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"Theresa Snyder has an eye for detail...She is easy to work with and very reliable."

i was going to be tonight but was delt a huge blow! my decided to not be able to locate the desktop and kept crashing on me. so instead of fuckin with it all night i just set to reformate it and start fresh and that sucks hard sooo mu…

That feeling when you're editing your next project while you win an award for Best Cinematography at the Global Mobile Film Awards. Many thanks to & congrats to all of the award winners.

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4 chapter edits left

I’m down to 4 chapter edits on this draft. 

When I finish these 4 chapters, I’m going to go back over the second half of the novel with a fine-tooth comb for some excess shtuff, then I’m gonna call it quits. 

I’m gonna knock out the 4 chapters tomorrow. Then, probably, the next day I’ll start from ch 14 through 24. Only because I spent an F ton of time editing the beginning and not the end.

I’m nearly at the point where I’ve read it so many times I can’t bear to do it again. 

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This is the most amazing Jordan Peterson video of all time!


Warning: Potential spoilers

Title: Rewrite the stars

Editor: Led-God

Song: Rewrite the Stars

Artist: Zendaya and Zac Efron

Anime: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Category: Romance

Award: Desucon 2018 - Best Romance


Warning: Potential spoilers, violence

Title: Baba Yetu

Editors: Glitzer, Obsidian Zero

Song: Baba Yetu

Artist: Christopher Tin

Anime: Magi

Category: Drama

Award: Anime North 2018 - Judges’ Choice


58/100 days of productivity

Here’s some photos of my ‘about 2018’ spread and my favourits of this year.

Today I…

  • edited the video for yesterday’s event

Yeah, that’s all, I guess 😂 But it’s a job that needs time, guys…


“INADEQUATE” by J Pee. 2018.

Editing, Color, and VFX work including chroma keying, reflection replacement, and signage creation.


Ward David Egg Animatic Rough 001

I am very new to this editing thing. This is a class assignment and my oc THEYthem was right there willing to break some eggs for class. 

Fall of the Spectrum Excerpt

*Just a segment from Chapter Fourteen*

It didn’t matter that she knew it was for the right reason, knew that they couldn’t afford to let Reeves get away. The thought of what should happen to the others, when there were only twelve of them against a hundred or more of Reeves’ best, made her stomach twist with guilt. What would happen if the Akuma joined together and formed Mizake? Would the operatives stand a better chance against a single, albeit larger monster—or would they be taken out in one, fell swoop?

Just like last time. A lump formed in her throat at the thought. What if she lost Forneus? Or Astral, or Lonali and Lyka? What about Asclepius, or—

No, she told herself firmly. No, she wouldn’t—couldn’t—lose Phenex again. He wouldn’t be undertaking any more acts of self-sacrifice, not if she had anything to say about it. Having him die at all would have been bad enough, but at least with an ordinary death, she knew he would return. If he tried to sacrifice himself again, however…

Culture is Not Always Popular: Fifteen Years of Design Observer

Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of working with Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut on a new book that is out today by MIT Press: Culture is Not Always Popular: Fifteen Years of Design Observer. The book, which I designed and co-edited, features 66 essays from Design Observer’s history, ranging from the timeless to the timely, the serious to the silly, and opens with a brand new interview I conducted with Michael and Jessica that looks back on the origins of Design Observer and how its evolved over the last decade and a half. I’m proud of the book and can’t wait for you to read it. It was a deeply personal project for me, and one that brings my love of graphic design design full circle.

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i hate it when something you want to read and is really well written has that one really bad sentence. I am by no means a writer, I just kind of word vomit random shit so i can’t really judge well because writing is hard, and it’s part of the journey to mess up. but when you’re reading a book, or a fanfic or whatever, when there's that one sentence, that's just. ugh. i just can never get past that. there’s even a process for it. i read it, i cringe, i read it again and it’s like. nope. and then when you reread the work, im always paranoid for that one sentence.