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Much of the story of and in and more broadly across encapsulated in one cartoon from the best political cartoonist around: Martin Shooty Sutovec

There's a Lambo showdown in Japan! Some of the world's best-kept and prettiest Lambos look amazing in the land of the rising sun. See more at

Ukraine Between Elections Dissatisfaction with 's track record and ' rising distaste with the country's system are some of the reasons why Zelensky won Ukraine's according to Senior Fellow Andreas Umland.

Members of the Takla Nation, here's important information regarding the Takla Nation Notice of All Candidate Forums that take place on Thursday and Friday evening this week:

Great article by you might have missed last week - he provides a checklist for aspiring PCCs preparing for their election campaigns next year

Past present future merging site asks: The attempt by Supreme against their Chief Justice blemishes 's prestige abroad & 's prestige at home. .

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It is debatable that she actually won the when you take into account all the and by the .

Qu'est-ce que la représentation proportionnelle et combien de députés pour la ? Retrouvez ci-dessous les informations :

[ européennes 🇪🇺] Vos enfants se demandent qui peut voter ? 🗳️ Les élections expliquées aux enfants (2/3)

🗳 Don't forget postal voters can vote up to the close of polls in next week’s local on May 2. 🗳 They can be returned until 10pm or they can be dropped into the Civic Centre in or a based polling station.

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Support for Rajeev Talvar

Two Transgender Women Elected in Japan’s Shinjuku Ward

On April 21st the Shinjuku Ward (a special ward in the city of Tokyo) held elections for their assembly. In these elections, two transgender women were elected to office, Mana Takatsuki, and Karen Yoda.

Takatsuki was born in Tokyo in 1973. She is a member of the Japanese Communist Party (far left party) and holds a master’s from Waseda University Graduate School of Philosophy. She has been actively working to help the disabled and elderly for the past 17 years. She ran on a platform of supporting these populations and establishing a same-sex partnership system in Shinjuku. Outside of politics, she enjoys painting and playing the violin and viola.

Yoda was born in the Achi Prefecture in 1972. She has worked as an administrative scrivener and as an LGBT trainer and lecturer. She has no party affiliation but campaigned on a platform which included improved LGBT education for educational professionals and making a better environment for children, including increased food access and free choice of gender school uniforms for students. Prior to transitioning at the age of 36, she worked as a dancer and musical actor who performed in various Sailor Moon musicals.

This is the first time in Japan that two openly transgender people will serve simultaneously in a municipality’s assembly. Good luck to both of them in their newly elected positions.

It is election season in India. And as progressives across the country rally together to vote in honest, sensitive, feminist, and caring leaders, we also recognize the need for intersectionality in our candidates. Chirpi Bhawani is the AAP’s candidate from Praygraj, also known as Allahabad, and to a lesser degree, as Sangam.

Across the globe, countries with predominantly Abrahamic populations (Christians, Muslims, and Jews), have been debating what the growing visibility of the LGBTIQ community means for them. In more conservative circles, theological arguments against homosexuality, queerness, and transgenderism have led to complications in policy making and electoral representation.

In India, despite all our problems with patriarchy, caste, and other social evils, theological acceptance of the LGBTIQ people has not been a problem, at least not historically. This is not to say that LGBTIQ people don’t face violence and discrimination. All it means is that the Hindu scriptures and culture celebrate Queerness in all its shades. Be it Shiva and Shakti in their Ardhanarishwara form (literally, Half Woman God) or the legend of Shikhandi or the story of Mohini, our stories have accorded respect and even sacredness to Queer individuals in our mythologies.

Thanks to centuries of colonialism, our culture lost some of its robustness in this regard and unfortunately, honor-shame considerations are the norm rather than the exception for all who identify as non-men.

In light of this, the candidacy of Chirpi Bhawani is a welcome symbol of change. And we should support it in every way we can.

There is an election coming up in my area. Which means the time has come to pretend I have a candidate choice when speaking to those who do not know me very well. 
Most people have a hard time accepting my: elections-don’t-matter-in-the-slightest-because-no-matter-how-bad-they-are-someone-new-will-have-the-seat-in-a-few-years-anyway, point of view.