so their home is very empty. It is the job of The White Circle to keep the Idles in line, while also abiding and respecting their order. It is the primary focus of the Idles to keep a center balance, and provide the over world with stability, while also fighting back the demons(to be edited and discussed), preventing their exposure to the human world.

Embark Update;

This photoshoot didn’t go as planned unfortunately-.. I forgot my shoes and wasn’t able to get my wig and when I got there, my cameraman wasn’t able to use her camera! It also ended up raining and slicking the ground up making it even more difficult!

I thought this trip would be a bust. The trip ended in me attending a small dinner party alone in unfamiliar territory, but this actually ended up saving the night! I was very uncomfortable at first, eating alone in public. There was music and entertainment, but that didn’t make it any better.

It was only when I went exploring in the other building did I find my treasure; the building I entered was extremely well designed and the architecture over all was brilliant. I adored many of the features and eventually found myself roaming the place taking pictures because I was so in love with the layout.

We have multiple school scenes in my story Embark, so the thought hit me; ‘What if we filmed the series here at the POA of Alexandria(name of the building)?’ And that’s when sparks began to fly!

Embark photoshoot

What you’ve all been waiting for?

Won’t come for about another year and three months. As you all know, this blog is dedicated to my series called ‘Embark’. I am playing as one of the main characters, Ace of Diamonds, otherwise known as Charolette. I will not film with braces, and unfortunately, it’s going to be a while before they come off.

However this isn’t entirely a bad thing! This give me and my small team lots of time to cement the details and finish working up our outfits and personalities! Not to mention it gives us time to raise money for the equipment!

However! Me and my friend Angela who is apart of the Saga Studios team are going to be doing test filming and editing tomorrow! While doing to, we will also be conducting a photoshoot! Look forward to seeing a few nice updates and teasers from a series yet to arrive!

Got the Widsom Panel DNA results back for Arthur - definitely what I expected in terms of the Spanish galgo and greyhound, but I was so interested to see the 12.5% Great Pyrenees! Although surprising, it is understandable considering the breeds originate from such close regions geographically. I suspect the Great Pyrenees is a constituent of the Spanish mastín [ligero], which is another classic breed that contributes to the genetic makeup of many stray dogs in Spain, so that might be one possible explanation for where the Pyrenees comes from?

Take your last guesses for Rhiannon’s breed mix! We just got the results back from her Embark DNA test and I was really surprised. Hint: she has at least five, possibly more breeds in her makeup, and I only guessed one correctly. I’ll post the results and her family tree when I get back from work!

Going to email Embark about this either today or tomorrow. Canon came back with “no dark mask/facial grizzle” while this dog, Max, a near-Canon-twin is labeled as having a “dark mask.” Either they know something I don’t (like Canon will have a near solid tan face in his future?) or this is an oops result.

Canon and Max share 50% DNA markers, but are only “close family.” I may or may not have gotten excited thinking it was Canon’s third littermate only to be majorly let down lol

Photo via maxgunnerdarby.gsd on Instagram


Guess Haley’s Breed Mix

So I recently bought an Embark DNA test for Haley.. I had had my dog Bree tested, because we were unsure of her breed mix, and the results made sense. Boston Terrier x Shih Tzu/Pekingese? Yep, seems accurate based on what I saw of her parents. Now, Haley … I was pretty damn sure I knew what Haley was. Haley was sold to her first owner as an Australian Shepherd x Shetland Sheepdog. I bought her as a puppy from them. I have had no reason to question the Aussie x Sheltie. She looks like a mix of those two breeds! Acts like one! It seemed very plausible. I know genetics can be weird and tricky, but I had NO REASON to question what I was told (some people have been really unnecessarily rude about that … “why would anyone believe what they were told!!!” type comments, and it’s like … Uhhhh because it seemed reasonable and crossbreeds of two breeds are VERY COMMON? I don’t understand the judgmental attitude AT ALL). 

Anyway, I got Haley’s results back and I was pretty shocked. I did not expect any surprises. But after discussing the results with other people for a while, I suppose they MAY be correct. I may contact Embark and ask some questions, but a lot of people have said there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly crazy about them, considering the rather large databases on all breeds involved. 

Here are her percentages:

6 breeds + Supermutt. Two suspected breeds are in the “Supermutt” category. 

Care to guess any or all of them?

Some important info about Haley: 

  • 40-ish lbs
  • Height is about 18.8 inches
  • Colour is black/tan tri-colour
  • Learns very quickly & is very food driven, toy driven, and praise motivated
  • Extremely affectionate and cuddly. A lap dog. 
  • Loud
  • Shows herding instinct
  • Performs well in various activities. Agility, disc, rally-O, flyball, swimming, lure, tricks, etc. 

Dogblr Embarkers,

If you have tested your purebred dog with the pet kit, were you given the option to send health results to the OFA? Or is that feature strictly for the breeder kit?

I’m on the fence on which to get for Canon.