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please dont be like me and try to make a new blog while too tired to read properly because i just fucked up my email and made an account with some random persons email address

anonymous asked:

What are y’all going to be for Halloween

( hehehe. I’mma speak for them. I’m slapping Overseer into a Tuxedo mask costume because he’ll hate it and it’ll be funny, 

Originally posted by somniumlunae

and Speed is going with @bd-jonathan-pepstar ‘s Jonathan as Piglet.

Originally posted by disneywalt

[and yes, Pep did ask me if I wanted to do it so I was like HECK YEAH XD])

brilliantsnafu replied to your post: hey what do you put in the subject line of your…

Depends on the subject followed by said subject line. Also depends on your relationship with them. If you’re already cool with them you can scream ‘SKLVHALDIUHF HALP’ ………….. But I’m assuming you’re looking for a more respectable approach.

Literally never interacted!!! I have no idea what this lady is like!!! I’m just emailing her like “hey uh I’m transferring in this spring when do we wanna talk abt my classes, also I’d like to apply for the BFA do you have any advice for that”

my real two love languages that aren’t mentioned in the traditional seven:

  1. literally becoming your mother
  2. willingly committing first degree murder bc someone was mean to u.

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I saw "when we kiss there's magic" on a kyman post recently and literally forgot that that was a line in 'cartman finds love' for a split second and just remembered that you used it at one point and I was like 'wow lai's writing is really that iconic in this fandom huh? amazing

(the fanfic in question is tough luck & tough love)

titaniumthamnophid  asked:

Amy, look! Snake sent you a three-foot-long gummy snake. It has a note. "Busy handling some family things so I can't give this in person - instead sent a few search snakes to carry it over. Busy planning a robot halloween party, making sure a friend's holding up until then, and managing the chaos that is my family. But hey, have a good time with everything!"

{✱};— Amy took the very long gummy snake and read the note. She completely understood, having some things going on herself. It would have been nice to hang out with him though.

Now to decided whether she should indulge herself on this titan of a gummy or save it for later.

… What the heck, it was her birthday after all. 

She would also been taking the search snakes that brought the gummy over here and decorate them. 

She was allowed to indulge herself in other ways on her day.

binariicodice  asked:

(Eugene @ Amy) "I wasn't entirely sure what to get you, but, uh..." Eugene then held out a tiny package that contained... A stapler. Because he actually had no idea what non-Navi kids liked. "... Happy birthday?"

{✱};— Blink, blink. Well, this was … awkward. Amy didn’t expect to receive anything from him of all people. It took her back a little bit, honestly. “U-Um, th-thanks … “ Look down at the tiny package before opening it … 

Only to see that it contained a mere stapler. While it was most certainly not the most impressive gift ever, she couldn’t let him know how she truly felt. She wanted to be nice about it since he probably did try his best. “ … H-Hah, thank you so much! Y-Yeah–uh, I’ve been needing a stapler for a while, so this came at a good time!” A smile curled on her lips. it wasn’t all that fake, considering that she knew its the thought that counts.

em-dualism  asked:

Pat comes in with a big smile on his face and a tin of brownies. He tried to make them a bit fancier by decorating them with a few pink plastic flowers. "Happy birthday, Amy! I hope it's been good so far."

{✱};— Something Pat made? FOR HER ESPECIALLY?! With eyes full of admiration, Amy had eagerly taken one of the brownies. She would first take the plastic pink flowers and put it in her pocket before taking a bite.

It was so good! She mused as in delight before putting an arm around Pat and pulling him closer to her. “This is sooo good! You’re a really good baker and decorator! We should bake somethin’ together sometime~!” She giggled. “Thank you so much! I love it!”

“Hey you didn’t clock out on this day submit a punch or you won’t get those hours in your paycheck” B I T C H I TOOK CARE OF THAT YESTERDAY AND I HAVE SCREENSHOTS TO PROVE IT.

This wouldn’t piss me off so much if it weren’t for the fact it’s on the SUPERVISOR r/n to approve it and they haven’t and I”M the one being told I’m messing up and might not get paid for those 13 hours