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Celebrate every tiny victory you have! Success takes time.

TIME SAVING, definition: Serving to save time through an method or shorter route - calling Pink Spaghetti!

This is our vehicle preparation area. The Vehicle Prep Operative (VPO) is one of our hidden hero’s. Nic made 17 vehicles ready last night for today, so minimised the time taken for prep, and maximised the time crews are available to patients.

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Get Reliability, Scalability, and Cost-effectiveness with NetDataVault Public Cloud. Call: 00-91-9560102519

Low in abrasion, Activated Charcoal helps remove stains from the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel, resulting in whiter teeth.

Your car's looking nice! As the Mayhem guy would say, "It would be a shame if something happened." Take preventative measures to protect your !

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Sometimes one lifting position is not enough. Working closely with customers allows us to understand their day to day lifting needs and provide solutions that meet those needs.

SpitzLift crane on a Royal Truck Body with Ford Chassis

power is a fundamental part of our world. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with that are more , and .

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As much as i like being efficient i cant stand being efficient

How To Write In The Bathtub

I like to take a bath. It’s my favorite way to enjoying being myself. However, whenever I get free time, I often do some writing, because I love writing, too.

Then I got an idea. Why don’t I write in the bathtub, like Trumbo who often wrote with his typewriter in the bathtub?

So I got Umbra’s bathtub tray on Amazon and it worked! This is, in fact, a very good idea.

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Though domestic solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the US and are a #blessing for the environment and our pockets,  not everyone is benefiting equally. Minorities are lagging behind in solar panel installations. Research suggests that census areas with over 50% Black or Hispanic populations have a significantly smaller presence of domestic solar panel installations. Price is believed to be the biggest factor,  along with the lack of “seeding” in these communities – aka when one person gets rooftop solar, other people in the same neighborhood are likely to follow suit. Though the goal of solar panels is to help offset climate change, companies aren’t incentivizing or educating these communities, missing out on the responsibility to provide solar power to benefit all people.



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