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As animadas Antigua e Barbuda se movem ao som da música dos tambores de aço. 😊 Não faltam motivos, para você aprender inglês!

. founder was presented with the Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award at the Global CEO conference 2019 in Singapore Tue. Ma said his biggest mission in the coming future will be to look at ways at how can be done differently. (Xinhua)

Empathy is a hot topic in education at the moment. Here are some evidence-based tips for fostering empathy in children. To read the full article, subscribe to EDDi (no cost):

Student leadership won't work without trust in students. Give them the chance to show how much you can trust them.

Baldwin Park High School students in the school's CISCO Networking Academy experienced a day in San Francisco, touring the CISCO-Meraki headquarters and gaining insight from industry professionals! Read:

FACT: Our allows an alternative high school option for children and youth that have experienced trauma and may not be suited for traditional classroom learning. We want every child to earn their GED or high school diploma!

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A poodle belonging to Empress Eugénie of France, ca. 1855 [651x645]

Please help me finish school

I’m out of options for raising money, outside of straight up selling my organs or prostitution, so I made a Go Fund Me. 

I know, you see these all the time, and this is the only post I’m gonna make about it, but please, please, please share this around? If you can’t donate, just hit

for me. Please. I need to finish school, I’m in my senior year.

I just wanna graduate.

Thanks for reading.


CME Composition

For our final assessment task for CME this semester, we are to use the baby steps we have planned, and write our own composition based off of these. We could use a model of James’ Fantasia 2, or choose our piece to use some compositional ideas from. I have chosen to use King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s ‘Mr Beat’, from their album Nonagon Infinity. This album can be played on a loop, as all the songs run together and share ideas. This particular song has lots of use of poly metre, with 3/8 underneath 7/4, and then every 4th bar of 7/4 becomes 8/4. 

- Mr Beat by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

I think using the poly-metric ideas from this piece could be a good way to start a composition, and I plan to layer different time signatures and repeating ostinatos on top of each other to create different textures


I found a video I forgot to edit.
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All the things I want to be

Once again I have been thinking about what to do with my life, especially (and sadly) about what I want to work with and which education I need to take to get there

But once again I find no answer no matter how hard I search

Because what I really want in my life it’s to be free, happy and be able to pursue my interests!

• I want to have a self sufficient garden

• I want to sew and knit

• I want to draw and paint

• I want to make stories

• I want to have animals

• I want to learn languages

• I want to play music instruments

• I want to do taekwondo

• I want to travel

• I want to keep learning, being creative and keep getting interested in new things I can do and learn!

So I try to match a future job and education to my interests, but everything is too small, there are no jobs and educations that includes all of the things I want to do

And I can’t choose one thing to work with, because I have no passion for any of my interests! I just have a lot of different things I like to pick between. There is nothing I would be able to completely immerse and commit myself to enough to be the thing I do with my life

How can I build a life where I can be all the things I want to be?

During a family meal yesterday, my little sister asked what homosexuality was. Everyone got quiet upon hearing her question, so I took it upon myself to answer.

“It’s when a boy has a crush on other boys, or a girl has a crush on other girls. It’s more complicated than that, but those are the basics.”

More quiet.

Then she says quietly, “I think I have a crush on (name of female classmate).”

So I was talking about the England v Bulgaria game with my tutor group today and one of the girls said she’d been told by kids in school to ‘go back to her own country’.

Then we mentioned how the Bulgaria manager said he hadn’t heard anything, and I was getting the point across that if you don’t say anything when you see or hear it happen it gives the impression that it is okay to do. You have to say something or tell someone who can do something about it.

The same girl’s response to that was ’Miss, but then people call you a snitch’ and that broke my heart.

Having to convince a 13 year old girl that reporting somebody being racist towards you is not you being a snitch, it’s you telling someone else that there is a person who is saying that you are worth less because of the way you look, was just so saddening. Imagine being so immune to it at such a young age that you just don’t think it’s worth doing anything about it.

So please, please remind yourselves and anybody else, especially with everything that’s happening, that if you are silent in the face of racism or homophobia or sexism or anything else, you are enabling it. You cannot be selectively against racism.

I’m a 90s kid but honestly having to grow up and be a teenager now going through high school would terrify me.