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çöp gibi yayın... 🚮 istanbul’un sorunlarına çözüm konseptlerini tanıtmak tartışmak yerine, geçmiş üzerinden birbirlerini suçluyorlar. vizyon, fikir sahibi insan, çözüm konseptlerini anlatmak için can atardı; takılmazdı böyle anlamsız konuşmalara.

It is possible to harness the tremendous power of the ego to build a society that actually supports, develops, & unifies its members. Humans want to control the environment & use it for their own benefit, to bend it to be under them. Pic Juliana Nan

The stronger our the more we live in a world unto ourselves, one we project outward - we see what we think not what is. .

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Focus on empathy and put yourself in your partner's position to beat your .

ceci pourrait être le commencement, c'est une influence de nos idées sur le monde moderne qui stimule la réflexion, en suivant la route comme le poisson suit le cours de la rivière,

! "The things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18 THE that YOU ARE is the true . THE that YOU TRULY ARE NOT WILL PERISH WITH THE BODY. KNOW WHO YOU ARE! BASIC FIRST STEP TO YOUR .

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Y dime lo eres ¿?

Twilight Dawn.

Forget about it now its not true,

Save me Ive been called apun for what Ive done,

I know whats real,

Nobody else can see the end,

But I hear it so clearly,

I need a friend,

but there is no one near me,

My lungs are filled with smoke and I am right where I am,

If youre ever scared to lose it all, dont hide,

Because when its all over you’ll be on a new level of bright,

Travel the world and the seven seas at the sight of your lovers purple eyes,

Stab me through the heart but cry while you do it,

Twilight dawns, Im moving on from broken promises.


Willow had been quiet all morning. Her door was shut and her little desk filled with markers and glitter. “ finished!” She said excitedly and skipped from her room and down the hall.

She saw her dad sitting on the couch reading a book. She ran ran to his side, jumping on the couch beside him. “ daddy!” She hugged him tight. Jackie smiled and returned her hug. “Willow!” He chuckled.

Willow took the book and set it down and placed the paper in Jackie’s hands. On it was a drawn picture of him in his suit and willow standing beside him with her own super suit on. Glitter adorning her mask.

“Willow…this is wonderful!” Willow smiled. I’m just like you here daddy!” She said cheerfully. Jackie kissed her forehead. “ I love it sweetie..”

Jackie slipped it in a frame and hung it on the wall. They went to have dinner at a little cafe in town, Jackie told her stories of his adventures. Willow’s eyes lit up with every word he spoke.

They ventured home and willows bed time had passed.jackie tucked her in and she smiled a sleepy smile. “ daddy.. you are my hero..”


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It was early, sounds of dishes and hushed talking woke him from his sleep. He pushed the blankets back and climbed from his bed. He stepped down the stairs and stopped in the living room. He peeked around the corner to the kitchen.

Standing on a step stool, stirring a big bowl of something was his daughter Emily. Her little apron that came with her toy kitchen tied around her. Chance was at the mixer, measuring confectioners sugar into the bowl.

Flour covered the stovetop and the cake pan. Chase stepped quietly to the living room and sat on the couch, scrolling his phone.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there,but he nodded off in that time. He soon felt a tap on his arm. ‘’Daddy, come on! We want to show you something!’’ He took his daughters hand and let her lead him to the kitchen.

Upon entering he saw that they had done their best to clean up and on the table, a cute frosted cake with ‘happy fathers day’ written with blue icing. ‘’ Surprise!!’’ The kids said together. Chase grabbed them in a tight hug. ‘’ I love you both.. so much. This is the best gift !’’


@septicplier @mad-men-inc @nepeta-cata @burningbirb @septicuniverse @alice–price @petunia9402 @kairomancerr @obsidiancreates @petunia9402

Başkasını kullanmak onu bir nesneye indirgemek demektir. Kişi bunu hissedince direnmeye başlar ve öfkelenir, çünkü kimse bir nesneye indirgenmek istemez.

Bir insan karşısındaki insanın aslında ebedi ruhi varlık olduğunu bilmeyince, bunu hissetmeyince, karşısındaki insana bu gerçeğe dayanarak davranmayınca ve onu bir beden olarak görünce onu bir nesneye indirgeme devam eder.

Bu kavrayışa sahip olmak için insan tekâmül yolunda aydınlanmalı ve her şeyden önce kendisinin bir beden değil, ebedi ruhi varlık olduğunu algılamalıdır.

Yalnızca o zaman birey başka insanların da nesnel bir beden değil, ebedi ruhi varlık olduklarını algılar ve onları kullanmak için eylemlerde bulunmaz…

Aydınlanmış insan tüm canlıların ebedi ruhi varlık olduklarını algıladığı için onları kullanmayı bırakır ve onlara hizmet etmeye başlar. O başkalarını kullanmak yerine kendisini başkalarına kullandırır ve bundan mutlu olur.

Çünkü her canlı varlık MUTLAK olanın ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır ve ebedi ruhi varlıklara hizmet etmek MUTLAK olanın kendisine hizmet etmek demektir. Bundan daha büyük mutluluk olamaz, çünkü bu hizmet bedensel düzeyde değil, ruhsal düzeydedir.

GÜÇ Nedir ve Nasıl Güçlü Olunur?

Büyük Üstad Akif MANAF


Adult Ego Attachment Issues-Childhood Abandonment Issues


Check your EGO at the door and watch how fast you grow! #growth #growthmindset #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmattersmost #ego #motivation #personalgrowth #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #mentor #coach #consultant (at South Portsmouth, Rhode Island)

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