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"Write from the heart. Edit from the heart.” – Mark David Gerson​

“Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.” ― Steve Martin MOUNTAIN MOXIE CREATIVE ★Content Strategist ★All genres welcome ★Flat rates include 3 rounds of developmental

“Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.” ― Steve Martin MOUNTAIN MOXIE CREATIVE ★Content Strategist ★All genres welcome ★Flat rates include 3 rounds of developmental

Behind the Scenes with LA36! • Starting the week strong by pushing out edits! When we aren’t in the field filming, we are in house editing. We do it all! • • • • • #2019

Hey all! Here's a post you missed! "This Is The Book, You’ll Want To Read As A Writer."

Today I am off to the printers with my first draft. Printing three copies so myself and two others can do the first edit and read through! I am so excited and so nervous!

It was an intense month of but I’ve now reviewed my Angela Hardwicke manuscript twice, ripping it apart and being utterly ruthless. Still more edits to do but it’s MUCH stronger. Getting there.

in 2019, someone skipped running this past the copy editor. I seriously do not remember *any* bombings in or by Americans during the War.

FXhome's Top 10 Tips. 9. Learn the building blocks first! Before attempting your Transformers-level composite, you should know how to: Keyframe, motion track & export. You'll need to do these things for pretty much every project you work on!

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Hi guys! I’m looking to take on some more freelance editing work! 

I’m a native English speaker and I’ve been writing since my fingers could reach the keyboard, which has blessed me with a strong grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling — I know my effects from my affects, my its from my it’s and my whose and who’s, and I even know when to use em dashes. I’m cheerful, interested and communicative, and I dedicate myself to whatever projects I take on and make them the best they can be. 

My strengths lie in grammar, spelling, making note of plot holes and inconsistencies and making sure your work is showing and telling others exactly what you want them to be seeing and hearing.

If you choose to work with me, the intellectual property and copyright of any files you send me will remain with you at all times. Payment will be done via PayPal invoicing to keep everything running smoothly and fairly for the both of us, but I’m open to other payment processors if you can’t use PayPal.

My editing services are low-cost and high communication. There will never be a point where you don’t know why I’m suggesting edits.

  • Proofreading: I will check for typos, spelling and grammar errors and generally let you know if something reads through okay. 
  • Copy editing: I will go through your work and check it in depth for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. 
  • Line editing: I will break out a fine tooth comb and make adjustments to the very structure of the piece so it’s the best it can be and can be understood and read from an outside point of view without difficulty.

My editing should be done after your first private, personal edit. You should have your first draft, go over it yourself, and then bring it to me! 

  • Proofreading:  $0.0035/word aka $3.50 per 1000 words (a 50,000 word piece would be $175)
  • Copy Editing: $0.005/word aka $5 per 1000 words (a 50,000 word piece would be $250)
  • Line Editing:  $0.0075/word aka $7.50 per 1000 words (a 50,000 word piece would be $375)

I offer a 5% discount for any manuscripts over 25,000 words, and a 10% discount for secondary services on the same manuscript (for example: copy editing, then proof reading later on).

My preferred genre(s) are fantasy, sci-fi and any kind of speculative fiction, queer lit, romance and anything character-driven at its core, but I’ll do pretty much any genre except for horror and anything super-religious.

I reserve the right to not take on any work I can’t offer my best to.

If you’d like to work with me, you can email me at, message me on twitter @SophieRTweeting or send me a direct message on Tumblr.

If you’re not looking for editing at this time, I’d still really appreciate a reblog if you see this on your dash! Thank you!
Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection
Discover how to become an outstanding editor. Learn practical techniques that can help you transform almost any piece of nonfiction writing into magnificent, sparkling prose.

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Most editors can capably fix the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typos in a piece of writing. It takes a different skill set to turn dry, disorganized prose into writing that is beautifully organized and bursting with life and energy. In this course, instructor Shani Raja acquaints you with a powerful technique—deep editing—that can help you transform nearly any piece of nonfiction writing into magnificent, sparkling prose. The deep editing technique forces you to consider every aspect of a document, ensuring that quality gets embedded into each pore of the writing. Discover how to fine-tune the content, structure, style, and presentation of a document so that the final product shines.Learning Objectives:

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Seriously, Don’t Do This.

Ask Person: “I’m a poet and I want you to critique my poetry.”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t critique the work of anyone but my friends, and I don’t critique poetry anyway, because I’m not qualified.”

Ask Person: “Whatever.  I’m sending you a poem. Critique it ASAP so I can send it to a poetry contest.”

Me: “No, man, really, I said–”

Ask Person: [sends poem]

Me:  “Wow.  OK. Let’s play like professionals, shall we?  I’ll show it to my editor, who’s an award-winning poet, who edited the poetry of Ursula K. Le Guin, and see what she says.  And she’s the most honest person I know. Will you accept her critique?”

Ask Person: “Sure.  I know my poem’s great.”

My editor:

Ask Person: “She’s an asshole.”

