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Do you work in ? 🤓🤓 Charisma has a wealth of experience in designing and printing stationery for and , plus we hold stock of specialist educational stationery. Contact us now on 0121 772 6020 to find out more!

We love forming long-term partnerships with schools, getting to know and working with their children, teachers and parents.

Look at what these students made at The Culinary Institute of America! Apply to learn more about culinary arts! photo credit: The Culinary Institute of America

We are looking forward to our 25th Annual Pre-Prep Showcase® which will be held August 1st-4th - "Promoting Independent School Education since 1995!"

Primary Teacher Vacancy - Skopje, Macedonia School Name: Nova International Schools Start: 2019-20 School Year Compensation: TBD Closing Details: 2019-02-28 Apply online at

University of Education Multan Campus is organizing All Pakistan 4th BizHub “Ideas Inspire Change” on January 25, 2019 For details visit

Visite organisée ce Mardi 15 Janvier 2019 chez Frank Etienne avec les mordus de lecture du CNR. “La lecture est à l’esprit ce que l’exercice physique est aux muscles.”

. at the I regional STEM encounter in Madeira shared tips & initiatives to tackle stereotypes in thanks for the invite & organising the event. 150+ teachers attending! thanks for the pics!

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Education, higher, requirement for property: translation of Education, higher, requirement for property in French

Education, higher, requirement for property English to French, Education, higher, requirement for property Meaning in French, Education, higher, requirement for property French definition

Education, higher, requirement for property in French


Donald Trump might make a sensible policy - yeah and pigs might fly ⠀
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Challenging notions of academic freedom | Letters
Letters: Eric Barendt and Jeremy Cushing respond to a Guardian editorial on academic freedom of speech

Eric Barendt and Jeremy Cushing respond to a Guardian editorial on academic freedom of speech


Thu 17 Jan 2019 17.50 GMTLast modified on Thu 17 Jan 2019 17.55 GMT


Your leader on academic freedom (The theory of natural law must not lead to the practice of discrimination, 15 January) concludes that Oxford University law faculty should reconsider invitations to Professor Finnis to conduct seminars because he expressed “homophobic” views in a lecture – a lecture given as long ago as 1994. Such a reconsideration would have disturbing implications for academic freedom, which at its heart protects the freedom of university scholars to put forward seriously held opinions without fear that exercise of the freedom would jeopardise their position.

to all the young lost souls who have no idea where they want to be, what they want to do, as someone who has very much been there I want to let you know that it is going to be okay. The typical uni then career is not for everyone, the worst thing you could do is push yourself into a degree and career when you’re not completely sure it’s what you want to do. You have time, there is no timeline or schedule for you to follow and you are most certainly not behind. You do not owe it to anyone to build your future into something they want for you instead what you want for yourself. You do not owe your future to anyone but you. You are in complete control, always. Get a job, save up, experience the world, learn as much as you can about yourself and the world around you and focus on growth. The path will become clearer with growth and learning more about yourself as a person, don’t rush this journey because it is yours and no one else’s. You owe it to yourself to let yourself be happy and take your time.


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Student Voice: Written and Proclaimed

I care about students finding themselves, specifically through finding their voice. This voice can be oral in discussion or through writing. 

I am interested in self exploration of ideas, personal struggles, and being able to tap into and understand students’ funds of knowledge. Through all of this, a student can better understand and express themselves to within their writing, and through discussion. 

When a student finds their voice, we are all challenged and given the beautiful, rare, chance to understand them.

As we have been exploring this great Gospel of Christ Jesus together online, we have seen that the events of the first Easter weekend are the most astonishing things ever to have happened on God’s green earth or in the universe. The fascination of the Cross, nothing surpasses it. The rising from the dead, nothing compares to it. The atonement Jesus made for our transgressions on the Cross, and His subsequent defeating of death, and His trouncing of Lucifer the great enemy, and His opening of the gates of Heaven for us all, these are the victories of the Triumph of Christ; who died to make us holy in the sight of God and free; who is decorated with peerless honours, decked with all graces of the Spirit; who is ‘fairer than the children of men’, more to be desired and preferred.

This was part of an assignment for my TE class, but I’m actually really proud of it. I don’t normally do anything with art, but this turned out well!

This semester is off to a great start, and I’m actually excited to see where I go!

Early Childhood - Sensorial Exploration

This student combined multiple Montessori materials together to make a giant creation! We call this sensorial exploration. He shows off his visual discrimination skills by sorting the cylinders from largest to smallest, the cubes from biggest to smallest, and the brown stairs broadest to thinnest.