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, made the of those who have and now 14.02.2019 There is a to make by of ?...........

Well we may not have won in our category but it was an honor to be chosen by as a Finalist for "Best Radio Ad Countywide Race"...two great days of keeping upto date on the latest in and !

.. !!! A duba girman Ubangiji kuma aduba chanchanta' a zabi ranar zabe.

Don't miss out on our new state by state voter turnout estimates! We gave a special spotlight in our report for the in , , & . Youth voter turnout more than doubled in these states between 2014 & 2018. Full Analysis:

Its clearly time to switch out Liberal at State Level - what good thing has happened to since 2011? Overdevelopment, heritage destruction, ruining nightlife, selling assets...

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Ironically, it's been proven by scientists that are way smarter than most ...💯🇺🇸😏 Just look at how they continue to believe in and , then give consents to and to be their masters in ...🤣🤣

is ready to vote. Are you? Make sure you come out to vote on Saturday and two Saturdays after that.

The North Carolina Board of Elections has just voted unanimously to hold a new election in District 9. American wins!

Wonderful picture of Kerry Fine Gael TD for Kerry South and minister, Fionán Lynch in full flow on the campaign trail. Note the press pack busy taking notes to the right

There is nothing much to say about this... We shall know the truth, and I hope the truth will set us free..

This May will in for District, Parish & Town councils. One question we had is what difference can I make? We are committed to & local government has the potential for massive positive change powered by the localism act 2011

The and in will be closed tomorrow, February 22, 2019 in recognition of the Work-Free Day for the to encourage all our Nigerian employees to exercise their right to vote.

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It is believed that warmonger wants to buy & play with hate/war politics as his tool & tranquilliser. It is 21st century & waging a war against will cost india huge price. Dialogue for peace has to wait. God bless &

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Okay we all gotta be on the same page this election cuz I’m not having another disaster like 2016. Who we voting for this time?

So Bernie is running for president again with the same message he had last election. It’s almost as if he actually believes in the message he’s been preaching for the last 30 years. Like he doesn’t just tell people what they want to hear in order to get votes or something. Weird.
Britain’s most racist election: the story of Smethwick, 50 years on
Stuart Jeffries: In 1964, the West Midlands constituency of Smethwick was the most colour-conscious place in the country, and the scene of a Tory campaign that successfully exploited anti-immigrant sentiment
By Stuart Jeffries

“Malcolm X wouldn’t recognise Smethwick these days. When he visited in 1965, the town north-west of Birmingham was certainly the most colour-conscious, perhaps the most racist, place in Britain. Its Conservative MP, Peter Griffiths, had been elected in the previous year’s general election on the slogan “If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour.”

The slogan helped buck national voting trends in 1964. Griffiths refused to disown it: “I would not condemn any man who said that,” he told the Times during his election campaign. “I regard it as a manifestation of popular feeling.”

In that election, Labour came to power in Westminster for the first time in 13 years with a national swing from the Tories of 3.5%. In Smethwick, though, there was a swing in the opposite direction: in what is surely the most racist election campaign ever fought in Britain, the Labour incumbent, shadow home secretary Patrick Gordon Walker lost on a 7.2% swing to the Tories that reduced his vote from 20,670 in the previous election to 14,916…..continue”