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Symbol of unstoppable movement and illumination, the Chariot is the archetypal emblem of energy on the go. It is swiftness and readiness, the warrior on a mission. Like the sun that blazes in the sky each day, so too does the Chariot carry on as if fueled by a never-fading light of internal inspiration. The Chariot signals a time of moving and doing, an opportunity and a need to go for goals with gusto. While the Lovers represents a heart bound with human affection, the Chariot is the heart that quests for personal glory or for further spiritual wisdom and attainment. In the most literal sense, the Chariot is a vehicle-the means by which a person can get to where they are going. This vehicle might be an actual car, or it might be understood metaphorically as a symbol of the medium through which one has chosen to attain success.

Divinatory meanings: Choosing to not be tied down; travel; action, triumph; preparing for a major change, swiftness; movement; opportunity; a visitor, a person who is exalted or respected; readiness, anticipation; valor and bravery; being driven by one’s guiding light or sense of purpose, full speed ahead; a vehicle; moving from one place of residence to another; success, active pursuit.

Reversed: Delay, a bad time for travel or new ventures, a need for preparation, an unfulfilled desire for change and action; stagnation; a failure; an embarrassment for one who is generally respected; car trouble.

Magickal Uses: Useful in charms for safe traveling, spells to encourage movement, and in rituals to help the magician plan and prepare for an important action or decision. It can be used to represent a vehicle or a move to a new residence. Reversed, it can be used to slow or halt undesirable actions.


The quintessential expression of human love and affection, the Lovers represents the need and desire to share the treasures of our heart with another. While the Hierophant represents the yoke of society and the ties that bind us with worldly ambition, the Lovers symbolizes attachments built from love, desire, and compassion felt between individuals. Pursuing fulfillment of this natural desire for love is but one choice that may be made, and if this path is chosen, one should be aware that it’s often a route that can never quite be retraced. Your heart may be broken at each step of the journey, but it can also find healing and fulfillment in an instant. The Lovers reminds us that love is a choice we have every moment of every day. It is not so much a destination as an active creation and a path from which there is often no turning back.

Divinatory meanings: A romance, true love; a desire for love; a relationship, the choice between the spiritual life and the domestic life, mutual attraction, an expression of affection, a passionate and deep-rooted connection; a favorable partnership, chemistry, and compatibility, a consuming and undeniable crush.

Reversed: An unrequited love; a wrong choice in a romantic matter is made; a breakup; lovers at odds, a rejection of the traditional domestic lifestyle, giving up on finding love; incompatibility, a relationship is not as meaningful or as satisfying as what one had hoped; a broken heart.

Magickal Uses: Excellent for love and romance magick, or in spells and charms to boost the passions or to increase one’s charm and attractiveness. Also good for magick intended to end arguments and encourage compassion. Reversed, it can be used to represent quarrels, disharmony, and distance.


Representing society, religion, government, and other institutions that take it as their business to impose expectations and place limitations on those around them, the Hierophant is the archetypal emblem of the power structure and the urge to control and homogenize. While the Emperor exhibits the wild nature that roars within us all, the Hierophant is the ultimate symbol of civilization and social boundary. While it’s often necessary to do things within the parameters of tradition and convention and to meet everyday obligations without fuss or resentment, it’s equally necessary to dance to the beat of one’s own drummer, to try new things and pursue passions, desires, and ambitions regardless of what religion, society, or anyone else has to say about it.

Divinatory meanings: The yoke of the world; convention; orthodoxy; tradition organized religion; societal pressures and expectations, a fear of the subversive; marriage; an oath or other binding contract or obligation, a religious figure who lacks true spirituality; an authority; doing something just for show, doing what’s expected structure and hierarchy; obstacles and bureaucracy: an ordination, routine, being in a rut.

Reversed: A break from convention; doing something unexpected or out of character; subversive action; a subculture; a revolution; approach should be employed to achieve a goal; a corrupt figure of authority.

Magickal Uses: Good for spells intended to bring order, balance, stability, or normality. it can also be employed in ritual to represent an oath or to symbolize the structure of society. Reversed, it can be used to break pacts, overthrow the current power structure, transform society, or encourage risk-taking and spontaneity.

The Magician

The Magician represents spiritual energy being poured into physical form. It encapsulates the notion of ability utilized to its full potential, the idea of using one’s resources and skills wisely and effectively. It is a herald of success to come, but only if one takes action, seizing opportunities and making the most of what’s available.

Taken literally at its face value, the Magician can represent a person involved in magick or the occult. It can also symbolize the outward form or external rituals of the magickal arts and can signify a need to reconnect with one’s higher purpose through magickal practice, spiritual exploration, and ritual. The Magician represents the active side of the human personality, and on the highest level, it signifies the idea of carrying out one’s truest divine purpose and will be right here in the earthly realm.

Divinatory meanings: Action, confidence; ability; ambition; putting one’s resources and abilities to good use; the magickal arts, a person who practices magick; an ambitious and confident individual; drawing strength from the realm of spirit or from other unseen forces, opportunity is afoot if one takes action to seize it applying one’s spiritual or magickal practice in everyday life; the will of the higher self.

Reversed: A need to take action; a failure to take advantage of an opportunity; an ineffective plan, an ineffective use of talents; a need to further one’s magickal development or to reconnect spiritually; a lack of energy or a misdirection of energy; stagnation for no good reason; having the power to take action and change things but failing to do so; a showoff or trickster who talks big but lacks the substance to back it up.

Magickal Uses: Excellent for charms and spells to intended to improve magickal skills, magick to manifest success and opportunity, spells to increase ambition and improve leadership, or in spells to help you find magickal tools that suit you. In can be used to in romance magick to represent an ideal partner, or to symbolize a particularly powerful, confident, ambitious, or magickal lover.


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