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Elk Flagger character sheet. It would be nice if they were a real thing sometimes!

Trips trip is filled with unique sights found in Michigan including a Lavender Farm, Lumberjack Show, Elk Viewing Carriage Ride, Great Lake Adventures and even Bears!

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Sunday ski day at ! Loving today! Deep breaths! I love long weekends!! 🤪😃😴

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Woke up to this gentleman grazing in the snow this morning ✨


Incredible #elk

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Hey, Gary, if you’d invite me over to watch hockey once in a while I wouldn’t make secret videos of you.
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Bravery & Elegance 4

Thranduil was listening his son Legolas; ‘’Adar, don’t you think keeping them is wrong? What if Rohan’s King comes here to collect them?’’ The king had enough so he suddenly raised from his throne, that caught his son’s attention. ‘’ I have promised Elénariel to keep them safe. Goodnight son.’’ The King left the throne room. 

He sighed heavily when he reached to his chamber, the second he saw the sisters he remembered his promise. Right before Elénariel died she visited Thranduil in his vision, she was so thin he immediately understood that she was going to die and she had a last wish. ‘’I see the future, The King of the Mirkwood, my friend. My daughters will suffer from a wicked witch but they will escape Rohan. They will come to you, please help my friend. Save them.’’ Her voice was shaking, she fell down and he woke up. Elénariel was a high born lady in the Mirkwood and Thranduil was her friend, when she decided to marry a human they had a fight. Thranduil was so angry at her, how could a high-born elf marry a simple mortal human? He did not go to her wedding, and they never spoke again until that vision.

Ithil felt the sun’s warm, elegant touch on her cheeks and she opened her eyes. The elf maid was running her a bath, ‘’Good morning Aranel nin.’’ Ithil smiled, ‘’Good morning. Apologies I forgot to ask your name yesterday.’’ ‘’My name is Flaurel. King Thranduil sent me here to take care of your needs, I am your maid.’’ she had really long light brown hair and green eyes. Even the maids were beautiful ‘’I run you a bath Aranel nin.’’ Ithil kindly smiled at her ‘’Please call me Ithil. I do not enjoy formalities.’’ young maid blushed at her comment ‘’As you wish.’’

After the hot bath she picked a light blue, satin dress. It was tight around her thighs, it’s because she didn’t had long and sl,m legs like Mirkwood elves; in fact she was a bit buxom.  ‘’I want to see my sister.’’ Filaurel took Ithil to Anor’s chamber, they had breakfast together. ‘’Did King Thranduil said anything about us staying here?’’ Anor was always a curious child. ‘’I talked to him and he let us stay as long as we want.’’ little girl giggled ‘’I want to stay here forever!’’ Ithil was brushing Anor’s golden hair. ‘’Honeyi I think we should not stay here forever. We can see the world.’’ Anor got sad, ‘’But Mirkwood is nana’s homeland and I want to stay here.’’ there was no point of arguing this with her because he could be quite persistent sometimes. ‘’Filaurel told me that there is a beautiful garden. Would you like to see it?’’ Anor jumped of the bed;’’Let’s see! Let’s see!’’ she had a cute green dress as green as the leaves, she never liked her hair braided so Ithil let her hair free. Ithil’s dark brown locks were free as well. ‘’Let’s go then.’’ Filaurel showed them the way and left them there. Palace’s garden was really big, since it was spring the flowers were blooming, the birds were tweeting. They found a lake and they jumped in it. After ten years this was the first time that they actually felt happy. Ithil never saw her sister smiling and laughing like that before. 

After an hour playing in the lake Ithil decided that it was enough so they got out. Since there was no towels to dry themselves they started to walk back to the palace but something happened. Anor screamed in fear and hugged her sister, when Ithil looked back she saw a huge elk coming towards them. Ithil grabbed a stick to defend themselves but there was no need for that. They heared The King’s harsh and commanding voice; ‘’DARO!’’ and with that command the huge elk stopped. Thranduil approached, ‘’Don’t worry he doesn’t bite, in fact he loves children he must have sensed the little one.’’ ‘’Can i pet him?’’ Anor asked, ‘’Yes, child.’’ Anor run to the elk. ‘’You can drop that stick now.’’ Thranduil’s eyes were on her, mostly her body, her wet dress wrapped her curves perfectly. When The King stopped eyeing her he smiled wickedly and said; ‘’You are cadwor Aranel nin.’’ Ithil didn’t expect a comment like that from The King, she was embarrassed but she could not let him make her feel like this; ‘’Thank you for the compliment. Aran nin.’’ Thranduil’s wicked smile grew more, ‘’We will be having Spring Festival. Do you know that means?’’ he asked. ‘’Yes. My nana told me all about the Mirkwood Festivals. I have always wanted to attend.’’ The King realized that the iell was cold, she was shivering. He put his cloak on her shoulders, it looked like a blanket on her. ‘’Thank you my King.’’ ‘’As i was saying, you may attend to Spring Festival. There will be lords and ladies, you can meet them.’’ that idea scared her ‘’What if somebody tells my father that we are here?’’ she was holding the red cloak tightly ‘’Do not fret Hiril vuin. I won’t let them take you away.’’ Thranduil was not sure about telling his vision to Ithil but he had to, eventually. ‘’Thank you.’’ Anor’s giggle caught her attention, little girl was on top of the elk. ‘’My dear lord! How did you climb on top of the elk Anor?!’’ she giggled again ‘’He let me do it. I love this elk.’’ Anor stoop over the elk to hug him. ‘’Get off this instant!’’ ‘’No!’’ Ithil’s hands were on her waist ‘’Anor! I said get off!’’ Thranduil chuckled this made him remember of his now dead wife and his son Legolas. Ithil heared his deep chuckle and turned her gaze at him. ‘’I am sorry my King. She can be really persistent sometimes.’’ Thranduil smiled, I can get her down.’’ he approached to yhe little girl and whispered ‘’I have heared that you want to stay here Anor. If you obey your sister; then I can asure you that you can stay here forever!’’ Thranduil grabbed her tiny arms and pulled her down. ‘’Can I see him again?’’ ‘’Yes. Whenever you want, now go and change your clothes.’’ Anor rushed to her sister and old her hand. ‘’Let’s go Ithil. I am cold.’’ Ithil was surprised because before King Thranduil no one could change Anor’s mind.

Adar: Father

Aranel nin: My Princess

Nana: Mother

Daro: Stop

Cadwor: Shapely

Iell: Girl

Hiril vuin: My Lady

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Elk on the move a year ago in Valles Caldera National Preserve. I look forward to visiting this amazing place. I just ordered a new Camera so getting great photos of elk is on my wish list. Meanwhile I can enjoy the amazing photos and videos taken by the rangers and pass them on to you.

This is a #repost from @vallescaldera via @PhotoAroundApp
Epic shot Ranger Jonathan got last month! (February of 2018).

#VallesCalderaWildlife #VallesCalderaNationalPreserve #VallesCaldera #Elk #ElkHerd #NewMexicoWildlife #NewMexico #LandOfEnchantment

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