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So honored and excited to be selected again this year as a USA ! Looking forward to another year learning with educators throughout the globe! Blessed to be part of this fabulous . Thankful to Microsoft’s commitment to education!

Thinking about applying for Google Certified Innovator? Here are 5 Things I Learned from my experience in the cohort. Thanks for the blog inspiration!

Join us Tomorrow for Chennai at 9:00 a.m.! We are excited for this event and look forward to welcome you all to the EdTech community. There is still time to register for this event, if you haven't click here:

Teaching happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Retweet someone in your life and thank them for what they taught you!

No need to recreate Google Classroom assignments. Reuse posts from previous classes, even if archived. View more quicktips: Subscribe for weekly quick tip & blogpost delivered to your inbox.

Do any of you use podcasts in the younger grades? I’ve seen great resources and I’m interested in trying them out this year but wondering how they’d work in 2nd and which ones are the best ones for kids?

🆚 How does interactive learning benefit learners and teachers? Here are 3 benefits we observe with interactive learning. Find out below 👇

No more flipping colored cups No more writing names on the board No more sitting around with a hand in the air. Have your students get on the queue!

Can someone please make me see it for before I 🙅🏽‍♀️? I want to ride the wave 🌊 and all that ...I mean— what’s it good for again?

🐙Gizmo of the month!🐙 Grumpy’s Restaurant is now hiring! As a new chef at this underwater bistro, students learn the basics of manipulating algebraic expressions. Get a free account and learn more here!

Highlights from today. My district data guru showing principals the awesomeness of to elementary principals and my teachers posting in to share the fun that their having at training!

I'm wondering if anyone can vouch that works for this? Can anyone tell me of a mobile electronic braille display?

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Critical Thinking Is a Noble Endeavor

Paul (2018a, 2018b) discussed the concept of critical thinking in a series of American Annals of the Deaf editorials examining how critical thinking might serve as a “springboard” to deep knowledge or wisdom and wondering if critical thinking should be viewed as a noble endeavor or hopeless cause. Paul explored three questions in which he considered (a) types of critical thinkers, (b) teaching and evaluating critical thinking, and © empathy’s role in critical thinking. Responding to Paul, the author focuses on the same questions by summarizing Paul’s view, then following with his own. He also explores the question What is critical thinking? Mostly, the author’s views resemble Paul’s, but he elaborates on places where he thinks gaps or possible misunderstandings exist. The author concludes that critical thinking is indeed a noble endeavor because it is not just what you think that matters, but how you think.


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Towards a Critical Design Agenda in Support of Collective Learning Ecologies

This position paper seeks to chart a critical design agenda in support of collective learning ecologies, evolving assemblages of digital, spatial, social, cultural, and/or knowledge resources that are aimed to foster forms of collective learning and knowledge creation. Starting from an ecological perspective on learning, the paper challenges individualistic notions of learning and instrumental understandings of educational technology and argues that there is a need for educational formats and technologies capable to support learners engaged in epistemic endeavors that reach beyond established institutional boundaries and address them as responsible citizens. It is argued that there is a need (a) to take stock of new and alternative knowledge practices, (b) to reconsider the existing social, legal and technical protocols, standards, and infrastructures, © to cultivate social relations beyond institutional boundaries, as well as (d) to work towards a pedagogy of articulation and risk


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An Easy Way to Send Links From Your Computer to Your Phone or Tablet


If you’re like me, you probably have a smartphone and a laptop and perhaps a tablet that you use throughout the course of your day. And at least once a day browsing on my laptop when I realize that it’s time to go to the dentist or another appointment and I need want to take an article with me (true story, I had to get fillings yesterday). It’s then that I either bookmark the article with Google Keep or I send the article to my phone using Chrome’s built-in “send to device” on my Mac. That’s a simple process that I demonstrate in the

following video


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Learn how to quickly create and customize a calendar in Microsoft Word. This short project is great for businesses, classroom teachers and schools, community organizations, families, and more. Microsoft Word makes it easy and quick to build a monthly calendar. #msword #wordtutorial ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***: