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dragon age + mass effect

hi and welcome. as you might’ve noticed from the title, this is a one on one search for the bioware video game series dragon age and mass effect. if you’re not looking for either of those, this may be the wrong thread for you.

i am

over 20
literate / lazy literate / advanced / idk

looking for partners who are

18 +
literate / whatever

i prefer to roleplay over email but i’m open to using gdocs and discord.

i won’t enforce word limits but just to give you an idea my intros are usually 800-1200 words for each character and my replies are usually around 400-700 words. right now i’m not really interested in going over this estimate but i’m not going to stop you from writing however much you want.

if you’re a person who can only get out one reply every two weeks or less i don’t think we’ll click. consistently waiting multiple weeks for a reply makes the roleplay feel sluggish and typically makes me lose interest. i completely understand when things come up and my partner either needs to take a hiatus or replies come a little more slowly for a while but typically i would like to get at least two responses per week. in general you can expect me to reply within 48-ish hours.

i enjoy doubling but i don’t require it. i play all genders and all ships when doubling but one of my mains will typically be a female oc. i lean toward mf for my “side”, but open to any ship for my partner.

my limits include: noncon, dubcon, shipping between adults and minors, bizarre kinks, fetishized abuse, incest, and basically anything else common sense should tell you is a no. besides that, i’m comfortable with mature themes. please let me know your limits/triggers/anything i need to know before we get started and i’ll happily respect them.

i have played all three dragon age games and all of the dlc and the original mass effect trilogy and some of the dlc. since these universes are so big, i’ll make things easy: i will play any canon character from any of the games with the exceptions of iron bull and loghain. in return i would like to play against cullen, alistair, or anders for dragon age, and kaidan or garrus for mass effect.

i also love love love oc x oc in these worlds, particularly in the inquisition and reaper war timelines. there’s so much going on and i really wanna explore more of the on-the-ground action, y'know? if we’re doing oc x oc, feel free to make fc requests and stuff.

let me leave things here because everything else is just stuff we can figure out together. if you want to get in touch send me an email (; we can exchange discord #’s from there if you want) and tell me what character(s) you want me to play and what character(s) you would like to play plus any ideas, cravings, etc that you have!

thanks for dropping by and hopefully hear from you soon.
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Hey there! I’m on here looking for a writing/RP partner. You can call me Hope :)

I’m 18, a female, and live in Oregon so that is my timezone. I am okay with smut,

I’ve been writing for about 9 years, and RPing for 3. I’ve done a lot of writing on my own, but I’ve discovered that writing with someone else is really fun and a great learning experience.

At the moment I would really like to do an Historical RP with someone one!:) I have a deep love for history especially European, below are a list of fandoms I would enjoy RPing for

•Medici: Masters Of Florence

•The Borgias

•The White Queen

•The White Princess

•The Tudors

•Vikings (History channel)

I’m open to playing canons and have OCs to really all of these shows :)

So send me a message on my tumbler: arianoakenshield so we can talk:D

Please please RP with me!!