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"Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it". ~Albert Camus

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10 ways to help anxious students with elearning 😟 | 9. Some empathy and kindness can do wonders to calm & reassure panicking online learners.

Meeting a client for the first time? What can you say and how should you say it to make your new client feel welcome?

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Kamala Harris to call for federal spending to raise teacher salaries
Kamala Harris, preparing the first new major policy proposal of her 2020 presidential campaign, will call for a major federal effort to boost teachers’ salaries.
By Janet Hook

Janet Hook at LA Times

Sen. Kamala Harris plans to call for a federal effort to boost teachers’ salaries Saturday, offering up the first new policy proposal of her 2020 presidential campaign on an issue that is roiling school districts across the country and is dear to a powerful Democratic constituency.

The plan, which Harris is slated to unveil while addressing a morning rally at Texas Southern University in Houston, would promise an unprecedented federal investment in teacher pay because of widespread concern that teaching, a female-dominated profession, is badly underpaid, according to a campaign aide who was not authorized to discuss the plan on the record.






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what high school argumentative essays have taught me: don’t make bold statements, argue for an opinion held by people in power, don’t you dare challenge the damn status quo

writing prompt #875

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.” —  Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s your opinion of the world? Have you thought about it? Do you think whatever perspective you have on the world reflects on who you are? Do you know anyone who really seems to have a view of the world that aligns with their character? Is Emerson right? Why or why not?


Chemtrails Secret History Exposed - Deep State Eugenics Smoke Screen

Ever heard of Aluminum Toxicity? If not, it’s high time that you do. How do you feel about strontium and barium and who knows what other chemicals, in your body, without your permission or knowledge?

(Chemtrails Video Part 2)