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Voi tätä kohtaamisten määrää tänään 💛. Aamulla luotiin ajatuksia kohti Suomen tulevaisuutta osaamisen valiokunnassa. Kiitos mm. ja Loppuillassa seurana 💙

Senhor me Faça como Jamais sair Da sua Face 😍😍

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ICYMI USA Today's joined us today after breaking the news last night that Mike would be the ' next GM. Is the hire as good as we all seem to think it is?

I guess the Orioles have to be my second favorite team now. Their new GM is named Mike . So clearly, the city of Baltimore is ready to...

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Gracias a los patrullajes realizados en zona rural del municipio , uniformados lograron el rescate de una nutria que deambulaba sobre la vía, fue dejada bajo la proteccion de

This is how the minotaur would have looked like if I was François Delarozière. But luckily for La Machine, I am not.

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was awesome tonight on lol the only good thing about this entire episode!

And also is freaking entertaining IMO. I can't get enough of him lately.

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Agradeça a pela ajuda neste combate, onde venceu por Count-Out, pra garantir a última vaga da Equipe Masculina do para o !

Olá, ele é ... E ele está chamando o serviço de proteção à criança, por conta do “sequestro” de , feito por ?!

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always speaks the truth! But u already knew that.

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collegeandplus  asked:

Hey, there. Could you tell me some middle names that match Elias? I was thinking Barns, name of my role model, but I'd just like some options if that's fine. I just don't want anything that stands out too much. Thank you!

Sure, I think Elias Barns works well as a combination and it’s great to honor your role model with your name! Barns is quite rare as a given name, however, so it may not work well if you do not want something that stands out too much. The only person I could find with Barns as a first name is Barns Courtney, and his given first name is Barnaby. The spelling Barnes is more popular as the surname, so that could be another option too. 

Here are some names that I think go well with Elias and don’t stand out too much, these are more traditional or common names. To find some more names that wouldn’t stand out for the location and date you were born, you could look at baby name popularity lists for your birth year.

  • Aaron
  • Adam
  • Adrian
  • Alexander
  • Andrew
  • Anthony
  • Austin
  • Ben / Benjamin (sort of similar to Barns, and more common)
  • Brian
  • Charles
  • Christopher
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Edward
  • Ethan
  • Gabriel
  • Harry
  • Henry
  • Jack
  • Jacob
  • James
  • John
  • Jonathan
  • Joseph
  • Joshua
  • Justin
  • Kevin
  • Luke
  • Mark
  • Martin
  • Matthew
  • Michael
  • Nathan
  • Noah
  • Robert
  • Sean
  • Scott
  • Steven
  • William / Liam
  • Zachary

I’m assuming you’d like masculine names because Elias is usually masculine. Feel free to send another ask if you would like some more names or you’re looking for something else!


THIS TIME on WWE 2K19, we introduce our new championship to be defended… inside steel cage matches ONLY!

thedosian-cabbage  asked:

18 from sarcasm prompt list feels very Cohen

18. My middle finger salutes you

This is far from being good but I’m really trying here dskdks Also, Hunter School shenanigans

Elias belongs to @vhyral

Their side of the room can be compared to a mad person’s workshop. Their desk is half burnt, as if a sudden burst of flame wrapped it after a bad experiment. Sheets of paper full of notes, project and weird schemes cover its every inch. The skeleton of a repeating crossbow lays on the floor near their bed. The other half is quite tidy, on the desk there’s a big pile of what would probably be notes from class and the writing supplies are all organized and in order. There’s a couple of shirts on the bed, but nothing like the mess in the other half of the room.

They’re not allowed on that side of the bedroom, Elias made it quite clear. With threats and a scary glare. They respect this command. Most of the time. When they remember about it. And when Elias is actually in the room.

Cohen is alone, sitting on the floor and spinning a pencil in their left hand. In front of them, sheets of paper with the project of another crossbow. A pre-existent crossbow, that they need to, uhm, make better. They wouldn’t say “make it better” out loud, just to not receive a punch in the throat.

They threw away a lot of notes. They’re all lying around, little paper balls all over the floor. They write a note, delete it. Normally, they would write a whole bunch of stuff and then reorganize the thoughts on a new paper. Most of the times those ideas aren’t even good. But now, the crossbow ain’t theirs. And someone trusted them with it, and they don’t want to fuck around. Or fuck up.

They have a reputation of being a smart son of a bitch, don’t they?

And fucking up the shit of someone who already doesn’t like them is not a big deal. They wouldn’t care, if it was a normal somebody. It was indeed not a normal somebody.

‘The hell are you doing?’

They look up, startled by that sudden question. They didn’t hear the door opening.

Cohen grins. ‘I’m thinking, smartass.’

Elias rolls their eyes, closing the door behind them. They don’t know where they’ve been, and they don’t even ask. Probably the training ground. Or studying in the library, just to avoid them being in the room. If there’s something Elias knows too well, is that they can’t do anything productive if Cohen’s in the room.

‘Are you still working on your crossbow?’ they glance at that mess near Cohen’s bed, arching an eyebrow.

‘In working on your shit, thank you you’re welcome.’ Cohen yawns, shifting the glasses on their forehead. ‘I should get an award for “Best Roommate Ever”, don’t you think?’

‘Not from me.’

Elias sits at their desk, releasing a tired sigh. They look tired, but when do they don’t look tired. Working, working, studying, training, working, studying. Cohen can swear they heard Elias complaining about humans needing to sleep, once. Or maybe they just imagined them saying something like that.

‘Don’t you have homeworks? Stuff to study?’

‘Done it.’ another grin. ‘It wasn’t much.’

‘We have finals next week.’

They stare at the other ginger. ‘Is that right.’

‘Yeah, haven’t you noticed I’ve been studying all fucking week?’

Cohen stares at them. ‘Are they going to promote you to General during graduation or…?’

Elias rolls their eyes, with a ugh. Five years, and their life as roommates can be summed up with “ugh”, “kaboom”, and “I’ll punch you in the throat, you bastard”.

They haven’t killed each other, yet. That’s a good thing.

Elias grabs a couple of books and the notes from their desk. They turn to Cohen, looking down to them and squinting suspiciously. ‘You’re not going to put a weird explosive thing in there, right?’ they ask. ‘I really want to trust you, for once.’

They adjust the glasses on their nose, and grin again. ‘I can’t promise you anything, General Emmett.’

‘Fuck you, Barty.’ they open the door, glaring at them one last time.

Cohen rises their left hand. ‘My middle finger salutes you,’ and they wink.