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[] Aujourd'hui, nous célébrons la Journée Internationale de l'éducation avec pour objectif que chaque enfant en , au et dans le monde entier puisse être scolarisé.🎓

| 4ème bailleur du partenariat mondial pour l’ dans le monde, la France 🇫🇷 s’engage en faveur du . Découvrez comment 👇 📸 E.Andrianjafy

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A nice tweet . . .GaryPHorsman: Learn and grow. Get outside your comfort zone. Do something new.

SEN transport late again! My autistic son has been late to school every day due to late pick ups-it’s not good enough

Today is , we honour one of our most important rights and thank those who have helped us achieve our hopes and ambition! – at Inverurie Academy

Bientôt de retour sur notre stand SR40 après notre récompense d'hier soir🥈 On vous attend nombreux ☺️

and are tools for promoting one of the keys of sustainable development: 👩‍🏫 That's why today we celebrate the International Day of Education: !

of is an annual international observance day held on January 24 and is dedicated to education. The Theme of the Day is “ for people, planet, prosperity and peace”.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Warm Wishes on International Day of Education.

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| Aujourd'hui, c'est la journée mondiale de l’. remercie ceux qui ont collaboré à sa mission de médiation & culturelle au service des scolaires depuis 30 ans : professeurs, scientifiques, conseillers pédagogiques, inspecteurs...

On the occasion of the International Day of we call on governments to make free, quality, inclusive public education for all a reality

Today the world celebrates 📚COAF is providing thousands of children in rural access to a world-class – from cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize learning to languages. There is always a reason to in education!🎓

Today is International Day of Education 👩‍🏫Education can be fun, too⚡ For example, you can educate yourself by listening to radio🧠Learning foreign languages, finding out more about other cultures. Plenty of possibilities🙏

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Coffee Break

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QOTD: What’s your favourite coffee?


Maths Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles : Important Formulas …


Today in History for January 24th

UGANDA: Graft is costing you a lot

In Case You Missed It LeeAnnWomack #IhopeYouDance

This song always reminds of my great friend Noelle Kemmler from Switzerland. She used to give me $1,000 yearly for my project of buying school supplies for schools in Bududa.

I met her on a plane from Paris to Toronto. Rebecca was being a baby and crying crying. Airplane people are not patient with crying babies. It turned out that Noelle lived up the street from us.

One time when she came over for supper, she asked me what goals I had for my people “in your home country”. I told her “My people need education. I wanna help only in education of my people”.

Noelle looked at me and said “I guess you are not choosing the path of least resistance”. For the next 3yrs, she gave me $1,000 to help my people.

I KILLED THAT PROJECT. Because, I was putting in $1,000. A friend from our Parish and her family were putting in $1,000. My own sister in Uganda who was earning only $250/mth was putting in $1,000. We had great ideas. Books in schools. Topping up teachers. Uniforms later and we were working on that when the few schools we were helping got too many kids coming in and then the school administrators mutliplied numbers.

Nothing made sense. I love numbers. We were okay with all the number of kids. Until when my sister hires a truck with all the school supplies for the schools we had. She went from P1 to P7. The numbers did not add up. The first HM had demanded tha she leaves all the supplies in his office. Tabisa is not Tupid.

She went to the next school. Same thing. Inflated numbers. She went to the third school. Same thing, inflated numbers.

She then went to a random school and dropped off everything left.

She returned to Kampala to write a report of what and for which school. We also always demanded the schools to write a letter of acknowledgement of what we had given the school.

An executive decision had to be made. I told Noelle and Miss Bates that the Uganda project was done. I explained to them about the inflation of numbers.

Truly, if Ugandans do not fix graft, they will keep losing donors. If you look at Bududa now, their kids are flanking national exams. We could do better but not with GRAFT. Ugandans are cheating themselves and their children. Cheating MLN is nothing to me. I still get paid whether I am asleep or awake. You, on the other hand, are selling your kids to Arabs.

It is dwendi duendi. No more bullshit.

**the one and only***

Yo tumblr, i need some advice

Lately I’ve been feeling the imposter syndrome REALLY bad, and i think I need some other perspectives. Even from strangers on the internet, lol. Idk how to add a cut from mobile, so there’s a TLDR at the bottom.

Do you think it’s wrong for a white person who learned Spanish as a second language in high school, even one who got a degree in Spanish in college, to be teaching an elementary Bilingual class? It’s my second year as a teacher and lately I’ve been weighed down by enormous guilt from feeling like an “intruder” in my position. I feel like I don’t belong. I feel like I’m insulting the Hispanic community by trying.

I do have Hispanic family; my grandpa grew up speaking Spanish and I grew up with a sort of chicana culture in my home, but I didn’t really hear too much Spanish beyond the words/phrases my dad would always say (te amo, déjalo solo, ¡come!) But in the end I’m white: the way I look, the way I talk, the way I act, I’m white. Others perceive me as white and I receive prívelege because of it.

