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Die e-mobile Zukunft - zu sehen auf der IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2018 in Hannover ⚡

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CUATRO ARGENTINOS EN Inició una nueva semana del con la presencia de cuatro jugadores de nuestro país en , . Facundo fue quien abrió la jornada con su triunfo por 7-5 y 6-0 sobre Gastao . Po…

When you’re so bad that they put on the mic for you.. lol is becoming a comedy show now apparently! 😂

& have a dance then , looks like is tired of sitting backstage. So, this petit shows he’s more than just talk

Há alguns negócios inacabados para serem resolvidos NESTA NOITE, quando e se enfrentarem no mano a mano, no !

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Season 5 Ep9 Every time Carl is showing up I am grinning all over my face 😁❤️ Love for the bad guys 😉 „I sadly have to say we can’t pay you...“ „Oh I don’t want your money - I want to join you.“ 😁

Vigésimo quarto domingo do tempo comum. Nem , Nem , Tampouco um dos . "E vós, quem dizeis que eu sou?" Tu , és meu !

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I’ll catch you,“ I say
She stares at me with her gold eyes, fear and determination warring. Without warning, she leaps, and the force of her body knocks me back. My hands are filled with her - waist, hips, that cloud of sugar-scented hair. Her full lips part like she’s going to say something. Not that I’ll respond intelligently. Not with so much of her pressing against so much of me.
—  Elias Veturius, A Torch Against The Night

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Alright! Barring Elias, you got a favorite Secret Freedom Fighter?

The funny thing is that even though I know who the other characters are, and even having encountered Larry Lynx way back when I was a kid during his initial debut, I actually don’t know a ton about the other team members. That said, however, I do think Shard is a character with an interesting concept behind him and a personality that I enjoy. I think I might’ve liked to see more of him, had Penders not Pendered it all up.


Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World