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Lets access this situation here.... has already worked with i wonder who is next...guess we will find out tomorrow on should be interesting

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Así como cuando chatea por WhatsApp con tu sobrino de 3 años... Sí, Sí... Así. 😍 😊😁

Gestern Taufe von unserem tollen kleinen Bub Elias Michael mit Familie und zwei super Taufpaten! – at Kath. Pfarramt St. Pius

August 15 - 21 sabay sabay tayong manood ng BAKWIT BOYS kasama si Elias 🤟

Ain’t no true called by gonna be asking people for to speak on Yahuwah’s behalf, aka didn’t ask for money? It says a ; a , , “If I do this thing then I have a

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أليس يوجه رسالته إلى ذا روك ويؤكد: لماذا لا تعود وأريك كيف تمشي مع أليس !؟ . .

My fan art of the ancient magus bride & my personal character

Elias playing guitar for ! Thank you for donating to at 🎵 It's kind to donate money / but it'll take more to impress Elias hunny!🎶  To learn how to win a drawing for yourself, please check my pinned tweet.

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de nos armó un en con sus canciones favoritas para que vayamos preparándonos para recibirlo el próximo 5 de Diciembre 🎸 ¡Síguela y compártela con tus amigos!: - Entradas:

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Boss time - forget me not säger aka mr Grey. Hur kan jag i den här cirkusen?! 🙏🏻

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Can you tell me why you ship elia with Rhaegar instead of with arthur like majority of elia fans

1. Because I have an AU where Elia and Rhaegar are living happily together. I hate what he did to her and their kids. I can’t forgive him for that. 

2. I don’t have to ship AxE like “the majority of fans”. Everyone has their own personal preference, and I honestly don’t know why you would come into my inbox and ask reasons WHY I ship a certain ship and WHY I don’t ship another ship instead. 

3. Because I can. :) 

AN: Elias reacts to being away from his newborn son.

Elias sat in the ring and waited for the lights to dim. His head wasn’t in it to be honest. He was more focused on his newborn son Ethan who was at home. That’s why Elias wasn’t on Raw for 2 weeks he was adjusting to being a new time dad. It was a lot of work but he enjoyed it.

He enjoyed laying Ethan on his chest. He enjoyed singing him to sleep. He enjoyed being being away from the ring shockingly. The lights dimmed as he got into character. He strummed a note on the guitar and looked around the Arena.

“Hello my name Is Elias.”

The usual boos and cheers surrounded the arena.

“I would ask my normal questions but tonight I am in no mood to perform.”

Elias placed the guitar in the ring and left the ring and the arena. An hour later he walked through in his house. His wife was sitting on the bed she was shocked he came home early. Elias sat down next to his wife. He sanitized his hands before grabbing Ethan from his wife arms.

“I just wanted to be home babe. I just wanted to be home.”

AN: Cute. Sucks. Sorry

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Bryn: Funk to funky, he’s gone off to join the celestial hunty!

Ben: I’m doing that one!

Lyd: Ashes to ashes, hope you weren’t a [BLEEP]

Ben, cackling so hard he sounds like Grizzop: AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ben, struggling not to cry of laughter: Ashes to ashes, don’t be a [BLEEP], now [BLEEP] off to the Celestial Hunt!

The Whole Crew, with tears in their eyes: EYYYYYYYY!!

thcrnsnrcses  asked:

Agrimony - What events/people in your muse’s life are they most thankful for?

Elia is quite fond of many people but her father is the one she is the most thankful to have had around. Her father always encouraged her to follow her passions and was the one that helped her find her way though life with faith. His passing has left quite a hole in the girls heart, but she is determined to move forward and make her father, who she knows is watching over her, proud.

In term of events, Elia is most thankful for the time she spent in pain. Not only is it one of her favorite places to travel to, but the education she received there  she holds very close to her heart. She was able to go about just as common people would. She credits the time she spent in Spain with giving her a greater understanding of the world as a whole. 

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Well he LOVES pizza of course 🍕🍕🍕

His other favorites include cheeseburgers and fries 🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟

He loves tomato salad 🍅🍅🍅🍅 and he’ll eat a tomato like it’s an apple 🍎🍎🍎