It’s because my family’s background I decided to study Spanish in school and eventually get a degree in the language. I love Spanish and am passionate about the language and cultures. I’m fluent, but it’s evident it’s not my first/strong language. I have an angla accent. I have a relatively low everyday vocabulary (but a high academic vocabulary). I can read and write really well, but I’m not the best speaker in the world. I’ve been told I do well teaching in my classroom, but I’m still not a great model for my students when it comes to oral speech.

I want to use my privilege to be an advocate for my students. But I don’t want to be an intruder, and imposter. And I still have a lot of development to do before I’m happy with my linguistic skills.

TL:DR: I’m white with some Hispanic cultural/linguistic influences. I got a degree in Spanish and an passionate about the language. I have imposter syndrome because I have an accent and make mistakes while speaking. Is it wrong for me to be an elementary Spanish Bilingual Teacher?

[ Jatuh Hatilah Dengan Tepat ]

Jangan jatuh hati padaku, tapi jatuh hatilah kepada Rabbku, Allah azza wa jalla.

Jatuh hatilah pada-Nya, karena hidupku atas ridho dan rahmat-Nya.

Hidupku tidak terlepas dari ketentuan dan keputusan-Nya.

Jatuh hatilah pada-Nya, sebagaimana engkau hidup untuk terakhir kali.

Jatuh hatilah juga pada kekasih-Nya, Rasulullah.

Yang mencintaimu tak lekang oleh waktu-Nya.

Yang memikirkanmu lebih dari kekasihmu.

Jatuh cintalah pada ucapan-Nya, melalui Quran dan as sunnah.

Jagalah hati dan cinta-Nya melalui Ibadahmu kepada Rabb-Mu.

Journal entry #23📝

Date: 1/23/20

Today’s mood: 🙂

Amount of water (cups): 8

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅



Today’s talk: Today was okay. Had work at 7:30 and had a hard time getting up from my alarm. Also spent 20 minutes at the bus stop because the bus times kept changing. I did find out that my supervisor for this shift is an RA in my building. So I might ask if I can ride with her to work and sleep in a little bit.

After work, I had the last of my cheerios for breakfast and went to take a nap. However, my nap was shorter than expected because Sarah decided she was gonna steam her milk at the beginning of my nap. Steaming milk is very loud and she didn’t even bother to look over at my bed to see me sleeping. Was also loud with her dishes but can’t hear when she has both headphones on. It was annoying but I got a short nap before going to workout with my friend Giselle and her roommate, Alanna. Fourth day in a row of working out and today we did cardio. I was starving so I didn’t do all the cardio because I didn’t want to pass out. I might take a break tomorrow or Saturday from working out because I am sore. I ended the day by calling my dad and doing some paperwork for my taxes.

Tomorrow is a busy day and I think I’m ready. Excited for the weekend!

Tomorrow is a



I went to a secondary school that taught Gaelic, as one of the intake classes was a Gaelic-medium Primary 7 class. The kids who studied Gaelic consistently did well in other subjects. They processed information quicker than many of their classmates and they could flit between tasks with relative ease. My Higher English teacher was also the school’s Gaelic teacher, so learning the language didn’t hamper his education. On another note, 15-year-old me once forgot he was the Gaelic teacher and muttered a Travellers’ insult derived from Gaelic towards him under my breath, which he understood the general idea of. I think I only escaped detention because he was gracious enough to find it funny. But anyway.

Learning Gaelic is not going to detract from a child’s education. If anything, it will add to their education, helping them develop skills which will help them in other areas.

TL;DR: This is some Tory pish, stupid on a level so low that it surprises me any journalist would publish it.

Day Ninety-Four

Today a bunch of students in both sections of World walked into my room, saw the instructions for the reflective essay on the board, and promptly panicked. I reminded them that they’d written essay outlines last class, and about half of them lit up and exclaimed, “Oh yeah!” The other half insisted that they had no idea what I was talking about, and they didn’t know what to do, etc, etc…. They grumbled when I pointed out that last class was only two days ago- not too far back for most to remember, you know?- but then, at my insistence, they looked in their binders, found their outlines, and were able to start writing.

There’s a lot of learned helplessness to combat in ninth grade. And, sometimes, it’s a loooooong process. But that’s what I’m here for. 

I’m not about to let students think they’re less capable than they are.

One major triumph on the day: a student who’d missed so many days of school that the court was about to get involved has been really working hard to make up everything she missed so she can pass her classes for the semester. She and I sat together during flex time so we could conference about her Africa Book Paper. She revised it, and then she handed in a final draft. She’s passing Mrs. T’s class now, and is almost there in mine. She’s going to finish making up work during flex time tomorrow. 

Talk about a turnaround!