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Guess who got to attend a reception and lecture with Howard Gardner . And guess who won a raffle for a copy of his book. AND. AND. Guess who also got a personalized autograph...from Howard Gardner! Best. Day. Ever.

“School is a beautiful place for me to be in. I love my teacher and she is so nice to me.” Dana's father, a Syrian refugee & former teacher, does everything to support his children's & uses 's cash assistant prog, , to pay the school bus fare.

*New Executive Programme 2020* We're excited to announce a new range of specialist Integrated courses, starting with : An Executive Guide on 24 February 2020 in 🇦🇺 Book now for an early bird discount:

Congratulations to Robin Walton of & Emma Kallaway of , recognized today at with 2019 Service Awards in State Government Relations. Learn more about their outstanding work:

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Every Friday, we wear ! Proudly defending public in . Do YOU have your red shirt ready for tomorrow?

officially launched in tonight with awesome support from and many many more! Great to see industry, university and teachers mingling with common purpose! Collaboration will make this work 🤗

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QIRT’s online education platform, Post-Acute Academy, hosts hundreds of courses, series, and one-time trainings. Purchase policy and procedure manuals, PDGM tool kits, and RCD success guides.

90% of toddlers games are about rote memorization. Our children deserve better games developing their innovation and creativity. Let us know what you think in the comments 😇

Broadland Police Cadets had an input during this evening's meeting from Norfolk County Council Trading Standards. Illustrating what they do and how they work in partnership with the police.

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Day Sixty-Nine

Student: Miss M, I made up a new word!
Me: Yeah? What is it?
Student: Plagiarism!
Me: That’s not a new- oh. Very funny.

That happened about ten minutes after I’d told this same student to walk down to our head custodian’s office to get me more tissue boxes, and he came back with a dozen boxes because, “You never specified how many more tissue boxes you wanted.” This student also wrote the words “good notes” five times when I asked him to put his phone away and give me at least five more good notes on the subject he was researching. 

So that tells you what kind of a day I had. 

It was a lot of laughs, but students also got a lot of work done (even that student, heh). They took a content quiz, finished the final drafts of their book papers, and started (or continued, if they were ahead) working on their research projects. There’s quite a range of topics: apartheid, the LRA, education, DDR of child soldiers, customs of certain tribal groups, the Lost Boys of Sudan, organizations fighting drought… These topics are inspired by the books they just read, and it’s so interesting to see what caught their attention. Sometimes, it’s the big, obvious stuff that’s central to the plot, and sometimes it’s the more minor details. Letting them pursue whatever they want means a higher level of engagement, and it means Mrs. T and I won’t have to listen to the same information being presented over and over again, so it’s a win all around.

I had one student in my Block 4 class get so into researching apartheid that she stayed in my room during Block 5 (she had study hall, it’s my prep block) to keep going. She’s got a pretty neat presentation planned out, too; she’s going to have her classmates draw cards with different scenarios on them, and then explain what would happen to a black person versus a white person in each scenario. Since she’s going to finish well ahead of the due date, she’s going to ask some of my APUSGOV students, who have study halls when she’s in my class, if they’d be willing to be her practice audience. I think this is an excellent plan.

It’s striking to me that a year ago today was the scariest day I’ve ever experienced, and today was just good. A friend of mine was worried about me after all of the things my school community went through last year- and there were a lot of things, and I couldn’t write about all of them- but I told him that it wasn’t going to leave a mark, not on me and not on my school. And it didn’t. We’re thriving.

Something so annoying about trying to go to college in the US is the out of state fees. They’re like welcome to the University of Texas you’re tuition would be… oh… it says here you’re from California? Yeah that’s gonna be another grand per semester, just don’t want any outsiders. Like fuck off it’s already super expensive.

You can’t be smart enough, rich enough or loved enough by people to make it to tomorrow. People tell you to put your trust in education, financial security and surround yourself with good people and yet none of these carry you into the next day, they drag you into the next day, whether you’re sick, hurt, depressed, lonely, lost they never stop needing you and never stop to help you heal. Jesus is the only one who satisfies us every single day and He’s the only reason why are feet are on the earth.

Being in an highschool environment without your own personal vision and idea of the person you want to grow up to be forces you to think short-term, even when it comes to college, because it’s education and often lacks a lot of personal life growth experience. There’s people who start at the top via a certificate, license or a degree and those who may have even had a degree but still had to work their way through challenges that education can’t help you work through. So for those who are in highschool, as much as people press how much education is important, it’s not nearly everything. The world is always a little bigger than the last thing you learned in school.


The contributions of female explorers - Courtney Stephens


Word Of The Day
SPOONERISM : A verbal error in which a speaker accidentally transposes the initial sounds or letters of two or more words.
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Le coeur Riant

Ta vie est ta vie

Ne te laisse pas abattre par une soumission moite

Sois à l’affût

Il y a des issues

Il y a de la lumière quelque part

Il y en a peut-être peu

Mais elle bat les ténèbres

Sois à l’affût

Les dieux t’offriront des chances



Tu ne peux battre la mort

Mais tu peux l’abattre dans la vie

Et le plus souvent tu sauras le faire

Le plus il y aura de lumière.

Ta vie, c’est ta vie.

Sache-le tant qu’il est temps

Tu es merveilleux

Les dieux attendent cette lumière en toi

Charles Bukowski


Revision Week

This week has been pretty much empty; since we’re first year students, the majority of our lecturers have given us time in our lessons this week to work on our course work, or to revise for our exam. Here is some of the revision I did today (started a new notebook since I’ve already finished one 😅) along with my to-do list in the corner.

Everyone wish me luck please!

I’m starting a counselling course this evening and I’m super nervous and excited about it. Please wish me luck, I feel quite anxious for people to like me and for me to be good at it! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I can’t believe I’m doing it!