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With our project coming to an end soon, it is now time to discuss the lessons learned. Join us at our international exploitation event in Padua next week (Jan 25):

Recommandations de lecture pour tous ceux qui oeuvrent à la transformation digitale de l'Afrique pour une société plus inclusive. ...

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“Bitte ausdrucken...Danke für die Nutzung unseres Online-Angebots”...ähm nein...wirklich nicht...also so gar das ernst gemeint?

Der -Enquete obliegt eine wichtige Aufgabe für Deutschlands digitale Zukunft: Sie soll den politischen Handlungsbedarf im Bereich KI ermitteln.🔍🤖 Aber wer sind eigentlich ihre Sachverständigen? Hier erfahrt ihr es:

Panel Discussion on the importance of cloud computing, datacenter and new age technology.

New milestone in CEF conformance testing! Thanks to the Test Bed, new test cases are now available. They allow systems under test to receive invoices for validation based on predefined scenarios. 👉

Remember, if you want the chance to present your research or host a workshop at our Impacts of Civic Tech Conference () you have until midnight GMT tomorrow!

Learn how Oakland’s development team built several apps in just six months using , saving the city $500,000. - Several apps in 6 months - Single sign-on for all citizens - $500,000 savings for HR app

Einsatz digitaler Lösungen spielt in Regierungsarbeit Berlins bislang nur minimale Rolle. Die Stadt hat sich aber mit -Gesetz etc. auf den Weg gemacht, die Verwaltungsprozesse zu digitalisieren. beim .

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Правительство к которому нет доверия.


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DEFCON talk explains how to hack the death registry and “kill” your enemies. My takeaway: We’re due for a massive cyber attack. Governments haven’t taken encryption seriously enough. When Estonia first implemented X-Road it also suffered a seriously vulnerability, but learned from it and became more resilient. Governments that reluctantly adopt web-based e-gov services in an ad hoc fashion are climbing the encryption learning curve more slowly.


Kang Yoto Open Goverment Partnership OGP Asia Pacific Regional Conference 6 7 May 2014, Bali Indonesia


Kang Yoto @ Global Forum 2014 (MIT USA) - Transformasi Dunia dari Ego ke Eco System

Government-to-Government Services?

There was an interesting article in the New York Times, “Police Surveillance May Earn Money for City” (

Because it focused on law enforcement, much of the article dealt with privacy and other issues raised by police use of technology.  These issues are indeed challenging, but not that new.

A newer part of the story is that this is a good example of something I’ve been expecting to see for a couple of years: government to government software-as-a-service.   

Here are some relevant excerpts from the story:

The policing system is making New York safer and it will also make money for the city, which is marketing it to other jurisdictions. 

Buyers would pay to access the software (at least several million dollars and more depending on the size of the jurisdiction and whether specifications have to be customized). New York City will receive 30 percent of the gross revenues from the sale of the system and access to any innovations developed for new customers. The revenue will be directed to counterterrorism and crime prevention programs. 

This government-to-government service allows less technologically skilled governments to get sophisticated services they could create for themselves.   It also enables the most technologically advanced governments to spread out their development costs over a larger base and to save some money for their taxpayers.  A win-win as the old expression goes.

Even beyond law enforcement – or maybe I should say, especially outside of law enforcement – the logic of this situation is likely to lead to an expansion of these government-to-government technology services.  More examples in future posts.  Please let me know if you have any examples.

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E-Government Konferenz Wörgl 2010 Podiumsdiskussion

Alec Ross on Twitter and Digital Diplomacy

The BBC’s Lucy Hockings talks to Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation at the US Department of State, on the day Twitter celebrates its seventh birthday.

With 200m active users worldwide, an estimated 400m tweets are written each day on the micro-blogging site. Twitter has become the tool of choice not only for Hollywood celebrities but also world leaders and ambassadors.

The phenomenon, that today we call digital diplomacy or ediplomacy, is described in the book “Twitter for diplomats,” a guide for foreign policy practitioners and embassies around the world.

Sondaggio: URP e Comunicazione PA

Chi lavora nella Pubblica Amministrazione nel settore URP e Comunicazione sa che i ruoli dalla legge 150/2000 ad oggi sono cambiati, sono cambiate le responsabilità e le competenze richieste per lavorare nel settore che, più di tutti, ha garantito negli anni la trasparenza della PA.

Per questo sto facendo un sondaggio tra gli operatori della Comunicazione, URP, e reti civiche che possano far comprendere a che punto stiamo. 

E, dunque, dove poter andare.

Per questo chiedo a tutti di poter dare un proprio contributo, con pochi semplici click.

Sarà un piccolo passo per cercare e chiedere nuove competenze e nuovi ruoli dentro la pubblica amministrazione.

per rispondere alle poche domande basta cliccare qui sotto e rispondere una ad una…

Grazie a tutti.


PS: rubo solo un minuto del vostro tempo :)