Me: “Good luck with the contest thing there.” [Block]


How to ADD BACKGROUND MUSIC to Your Videos with InShot

AAA Games Desperately Need an Editor

[This was originally published on in 2018 and is republished from the latest draft I have]

Nobody enjoys reaching what they think is the end of a task or goal only to find it has been plucked and moved forward. Imagine hitting a homerun only to find God has reached down and moved the fence back several feet while telling you to, “Keep playing.” This goalpost moving occurs in many video games through the introduction of new information, or the removal of what you thought was the catalyst for the finale. In Prey, it is done by blocking your path to the key needed to destroy the Talos space station. In Bioshock Infinite, it is by locking the door to Comstock House and forcing you to fight a ghost version of Elizabeth’s fake mother. In God of War, it is by continually complicating the way by which you access Jötunheimr. In Uncharted 4, it is by revealing a “final” clue that only points you in the direction of another final clue. In The Witcher 3, it is by building towards a culmination at Kaer Morhen, only to be given another to-do list before the actual final battle. In The Last of Us, the fireflies aren’t at the University like we thought, they’ve relocated to Salt Lake City.

Despite the narratives of these games potentially benefiting greatly from cut content, a studio can’t financially release a 10-hour single player game. These games need to offer 20 hours or more to the public or else they become something only worth playing when in the bargain bin or easily rentable from GameFly and RedBox. In addition, they need to be financially successful in order to justify the unending hours spent on rendering the most realistic world currently capable to a demanding public, even if their grip on high-end graphics is fleeting.

Because of this, we have bloated campaigns whose length undermines their ability to tell a story. As any good writer will tell you, a good editor who is willing and able to cut large swathes through your work only increases your quality. Video games lack this. Sony Santa Monica really needed someone to ask, “Does this boat section in Helheim really need to be this long?” Naughty Dog needed someone to challenge, “Why does the Scotland section exist?” Arkane Studios needed someone to point out, “Do we really need to place yet another obstacle in between the player and the ending?”

Sometimes goalpost moving is justified. In The Witcher 3, the goalpost is moved forward, but it spends the in-between time allowing the player to be with Ciri, whom you had been searching for multiple hours beforehand. Often, a goalpost being moved is just frustrating, such as in God of War, where even a disembodied head comments on how yet another obstacle has come between you and the conclusion. In each case, it is symbolic of the manufactured need for a $60 video game to deliver more than an 8 hour campaign. So long as that need exists, AAA games will continue to desperately require someone who is willing to make cuts for the overall benefit of the creation.

    Here stands a girl that comes off as brave and independent, saying anything that will get people to look her way. The attention of others is what she feeds off, her confidence strengthens every time a pair of eyes lands on her. Without any shame she seduces the minds of others just so they will stick around longer. 

   But the truth behind all this attention is because behind all this confidence is a little girl hiding behind closed doors. A little kid desperately wanting to come out and play, a little kid that will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Sad and desperate to act the victim when things don’t go her way, puts up her show and begs for people to hear her story. Begs for people not to go, to continue feeding her ego just so she can survive another day. 

  She finds an open door and attaches herself to a life that is unknown, desperate to get the same results she mimics each and every step. Stealing the life of someone else, wishing that someone else will fade away.  Hoping this would be her way in so forever relevant she could be. 

What’s the big deal about passive voice versus active voice?

This is a topic I get a lot of questions about. It’s more nuanced and influenced by style than a lot of other topics, so we’re only touching the surface today.

Often, we’re encouraged to write in active voice, and only active voice.

There are many reasons for this, including some that we’ll explore more in the future. The most important thing to remember is that active voice provides clarity and facilitates forward flow, thus making your work easier to read and increasing immersion.

That said, there are also many reasons to choose passive voice for a particular passage, line or sentence. Passive voice can allow you to focus on a very specific detail, a significant action, or a generality, and in these ways, can also improve readability and immersion.

Active voice can be difficult to maintain in certain tenses and points of view, and we’ll be having a look at ways around this in the future.

Don’t forget to write today!

Questions, requests and reblogs always welcome! Follow for more.

3D Popup Effect | Photoshop Tutorial
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Never be discouraged by your first draft!

If you work it long enough, it will bend and mold into your hands until it transforms into whatever you wish— don’t give up!

Also: Never compare your first draft to someone else’s final draft!

There’s a ton of revisions, rewriting, and editing that goes on that readers never get to see. Nobody’s first draft comes out looking like their final draft!


Warning: Spoilers, violence

Title: Victory Through Persistence

Editor: Tigrin - Otaku Lounge Productions

Song: Champion

Artist: Fall Out Boy

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

Category: Action/Character Profile(s)


Warning: Major spoilers, violence, potential seizure trigger, potentially disturbing imagery

Title: no tomorrow

Editor: Synæsthesia Productions

Song: Í Gær 

Artist: Sigur Rós 

Anime: Made in Abyss

Category: (Dark) Drama/Horror