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Are you looking for a way to replace repetition based worksheet homework? A lesson frame using from &

Last week we visited Paragould School District to learn about 1) their robust remediation process and 2) how they are using Edulastic custom assessments to drive student learning and achievement across their schools. Thanks for having us Paragould!

student-led conferences where students a lesson for their parents to showcase learning. What a great part of my day!

A big thanks to for sponsoring this week's episode 👏 💥 CI want to support, develop & invest in ideas or that help schools & teachers operate more efficiently and effectively. 🎤🎧 Tune in for more info:

More passion projects, more student agency over learning. So pumped to have this for my classroom. Thanks for all the help with the upgrades, .

RT microsofteduk: Learning without limits. ☁☁ See how replacing legacy systems with cloud technology can transform the classroom experience for both teachers and students. ➡

School students in the middle of a STEM class

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