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Alex Ferguson: He's the reason the Dos Equis guy stopped calling himself "the most interesting man in the world" Vote Ferguson for President. other guy greediest generation Ferguson equis interesting man in the world

closing operations due to lack of financial support, the airlines is under 15,000 Cr. debt and on the otherhand the expenses of this LS would be 50,000 Cr (highest ever) . Political parties could bailout this sinking ahip and save .

shame on India! want to use this issue for . Terrorist is terrorist. Their Don't Have Any religion. And don’t have any own country. Their identity is Their terrorist. [ =🐂🐂🐄🐄]

Ukrainians went to the polls today to cast their ballot in the second round to choose the next president of . The 29,982 polling stations in the country have now closed. More information:

Je remercie l'ensemble des autorités et de la population ukrainiennes pour l'accueil chaleureux reçu. A nouveau, j'ai pu constater que les Ukrainiens 🇺🇦 aiment et demeurent attachés à la France 🇫🇷. 🇪🇺🇺🇦 🗳

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Wolodymir Selenski the comedian defeated President Petro Poroschenko in Ukraine’s elections. End to Oligarchs? What a victory. Power to the people.

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should stay away from immigration, right to choose, and other ancillary talking points this . Laser focus on . The is getting the shaft. We've lost earning pwr, political pwr, consumer rights. wont fix this. Its the .

In , exit suggests that incumbent Poroshenko was defeated in the presidential by political newcomer Zelenskyi: lots of changes coming to Ukraine in June 2019

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It was a lazy Monday because it was a holiday. A morning with lots of clumsiness in the atmosphere as last night rain which was unusual at that time of the year had made it so. Jatin has woken up at his usual timings as he wakes on a normal working day but since he had not to go office today so he started to do random work and after some useless internet surfing Jatin went to buy a newspaper.

Initial pages of that reputed daily newspaper were filled full page advertisements of established or emerging e-commerce companies, in order to lure the biggest community in the world or we may say in the universe, which is consumer community.Marketing is the term that be given to such phenomena. Through marketing one hopes of generating the profits while balancing it with the actual manufacturing cost. This is the normal perception of profit making in a business for a common man.

But what if the greed for profits starts to cross its limits and becomes neutral towards the morality and sense of being right or wrong. Is it fruitful to generate money by burning the fuel of emotional attachments, relationships, society and the worse the nation?What cost one is paying in order to make money by creating a vicious chaos and creating an uncontrollable sense of insecurity in almost every clog of the wheel? If clogs started to get disintegrated from the wheel system, there will no wheel at all to run the overall system.

By some numerable people of the society, the peace and integrity seem like a danger to their own existence and they feel a paranoia that the united community may dethrone them from their self-proclaimed status of superlative.

The bunch of some people must be not only ignored but should be handled gracefully by equally expressing the integrity. The problem arises when such people starts to get value by prominent parts of the system which should work for uniting people instead they start to support illogical ideas of breaking the system in the name of getting freedom from the system.

So what can be the best solution of such viciousness? How to get out of that spiral downfall? You just need to not only ignore the bunch of such bastards but keep working for the sake of better the system. Make the system stronger. Have faith in other parts of the system and show them yours too. If one starts to believe in others and with effective teamwork a team can achieve anything even if it may be seen impossible.

The bunch of dividing people will keep coming who will always try to put chaos in between common people in the temptation of power or money, but it is on you, the basic part of the system to stand united and keep working towards the sustainable development.

Like everything else this will not last forever but your name and contribution towards others will be remembered. Stop burning the fun of life such as emotional attachments, relationships, society or nation in greed of getting comfort later.

There may be no peace further at all, so start to help others hence show some basic humanity and give some hopes or figments of the peace in the minds of everyone.

The Main Point of Romans 9-11

The main point of Romans 9-11 is an explanation of God’s hardening of Israel. Paul uses Pharaoh as an example of the hardening which Israel had experienced. He goes on to say that this hardening is only partial. “Elect” in Romans 9-11 refers to the “remnant” of Jews who believe in Christ. The “hardened” refers to the vast majority of Jews who have rejected the gospel. Those on whom God has shown “mercy” are those who believe the gospel, whether Jew or Gentile. “Foreknown” refers to the nation of Israel as a whole. The Apostle Paul is arguing that God has hardened Israelites who rely on the law, and has shown mercy on those who have faith in Christ.

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Politics + Social Media

According to our Pew Research article, about half of all Americans engaged in some form of activity on social media regarding politics or social issues. They may have joined a political community on Facebook or tweeted their opinions on gun control on Twitter. Whatever their reason for engagement was, they caught the attention of politicians. Now, prior to the 2020 election, people are debating whether or not the presence of a candidate on social media is as valuable to their campaign as fundraising is. For instance, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has the most impressions on his tweets than other Democratic candidates, but has raised far less money, in the first quarter, than the more prominent Democrats. Will he lead polls heading up to the election because people have seen him on Twitter? Or will he have to raise more money to be considered a viable candidate? I believe social media is increasingly valuable for politicians, so it will be intriguing to follow the change of politics and social media over this next campaign season.


These kind of election stuffs got me crazy, almost.
Sadar bahwa momen ini sangat besar untuk memulai awal yang baru, cerita yang lebih baik, entah dengan orang yang sama atau berbeda. Perubahan itu harus, ke arah yang lebih baik, tapi kesadaran bersama untuk membangun nya adalah lebih utama. Secara teori, beban yang berat akan menjadi lebih ringan apabila kekuatan yang memikulnya sama atau lebih besar. Kekuatan itu adalah masing - masing dari kita. 

Momen besar memang memiliki kekuatan besar, tapi efek baik atau buruk nya yang belum bisa dipastikan. Semoga Indonesia akan lebih baik di setiap hari, dimulai dari kita yang menjadi lebih baik setiap hari. Jangan simpan hal buruk untuk mengutuki atau menyesali, jangan simpan hal baik hanya untuk jadi kenangan. Cerita yang tercatat memang tidak akan berubah, tapi langkah di depan bisa berbeda!

Sebenarnya keinginan kita sama bukan? menjadi lebih dari sekedar lebih baik?  seharusnya tidak akan ada yang bisa memecahkan kita apalagi hanya karena perbedaan cara. Bangsa ini dibangun dari beragam warna dan cerita, toleransi makanan sehari hari kita, dan menjadi bagian dari jati diri. Mencari persamaan dan memadukan perbedaan adalah yang diajarkan para pendiri bangsa, namun mungkin memang benar, semuanya saat ini menjadi lebih berat karena kita terpisah, dan menjadikan masing - masing dari kita musuh untuk dilawan. Musuh yang sebenarnya menjadi kian tersembunyi dan kian hebat menjelma tak terlihat.

Kita akan bertemu dengan saat itu, saat kita harus bertanggung jawab atas apa yang terjadi pada negeri ini. Setiap dari kita yang harus bertanggung jawab, kau tahu kapan waktu itu akan datang?
aku rasa detik ini kita telah memasukinya.

Minggu, 21 April 2019



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