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EIA recently updated the Country Analysis Brief for . Did you know Colombia relies on for most of its needs?

EIA recently updated the Country Analysis Brief for . Did you know Colombia relies on for most of its needs? ()

EIA recently updated the Country Analysis Brief for . Did you know Colombia relies on for most of its needs?

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Today P6A were exploring and electric circuits. We used to demonstrate and build loops and played an online game to get familiar with the different symbols and vocabulary.

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Yellow Diamond mural redraw~ 💛💎

Tried drawing her electric powers, I think they turned out pretty okay!


Des jeunes face au président.
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Electric Fingers @hammerwell_metalcraft
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Teeth, Syncopation, Superconductivity, Electron Counts, Breaking Bacterial Bonds (Blue, Page 7)

Page 7:

Teeth, Syncopation, Superconductivity, Electron Counts, Breaking Bacterial Bonds:

Teeth grow twice just because DNA folds. There is no other reason than cells dividing. Some species have continuous growth because the circuit receives continues excitation, with less areas for bone building vitamins to propagate.

Syncopation (mags); you either go around the wave or you fall into it, or press against it.

Superconductivity = large wave of space equalizing all of the small excitements which increased the timings of the wave. Space state atoms are the natural forms.

This might mean some electron counts/atomic weights are off. We probably haven’t seen all of the elements at their most excited state, because we do not have the tools to do this to an atom yet in open space. We shouldn’t be generalizing weights in the first place. Nothing can be based on carbon atoms. They are all different. We also have a large amount of information left off the periodic table.

Eyes and ears are both radio receivers. Light is a higher frequency radio wave.

1’s never close, = neutral. Can use to reinforce or leave on a question.

Adams apple comes from a wider neck. As things build, the ratio squares. As a neck broadens, there are divisions along the vertical line. In conjunction with upwards division, and divisions along the horizon, you develop build-up, where new cartilage grows, but does not reach a calcium (bone) state as the waves are consistently moving and excited. The adams apple is also already linked to a complete non-bone wave when growth starts.

Crossing legs = feedback through build up/syncopation from build up. Will block and cause wave to find new locations that need it.

Killing bacteria with bacteria:

Gang green fixed by blocking circuit elsewhere and creating a pathway to dying cells through pointers. Start only as vein therapy. No proteins until circuit can lead them. Proteins would get squared because of the bacteria, or all out excite and make it worse. Need to massage bacteria out using confinement.

  • Could help to use appropriate ratio of salt water. Stick to high wave vitamins

Peanuts have something near wave state for typical immune system. Increased allergies are coming from warming of the planet (all excitations are more frequent). Can prove by getting someone with allergies drunk and checking their response. Should be heightened when sober.

  • Salt water for H20 breaking it up;
  • Vit C - need to make list of vitamins that can bond to it;
  • Salt will pull off the Os through O from H;
  • Then H will bond and disseminate the peanut base wave;
  • Peanut is primarily H
  • By creating more H bases with openings, the peanut base is rectified into the system.
  • The system can be tuned to run at this state for the rest of ones life.

Regarding blood; N (Nitrogen) acts as a housing. Center poles/Gemini. Fe acts as a nucleus to N, and N for O and C. The ratios connect O to H, but are held using N and C/O as the intermediate. H is a final balance, but not required for the wave to work. Depending on what you get attached to it, it will function differently, as a matter of polarity changes in the closed system. There are only a set amount of possibilities in natural environments, but learning to manipulate them can change that.

We stop at Fe when it comes to heavy natural items. This is why we can die from heavier elements. The turn Fe into the same function as N, where Fe becomes the housing and the heavy element is now the nucleus.

This is why we can use other metals such as mercury to influence the bodies wave choices. This is not for anyone to really try themselves without a significant understanding of wave properties, as it can result in metallic poisonings, but it is necessary that we develop greater understandings of the combined properties. I am already working this out within my own body. Mercuries, and Zinc help greatly with circuit allowances, and the threshold for the body is higher than what was thought, but I can’t stress enough not to try this yourself without accepting the risks. I am hardly exceeding the present FDA thresholds, but by enough to see significant changes taking place.

What keeps this safe is regular excitation of the circuit, as waves break down, and are pulled apart, or expelled from the system. You need to not just break up the higher unneeded bonds, but also rectify the heavy metals using them.

  • Our bodies don’t tan, they just excite enough to pack in more atoms (seen as molecules). Those compatible atoms forming repellent syncopations are what is called melanin. As said before, atoms all have color coding in that it is a discriminant against light build up (excitation), where the more an atom can allow excited movement, the closer to white it will be, the less it allows the closer to black. Space is heavily syncopated, so it appears to be black. Light coming out of space, is light traveling along the syncopations. Our eyes see vibrations on space. Light does not actually travel as a particle, but we visualize the movements across space. Light speeds are the measurements of how forgiving a plot of space is for the excitations at lights wave frequency.

Dated January 14th, 2019


Nan 24 mwa ap gen kouran 24/24 Point barre dixit prezidan Moïse Jovenel …NÈG YO RANSE #jovenelmoise #menteurmentuer #haiti #electricity #kouran #touthaiti #radiotouthaiti #haitipresident #president #liarliar #liar

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Physics: Electricity

Form 5

Chapter 2

16 January 2019

  • Potential at point A is the work done on moving a unit positive charge from infinity to A against the electric field
  • Potential difference across two points is the work done in moving a unit positive charge from one point to another against the electric field
  • V_BA = V_B - V_A
  • Test charge is always positive
  • In test charge thing, measure where repulsion is higher (or use logic)
  • Potential from infinity to A while being repulsed by positive charge is higher
  • V_A > V_B
  • V = W/Q
  • W = V/Q
  • Unit of potential difference is JC^-1
  • Current:
  • A positive charge will move from a point of higher potential to a point of lower potential
  • Charges move when there is pd
  • Current is the rate of flow of charge with respect to time
  • I = Q/t
  • Magnitude of current is 1A when 1 C of charge goes through conductor in 1 sec
  • Load - anything that consumes electrical energy
  • Current A to B
  • Electrons B to A
  • V_A > V_B