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Idiom: bite the hand that feeds you 👄 = to harm someone who has helped or supported you He was reluctant to criticize his mentor for fear of biting the hand that fed him.

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💪 registered more touches and tackles than any other player in the game at Ewood Park at the weekend. Here are the defender’s stats from the game.

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ICYMI: ⚽️ xG totals and fairness ratings 📊 very fortunate to beat , also fortunate to win vs . flattered by 4-2 win over . Rest of games pretty fair, , & impress 👇

👏 Some stellar performances in matchday 29! ✨ Here's the Team of the Week... 👉

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🤓😀 Check out this one-point lesson: LOOK FORWARD TO

When you are excited and anticipating some event coming up, you can say you look forward to it.

I am looking forward to my vacation!

What are you looking forward to these days?

Leave your example in the comments and tag a friend who can use this lesson!

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How NOT to Forget a Language: 4 Tips

Originally posted by isthistumbleyet

So, of course, whenever I come back here, I usually have something that has been on my mind recently. That shall be the topic of this post!

That is, how do you NOT forget a language that you have known/learned but no longer use as often?

This is a question that not only language learners but also immigrants often ask. When children move from one country to another, they often adapt to the new language much too quickly for their parents. On the other hand, parents do not monitor their children’s language use because of other factors (stress, more important matters of adjustment, settlement, etc.). As a result, the younger generation of immigrants drifts apart from the older because of the growing language barrier. 

Likewise, learners who attempt to tackle multiple languages at once (or gradually) often find themselves forgetting vocabulary, grammar rules, special expressions, and so on from some of those languages. It seems as if your head has been filled to its limit, and any additional information just pushes out what’s already there. Sometimes, our settings also change (if you move, for example), and certain languages just fall out of use in our daily lives.

Why does this happen?

The answer is simple: lack of practice.

Language is a skill. And just like any other skill, it requires regular usage in order to stay polished or to improve. For example, you can’t get better at cooking unless you, well, actually cook. Similarly, even if you’re great at playing the piano, if you don’t practice for a few months or years, your skills WILL get rusty.  The same applies to language: if you stop using it, you will start forgetting it.

So, what are some things for multi-language speakers (or learners) to stay sharp and not to forget any of their languages? 

These are my top four suggestions to answer this question!

1: Speak in That Language

Duh! you might have thought, but wait! This is not as easy as it sounds. If you do have a friend or someone whom you can reach by text/video chat, that’s great; but what if you don’t? My answer: speak to yourself. But don’t just speak: record yourself, read texts in a specific language out loud, learn some new songs to sing… There are many ways you can keep speaking the language without necessarily having a conversational partner nearby. In my opinion, speaking is the most active way to practice a language, so I would emphasize it first.

2: Listen to Others Talk in That Language

This one’s a bit easier but also tricky. Of course, you can quickly find videos, podcasts, and other materials to listen to; however, it’s also easy to get lazy with listening practice. Many people “listen” without actually “hearing” (i.e. understanding, comprehending). This often happens when you just listen to music or try to multitask (“Let me get some listening practice in while I wash the dishes!”). In addition, you have to listen to more than one source—because if you don’t, then you will soon get used to that one source and forget that, in the real world, pretty much everyone sounds different. So, listen intentionally, don’t multitask while doing so, and vary your sources as much as you can.

3: Write in That Language

You maybe are starting to pick up on the pattern here. Basically, you have to practice each of the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) to maintain a language in good shape. So why skip reading? Here’s my logic: everyone who writes also reads; NOT everyone who reads also writes. For this reason, I would prioritize writing in the upkeep of a language. You can write a journal entry (even a short one!) a few times a week; you can write blog posts; you can even write poems, if you want. The important thing is to keep the writing consistent and easily accessible. Don’t burden yourself with writing essays or novels; keeping it short and simple will help you better in the long run. 

4: Make a Conscious Effort to Think in Different Languages

Finally, exercise your mind. Catch yourself thinking of certain things (say, in the shower) and try to express your thought in multiple languages. I actually find this a fun challenge: let’s say, I’m thinking, “I want to eat a burger, but I’m on a diet, so I really shouldn’t.” And then I think, “how can I say the same thing in Korean? or Russian? or Chinese? or German?” You get the idea. Another thing you can do is simply to decide to think in a certain language for a few minutes—and monitor your thoughts to stay strictly in that language, choosing words and expressions you can remember. This can be quite challenging, especially if your level in that language is somewhat low, but even then it’s not impossible. Try it—you may grow to enjoy it!

These would be my four suggestions for those trying to keep up the different languages they already know or are learning. If you’re doing these already—great! Keep up the good work. On the other hand, if you are new to all this—try out these tips and see if they help you!

Thanks for reading! Please like, share, and follow! (^O^)

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Fake Band Name: PEG LLEG LLAMA

Imagined Genre: Afro-Peruvian

Inspiration: A student in a class I was teaching got mad that “llama” has 2 Ls in English and deliberately wrote every L word with two Ls for the rest of class (and in several emails to me… it became a running joke…).

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Enter in the cold period… 🥶
thanks @miniz_efl for your trike 😘
🎥 @alex_kubiak_ho_chi
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Fake Band Name: ROSES ARE RAD

Imagined Genre: Art pop.

Inspiration: ESL student who misspelled the beginning of a very cute poem.

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Scenes feat. Us.

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