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You know ELF we can do anything and all things, just we need to work hard together💪💙

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those who celebrate with you in moments of extreme joy; last but not least and who are faithful to you, give the love that you have known how to give with the passage of time and the love that you deserve for +

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Day 16 - Lian. An excitable elf girl with an eye for cute, sparkly treasures and very nimble hands to snatch them with.

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!!! I cannot believe you sent all this to me! I’m in love and his just made my year!!! Thank you!

I’m picking up the pencil and again! First time sketching in forever, but I’ve been inspired by my ladies group. Behold! My attempt at a half gnome half elf fighter! . .

right now! - voting on idol champ - voting on fan n star - voting on AAA - streaming all platforms and trying to figure out how to stream on Korean Apps - Buying digital songs and gifting What else?

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Masih berharap nanti bisa disitu lihat om om yang gak pernah tua yg selalu kasih yg terbaik buat makasih ya untuk semua nya💙 baik baik ya disana makan yg banyak jgn sakit ya istirahat yg cukup.lofyou om 💙💙💙


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Art by Tatiana Kirgetova


something somethng something it’s almost 4 am sue me

A doodle of a elf noble guy oc  I occasionally draw. I never gave him a name or even a place he belonged, but I always gave him a bit of a personality and some quirks though never elaborate on much.

  • Around 17 years old
  • Son of a prominent noble family in his nation
  • Knows sword fighting, despite not liking it
  • Likes music and the opera
  • Knows how to ride a horse and have a steed of his own