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5 tips for digital marketers to nurture their email lists on a regular basis

1) Company Website:

One can link a simple feedback form or Sign Up page to the visitors of the website.

The feedback can be related to the business or product or any new suggestion even.

In the current times, subscribers have shorter attention spans and patience. So make sure that the form for capturing leads is crisp.

It is recommended to have just 3-4 fields that will capture all the vital information of the subscriber, which could be the Name, Email and Phone Number.

2) Traditional Marketing techniques:

One can use traditional marketing techniques like organizing events and collecting email addresses of event participants.

Other avenues that will help you collect contact information are webinars and offline store visitors.

These are leads that might need little coaxing before you convert them to customers as they have already shown some interest in the brand by visiting your event booth, webinar, portal or store.

3) Social Media:

Everyone is and makes time for social media today.

A recent study reveals that, in 2019, the world has more than 3.4 billion active social media users.

Hence Social media marketing can help companies engage users with interactive content and redirect them to their website or a form where they can get them to sign up.

Paid social media ads with call-to-action buttons that redirect to a basic and simple Sign Up page or pop-up can help marketers add potential leads to their database.

Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn; all these platforms help in lead generation.

Marketers often use social media to drive promotions and direct traffic to the sign up page.

4) Using Viral Marketing:

A brand can often run contests wherein they ask their subscribers to share branded content within their network.

A small incentive can go a long way in getting the brand more visibility through the traditional ‘word of mouth’ or in this case ‘social reposting’ method.

So the more the subscribers post and tag other contacts, the more their chance of winning.

Alternatively, the brand can share loyalty points or other perks for such promotions.

In return, the brand can acquire the email addresses of all of those contacts who have accessed the shared content and retarget them with relevant content based on their interest.

Additionally, cross promotions or surveys on partner websites can also work wonders for generating leads and will help you understand client needs and target them with specific content.

5) Using Blogs

Typically, your goal for creating blog posts and sharing them with your email subscribers is to generate organic traffic to your website.

One can write a blog post by creating a piece of content that does a deep dive on topics that interest your target audience.

Blogs work brilliantly in attracting customers as the reader has already expressed their interest in the topic by clicking on the blog post, after that it is just a matter of nurturing that lead.

Also, guest blogging for other websites or esteemed publications can help you generate traffic to your own website and establish you as a thought leader in the industry.

The effort you put into building your email list is a great investment to make to boost your digital marketing campaigns.

Having access to the email IDs of targeted prospects means you can continue to build and nurture relationships over time, and become a trusted source of valuable industry knowledge.

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Effective Blended Learning Strategies Using Digital Formats


Effective Blended Learning Strategies Using Digital Formats—Infographic

Blended learning offers more power to the experience of learning by reaping the benefits of structured classroom training as well as the personalized nature of digital training. In other words, this learning approach is a combination of one or more of the following digital learning formats and classroom training programs.

What: PDF documents, eBooks, How-To Guides

How: ILT-based new hire training programs can be followed by giving learners a link to an online PDF document or a how-to guide on employee benefits or leave policies

What: Videos, Podcasts

How: In a software training course, each step can be made into bite-sized videos and provided to the employees as Just-In-Time support.

What: Puzzles, Games

How: Online puzzles and games can be sent to the employees for periodic reinforcement of knowledge imparted during an ILT session.

What: Case Studies, Simulations, Interactive Assessments

How: Safety training programs provided online can be followed by ILT sessions where supporting case studies can be discussed.

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