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E-Post シリーズは、国産であるが故にていねいな日本語ドキュメントやFAQ記事が完備、メンテナンスがしやすいなど、多くのメリットがあります。

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The moment of panic

When you realise you haven’t checked your email in a couple of days. You run to nearest computer/smartphone, completely certain that you have now missed something really important.

Then you open it you sigh of relief because there are no primary emails; just junk and adverts…

Original and Fandom gay as heck m/m rp?

Hey, i’m looking for gay m/m RPs again, and i kinda have some original gay/yaoi ideas in mind. A fantasy plot where i wanna play a servant/prisoner/charge who attracts the attention of a Prince he serves. A sci-fi plot involving a all-boys millitary school/college of gnetically enhanced inhabitants on a space colony, or a just a slice of life college romance thing. I also have fandoms, mostly games and weeb stuff, that i can list off if you’re interested. if you interested in discussing something hit me up at my e-mail or add me on discord at Clawshrimpy#4143.

PLEASE ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE 18+ AND OUR CHARACTERS IN THE ROLEPLAY WILL ALSO BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD IF WE’RE PLAYING ORIGINAL AND WILL BE AGED UP TO SUCH IF WE PLAY FANDOM This disclaimer is for my and my partner’s safety. Safety, comfort, and avoiding harm is my top priorities when doing queer writing.

About Me

-Call me Hanna! I’m 21 (nearly 22)

-I have nearly 10 years of RP experience

-Third person and multi-para

-I’m a sucker for dark themes and have very few limits. Who doesn’t love to make their characters suffer sometimes?

-I ask that my partners be 18+ only

-Romance is great! (Smut is cool too as long as there’s plot)

-Comfortable with MxF and FxF pairings (all of my OC’s are ladies since I’ve always been awful at writing dudes)

What I’m Craving

-Anything super dark, craving the angst and suffering


-Gang/Crime Themed

-Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal anything

-ExperimentxScientist (I have an OC for this already)

-Vikings (and other historical settings)

-I’m open to other genres as well, these are just what I’m craving right now.

Please contact me at

Unknowing Participant

For the last couple weeks I had been meaning to send off an email to someone about a message that hit me recently while reading my Bible study. I had been wanting to encourage this person and this morning before I forgot again, decided to send it on its way.

What I couldn’t have possibly known was this was being coordinated behind the scenes by God himself.

Email. Who would have thought God plays a role in our email?!

The reason I say this is because I could have sent it on any day. But instead by sending it today, it meant something more deeply to this person because how much they needed to hear it TODAY.

And that just amazes and humbles me.

That God takes a broken vessel like me and uses it to balm another person’s heart and soul with His love and grace.

And all it took was an email…