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Just occurred to me that we have in the . It all makes sense now. #2020

We'll be out at the Fan Fest on Friday June 28, 2019 from 5:00PM until 10:00PM. Come see us for some cool and to register to ! 😀🇺🇸🏎

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Berg Moe Puls - This story and more; "What To Know Before Watching The First Democratic Debate, Including: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"

says in a statement that the mission does not observe without the meaningful participation of the opposition forces, ie a one-candidate election

തദ്ദേശ സ്വയംഭരണ ഉപതിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പ് 27ന്

We are proud of our candidates, Steve Schalabba and Chamberlain Rattelade! Everyone will be able to show their support for our candidates on November 5th. We love Fairport and we know you do too!

The politically significant to the three-tier gram panchayats in would be held on July 27, State Election Commission announced on June 26. Photo: IANS

The passed ’s bill to create a special panel to review and update Pennsylvania’s standards. , which establishes the PA Election Law Advisory Board, now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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According to facts "The most Rigged ever held was in  and also made into the  Book of as despite being with 15,000 registered voters, received around 2,43,000 votes. can challenge this record.😂

When the whole system is rigged for an authoritarian agenda against the common person. WILDMAN

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Ben Shapiro’s YouTube audience turn against him over his support for the US attacking Iran


Trump Can’t Stop Saying The Quiet Part Loud!

Billy Chemirmir a illegal immigrant from Kenya accused of 11 murders of elderly women is now suspected of 5 more murders. His means of taking this women’s lives was to smother them with a pillow. Up to maybe 16 women murdered by a man who should not have been in this Country to begin with. What a tragistry! This should be the top story on the major media news, but it’s not because it does not fit their narrative on immigration. A illegal immigrant serial killer?

More German election posters: Every relevant party (Part 1/3)

Sorted by the public’s opinion on if they find the message they are sending appointment or not.


AfD (Alternative for Germany), right-wing

(left) “Strengthen police - Protect citizens!”

(right) “Protect heritage!”

NPD (Germany’s national democrats), right-wing/ national democratic

(left) “Hartz IV poverty - practice fee - sales tax Enough!”

(right) “Money for grandma, not for gyppo”

Der III. Weg (The Third Way), right-wing

(left) “For family, people and heritage!”

(right) “Free kindergarten care for all Germans!”

Die Rechte (The Right), right-wing

(left) “Heritage - family - identity”

(right) “Time to act - people’s uprising now!”

CSU (Christian-social union in Bavaria), Christian-social/ conservative

(left) “Creating work - promote growth.”

(right) “A safe future for our children.”

The next part will be up tomorrow with the question: What is “Okay [in Germany], but not quit a good idea”?

E. Jean Carrol. Full Blown Far Left Liberal. Hates Trump’s guts! Released a New Book and what better way to sell copies, than to say The President of the United States Raped her. If her book would have been ready for release a little sooner it would have been Bret Kavanaugh that raped her. I don’t believe anyone raped this goof.


Tonight’s show is about the 2020 Candidates. There may be a few good ones in their. I’ll be going over the ones who are Smiley Approved so far. #2020debate #election @tulsigabbard is one of my favorites that would be great to go against trumo and hold his feet to the fire on putting America first. ❤ than it would probably be @andrewyang2020
Both seem like they wanna debate trump on policy instead of just having temper tantrums like the rest of the folks in the #2020election #clowncar #lol. I’ll be rooting for #Tulsi and #Yang during the debates this week. Best of luck 💛 #WhatzGoinOnPodcast #WhatGoinOn

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Opposition candidate in Istanbul election wins stunning victory over Erdogan's ruling party
President congratulates victor as his party's candidate concedes defeat in a re-run of the vote

An opposition candidate has won a re-run of the Istanbul mayoral election – dealing a stinging blow to the ruling party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ekrem Imamoglu cemented his status as the Turkish opposition leader when he won the vote with an estimated 53.6 per cent. The candidate for the ruling versus Justice and Development Party, Binali Yildirim, took 45.4 per cent of the vote, with nearly 95 per cent of the city’s ballots counted, Turkish broadcasters said. “The era of waste, arrogance, blahalisation and prejudice is over in Istanbul,” said Mr Imamoglu. “The era of brotherhood and love has begun.” The result vastly extends Mr Imamoglu’s mandate after he eked out a victory over Mr Yildirim in 31 March elections that were cancelled at the demand of the ruling party. The high election board, which oversees all Turkish votes and is said to be stacked with Erdogan loyalists, must still confirm the results. Mr Erdogan or his allies could still attempt to find a legal or parliamentary manoeuver to thwart Mr Imamoglu’s ascent.

Erdogan: whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey.

Me: Guess you lost Turkey then.


President Trump Discusses “The Mueller Report” (June 2019)

A interview with President Trump talking politics.


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CNN Cut’s Off Trump Talking About His Health Care Plan (June 2019)

LIVE NEWS. President Trump announcing his Health Care plan is cut off. WHY?


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