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hey guys its Clint Wilson here WOW time to wow, line em up kachow em down reach to the wow hahahahahahahaha too ez

Please feel better soon beautiful! Sending you all my love and I'm praying for your health to heal 😘❤ I love you forever! ♡♡

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and painted some of the most trees in the history of art. They were not "naturalists" in the typical sense; they exaggerated, altered and what they saw. They often work in the rather than out in the external world.

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New Competition: Holmes is Coming


Về Triều Đường Hành Nghề Y [Hồ Yêu Linh]



lựa bộ này với tâm ý là muốn đọc sảng văn… phần đầu bộ này đúng là thế nhưng…. ahaha nó đã quay phắt 1 phát sang cung tâm kế, nội đấu, âm mưu dương mưu, cung đình hầu tước, vân vân và mây mây…. ADUMAAAAA I WASN’T PREPARE FOR THIS SHITTT !! DAMNIT !! 😫😫😫😫

… càng đọc nơron não càng chết theo bộ truyện… tâm của tui cũng chết theo nv một ít…. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

lưu ý là bộ này chậm nhiệt, chỉ có 1/3 truyện là về tình cảm, đã vậy còn về cuối bộ truyện mới viên mãn… còn phần lớn bộ truyện là dã sử 🙂🙂🙂🙂 thậm chí 3 PN cũng là dã sử nốt, k hề viết về 2 nv chính 😞😞😞😞

…đau lòng, cảm thấy bị lừa dối, so NO, not gonna save this one. 😒😒😒


[I’d like to headcanon that Sam doesn’t really hold grudges. Or at least not for very long. I think he’s a sad man who can’t afford the emotional taxation of a grudge. He spends so much time helping others, whether he sees it like that or not, that to be so angry and resentful for long would be entirely too draining. And he’s already a jaded individual at the start.

I mean, the whole deal with Amelie/Bridget. I’m sure he hurts and is confused, especially when circumstances about Cliff come to light. He could have been furious and hell, even a little petulant with her about all the lies (which to a some extent he was). But they share a powerful moment on the beach together and even goes back to being apart of Bridges after he returns (but not for long since Lou’s decommissioning orders went down, I think he would have stuck with Bridges if Lou hadn’t needed to be decommissioned.).

This isn’t to say he trusts easily after an event that would trigger a grudge. He just doesn’t have time or energy for a grudge. 

I think really, he harbors too much resentment towards himself. He’s got survivor’s guilt. He can’t hold a grudge on anyone because he’s too busy holding one against himself. And it springs his martyrism into action. He’s constantly doing for others because it’s the least he could do for all those that didn’t make it in the past. He’s constantly throwing himself in harm’s way because he can and probably because on some level, he hopes that the next time would be his last. But he’s a repatriate.]

bye to you, I guess. we’ll remain as strangers somehow in nowadays & yes, we used to be mutual but, that’s it. that chapters seems already .. ended. it looks like that. you and I doesn’t follow each others and we don’t reached each others nor communicate or could even say anything even if I wanted to, few times. afraid, somehow and I did not wished to bothered you. I don’t want to bother. but I don’t want to go much either. I did not wanted to leave. I can only stay in distance. it seems the safest to do, for you. it’s not because I didn’t nor can’t see you. I do. I did visited you and I know. just can’t really do anything much. somehow it makes me anxious. Sometimes I come to you quietly then left. did not say anything too. it’s not because I didn’t remember you. I do. I do feel and care about you. I wanted some things too but I’m afraid it can’t be done. believe me, I wanted few things with them. Can only stay quiet for that long. I’ve been really quiet for that long. I feel in wounds somehow. but, it’ll be just like that. I’m tired of mentioning also etc. it’s not because I don’t care or etc, I do. I didn’t just tried once, i tried more than I could count. I felt failed. I had grief. I felt lonely. I didn’t had people that I wanted around me much either. I had missed moments. I broke my own heart. people broke me. I felt hurt. Felt lots. I’ve been waiting. I’m tired. I’m torn apart sometimes. Do I feel lonely? I do. a lot. I cried quietly or in red teary eyes a lot in daily, trying to be stronger that I had to faced and feel. I’ve lost some people and few things. Had bad days also things I can’t controlled. we basically just strangers + acquaintances. not talking either. not even following each others. so all is lost. I’m already losing you and you already lost me. we’re not closed too. it’s emptied in “our” chapters. we both doesn’t make any move anyway. :’/ don’t really know why too. 💔