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Timing the launch of a book is determinant to its success. How do you plan your book launch?

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Caveat Emptor takes on a whole new meaning - when it comes to buying George Orwell's books on Amazon apparently. Scary!

What does an author do while waiting for editing feedback? Worry, doubt and plan the launch.

Love this! G-IRTY the circling the in NYC! Looking forward to seeing all the amazing footage being shot by the fantastic using supplied by us!

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“ The Black Woman”

Edit by Me.


From the second vletch! This video was hugely improvised. #vletch #sketchvlog #funnyclips #deer #ispotadeer #filmography #film #filming #edits #editing #memes #videos

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I’m the complete opposite actually. I can’t write when I’m not in a good state of mind. The words just don’t flow and I can’t seem to make the chapter feel seamless. It always takes me so long to update because of this, and I worry that my readers will get too impatient with me 🙃😞

I can understand that anxiety. I think we all have our process when writing. And there is no right or wrong way to do it. I know the pressure can be intense, but I think as long as you write for you and write what you want to write (and take whatever time you need to do it) it will be organic. The seamless nature can come later in the editing.

To be fair, I’ve spent a lot of my life in the opposite of a good state of mind. So my brain is used to writing when I’m struggling. Sometimes I’ll write in short bursts and it feels so messy, because my mind is messy. But then I edit. I edit until I hate every word in the English language for existing. I wouldn’t worry about people getting impatient. If people get impatient, it just means they’re eager to see more of your world.

Tumblr’s been sort of an iffy platform that I hadn’t had a grasp of but trying to gain more of a social media presence, I wanted to utilise another platform to showcase the processes and before and afters of my work. Since I post most of my finished works on Instagram, so here we are! Let me know what you guys think!

Shot with a Canon EOS M5 with a 50mm f1.8 Viltrox Mount Adapter EF-EOS M2 

Camera settings:
ISO 800
Aperture f/1.2
1/125 Shutter speed

Lightroom adjustments:
Basic tone adjustments - bringing out the shadows, reducing the highlights and adjusted exposure.
HSL colour adjustments.
Noise reduction.

Need a fancy theme song for your OC? Want music for that cool video game you’re writing? Music and sound design for animations? Whatever it is, if it involves noises and sounds, I’m your gal! I’m an experienced composer, producer, sound designer, podcast editor, and game developer finishing up school and I need some income to help me pay off this student loan.

You can hear some of my best works at my soundcloud, here.

Rates are 100% negotiable! If your budget isn’t high enough for what you want, I can work with you to create something in your price range that matches your vision. For a produced piece of music, I have a $75 minimum, with up to $125 per minute of music, depending on the complexity and instrumentation. For other types of projects, we can discuss the prices in detail over PM as the needs for sound design, voice editing, etc. typically vary too much to have a direct set price at this level.

Send me a PM, and I’ll give you my email so we can discuss your work in more detail! I’m always open for commissions and would love to work with you

TLDR: I’m apparently great at doing my job for other people, and terrible at doing it for myself.

So, I’m a writing coach. My whole job is teaching people how to make their writing better fit their voice without sacrificing the information they’re trying to present. I work with people to make their resumés and cover letters more human, more eye-catching, and to teach them how to avoid doing the things that will get them passed over by jobs they’re definitely skilled enough to do. I work with people to ensure their thesis defenses and presentations actually say what they’re trying to say – and that these things don’t read or sound like these people as burned-out, caffeine-addled students and lab techs, but instead that they sound like the brilliant people they are. 

Ultimately, I make sure your writing sounds like you. I make sure that your work is coherent, even when read by someone who’s never met you. And I make sure that your writing does the job it’s intended to do: whether it’s getting you a job, keeping you a job when you suddenly have to speak in front of people, or properly telling a story.

I’ve never had the time to publish my own work, though, and most editing jobs I’ve started to apply to make me stall out when they inevitably ask for portfolios of published work.

My problem is, ironically, that I have no idea how to present my work as it pertains to these jobs, because so much of it is found in the interaction between myself and the client – because I’m, y’know, coaching them at least as much as I’m actually workshopping their writing.

Do I make a website and post a bunch of censored resumés and cover letters? Do I link someone else’s published thesis and give their contact info so they can attest to the fact that I helped them? Both of these things seem wrong to me, because I didn’t personally do that writing, but I don’t have anything in the way of original work to show off.


Warning: Potential seizure trigger like whoa, cartoon violence

Title: Twenty-Four3

Editor: VokanKoperativ

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Award: Iron Chef VIII - Best Fun


Warning: Potential spoilers

Title: Never Been in Love! ♥ 

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Category: Romance

More editing today! Probably got 1/3 of chapter 10 done. I didn’t change much, just added some details and cut some unnecessary filler. Lots of angst cause of Evan’s PTSD. I think I was able to make a bit more confusing about whether he’s talking about the past or the present which adds some nice nuance and really shows his state of mind. Don’t think I’ll get any more editing done this week just looking at my schedule.