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Gurur egodan doğar. Aldanma ise bağımlılıktan.

Idk why maybe it's because it seems so wrong so symbolic of that this shit is literally my favorite gif 😂🤣😂🤣

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Right on...dealt a crushing blow to my alter ! ✌️❤️😂

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I got to bring Ego home yesterday from the vet hospital, he unleashed three weeks worth of boredom and pent up energy from being stabled 24/7 the entire time with a half hour of zoomies, somehow did not faceplant. Unfortunately he will NOT let me get his medication in his eye without a half an hour fight and wastage so my local vet is coming out to put a lavage system back in his eye as getting medication in is crucial at this point in the healing stage. Not gonna lie, had a mental breakdown after attempting to medicate it for the second time today, it’s emotionally draining dealing with this and more times than not I’ve told myself I cannot do it anymore and have screamed into a pillow and have wanted to give up and just take his eye out but he’s not even three yet, it would be a waste not to try especially as the eye is responding well to treatment. It has now cost $7k and three months to treat, the lavage will cost another $800, maybe more. I just keep thinking about how I will look back at this awful time in our lives and be happy to be over it.

Jackie had always enjoyed storms. He watched the clouds gather over head. Huge, dark ominous looking clouds. He could hear the thunder bellowing in the distance. The wind had picked up. Driving the storm ever closer. 

The air felt electric, as if the molecules themselves were alight. The cool wind flowed around the hero, making his cape fly behind him. The rumble grew ever louder as he stood on the rooftop. 

Like ice the droplets came rushing down, splashing on jackie’s face. He kept looking up, marveled at the storm. The flashes of light, the marvelous sound of the crashing thunder, the cold of the water. 

Jackie took a breath as the lightning grew more intense, the rain heavier. His eyes closed as he reveled in the power that nature gave. Blood washed from his suit, The rain cleansing his wounds both external and in. Jackie had always enjoyed storms.


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What if I told you that your whole life was a lie. An illusion. You are not who you say you are. You are not who you accepted as yourself to be. You may represent yourself in a way, but that does not represent everything about you. This makes you a liar. If you have fear in your life you inevitably accepted an illusion as the truth. You are not whole and yet, that is OK. No one is here to judge you except for yourself. 

The only truth in this world is happiness. The only truth is love. Fear is an illusion. Not that it doesn’t exist, the same way an illusion is something that you understand that you don’t see, it’s existence cannot be refuted. It’s a lie though, that someone has been constructed. A true lie in a sense. The world is full of lies the same way our internal worlds are scattered and broken. Anything we construct out of fear is a lie. When we fear aspects of ourselves, we push them away. We invoke a separation within us, but this is not the truth of us, it is our own self-construct. 

You identify with your own lies. You believe the fear exist for a reason. For your protection. You detach yourself from the present moment because the present moment has hurt you so many times. You live for the future, thinking about the past and with fear as fuel, you identify with your construct.

The present moment is what we’ll ever have. Integration comes through the present moment. Awareness gives you the space to examine anything. A kind of separation is needed from the impetus of each moment. A dis-identification from your mind, emotions and body. To have a distance from yourself and to be in the position of the observer at the same time as you are the doer and the experiencer.

If you come from a place of dis-identification and you are not your body, your mind, your emotions, then what are you? Are you the awareness of the present moment? Are you the observer that has no needs? What is your true power as a dis-identified being? May that power be, choice?! Your true free will that stems from a place of love.

Recognizing that love brings unity and fear gets you separation, deep down, what everyone wants is unity. The problem with lies is that they destroy our free will and we act from a place of identification with our ego. The ego of our authenticity. The ego of belief. To the point where the ego gets identified as being ego-less. The ego is a construct, with its own motives and values. Can you integrate your ego?  And why we should be doing something to get happiness? You do because you want. Because your choice is your power! When you’re in charge, your free will is absolute. 

That is why awareness is the key to your happiness. Because happiness and love are the only truth that exists. Because happiness and love are here, now.

Can’t find how surely are they called in english but there is id - unconscious and instinctual drives, super ego - moral attitudes, norms of behavior and other social and personal limits and ideals, ego - intermediary between id, super ego and outside world. Our personality that decides how to react and what to do.

Pixar, make a movie.

Witch Tip: Psychic skills

The primary thing to know about psychic skills is that it all requires relaxation. 

If you push and try too hard, it will recede from you. 

You must do everything with a light hand, an easy and gentle approach. And you must also realize that your rational mind will try to talk you out of it. 

Your busy mind, your intrusive ego, will be continually telling you that what you see and feel and hear is not real. But it is. 

This is one of the primary reasons that practice is required. It is practice to learn to trust yourself, to learn that what you sensed was in fact true and real.

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...why did Dobson re-post that Fandom SYAC cartoon for no real reason today? Is he....REALLY bored and desperate for attention? Also, 'that's not very nice'? Uh. Fuck you, Dobson, you mean-spirited little shit. At least no one has called YOU a 'Nazi' for not liking something YOU like, have they?

He does that a lot. He’ll either post an old ass comic or pic for no real reason, or respond to someone’s post with an old comic or post for no reason other than it’s blahally related to what’s being talked about. So yes, he is that bored and desperate for attention.