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How much is too much when it comes to and ? via

Me deleting 500 work at once hoping that none of them pertain to me

Give your and landing pages a consistent look and feel so your subscribers don't have to understand what you want from them over and over again.

There is no reason for workplace misunderstandings in today's technical age. Be wary of these common when sending out your professional !

FYI, I don't appreciate having a gay shoved--unwanted & uninvited--in my face every single day. It's deeply offensive, so the dead LAST thing I want is 's "celebrate pride" crap appearing unsolicited in my . 😡 👎

"Bad grammar is like bad breath - even your best friends won't tell you!" ~ , from her hot new book, Faster, Fewer, Better : Manage the Volume, Reduce the , Love the !

In 2019, people are getting about 126 a day. On top of that, over 53% of the email traffic overall is . When you consider this statistic, it’s no surprise we’ve become so sensitive about and protective of our space and time.

For the emails you want to keep, change the subject line to today’s date and the topic of the message. Move the message to the folder for the topic.

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  • ME: *send band teacher an email with a link from when he was interviewed at 19 at 10:05 p.m.*
  • ME: *sends screenshots* (exact words)
  • Mr. H,
  • *screenshot* "You still talk the same way.
  • HUH (no I’m just kidding)
  • -S"
  • ME: alright, I'm going to head on over to bed now, I'll talk to him tomorrow about the email-
  • ME: now wHo CoUlD bE sEnDiNg Me EmAiLs At ThiS HOuR I WonDEr whO iT CouLD bE
  • ME: *checks computer*
  • ME: *looks at notification*
  • JH, MY F**KING BAND TEACHER: (exact words)
  • "Hi S,
  • That interview is from quite some time ago, and yes the way I talk now is quite similar to how I might have talked when I was 19!
  • Mr. H"
  • Timestamp: 10:11

I’ve officially decided that I can only handle one email parry per day. If I take the time to compose a professional email and you get back to me in the same day, I won’t open it until the next day.

In other news, I’m making my original fic book cover take longer than it might otherwise. 😂

E-mails have been sent!!

We just finished e-mailing everyone who applied to our zine, both accepted contributors and rejected ones! 

Please check your different inboxes, both Spam and Trash ones too. If ou didn’t receive any e-mail you can dm Mod Snowey  (@0snowey0) directly or e-mail us at

Sometimes I think my boss regrets hiring me

Sometimes when I’m typing emails, I’ll dictate them out loud. And even though I don’t actually write most of what I’m saying (coz it’s always inappropriate) my dictation always starts with “Hey Bro!” Or “Oi Mate!” and it’s always spoken with aggression. My boss usually hurries over to check that I in fact haven’t written that. It gives me great joy.