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Busca esta semana en la mejor pagina de de la web los mejores de tus favoritos como @lpm_remix 👆👆👆👆

**✿❀ Autumn ❀✿** » Good morning! » I'm seeing mews in 2 hours! » hope you guys have a great day! ♡ ᐛ )人( ᐛ ♡ ʇɐƃs uoqopʎ ɔɐɹǝs ɐqonʇ

Mornings spent in silence, Milky coffee and written word, Slowly dreaming of new worlds, While another drifts past the steaming pane glass window (#13) Edited for flow, clarity, structure

Me: I’d have to lose my mind before getting back with him Him: Hey babe. I’m so sorry Me:

{🔪}|Forgotten? Or to afraid to remember?| . . . {This ish an antisepticeye edit i made! I post Edits on My Instagram at Anti.Sxptic, and I'll start posting some on here too! Enjoy!} {Tags: }

・:*:・★ Probably going to bed.. ★・:*:・ ✼ It's really late omg.. I should probably get to bed ´∩` ✼ Should I start doing 2 edits a day? ( ˵ᐛ ˵) ✼ BFF pic with (○´3`)ノ⌒♡*:・。. qoɹᴉuƃ ʇɐƃs uoqopʎ ɔɐɹǝs ɐqonʇ

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shawn mendes gc on whatsapp

hey guys!! since some other people had asked me to add them on a gc that i made 2 months ago which is still alive & powerful, we’ve decided to add more people on it for making it even more lit & making new friends!

so reblog or comment down below if you’re interested in being a part of it!! i’ll message you asking for your number, i swear we’re good people and we don’t bite! x

the rules are still the same:

1. be kind

2. must be +15/16

3. don’t start drama

4. make friends & be active!

ddu-du ddu-du but you're in a crowded club and want to escape so you go to the bathroom
ddu-du ddu-du but you're in a crowded club and want to escape so you go to the bathroom

use your earbuds or headphones

all rights to yg. ent.

i JUST realized the door opens and closes twice in the beginning, whoops, forgive me, it was like 3 in the morning