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A stunning limited edition of the beautiful Edinburgh skyline by the amazingly talented @rasazilinskaiteart

Got a beautiful tea towel today at in Causwayside Edinburgh ... need to get a second now as another one of my pet humans wants one.

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3-4 May 18 of the city’s most inventive and original cocktail bars, as they compete to be crowned Best Bar. Enjoy show stopping Rooms. Explore enjoy

Restless Natives (1985), about 2 working class youths, who rob tourist bus day trips in the Highlands, captures a key moment, ambivalently.

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Try something different + unique 4 Abbeys + A Chapel Photography Tour + - Photograph Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey + Kelso Abbey BOOK HERE: Please RT

Spending rare time with my daughter today. Play, pie and pint , sun worshipping in Prince’s St Gardens, afternoon tea , cocktails finishing with Chinese dinner . Love Edinburgh

Quite the glorious day for exploring Red Moss Nature Reserve and Threipmuir Reservoir ☀️🌳🐞🌿

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Travelling from farther away ✈? Our pick up locations are a short distance from both and airport 📍! This means your adventure doesn't have to wait 😎! your road trip today

Try something different and unique 4 Abbeys + A Chapel Photography Tour + - Photograph Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey and Kelso Abbey BOOK HERE:

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Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh


Manchu Bow and Arrows from China dated to the 19th Century on display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

This bow is unstrung, to string it the bow was bent backwards, reversing the curve. This required a great deal of strength but the energy generated by the tension meant the bow could fire iron-headed arrows with great force.

The Manchu were an ethnic group known as “The People on Horseback” with mounted archers as a core part of their military arm under the Qing Dynasty. Manchu Emperors enforced equestrian arts and archery to maintain these traditions. 

Photographs taken by myself 2019

Helloooooooo guys :) I am back from a short break, my spring break. I traveled with my dad to London and Normandy, France and saw the D-Day landing beaches. But I couldn’t allow him to leave Scotland without a trip to the Highlands first lol. We had near perfect weather most of the time and I got to practice my French a ton. I got seasick on the ferry to and from France, but I’m fine now. I also picked up a new read! ‘Love Letters of the Great War’ since I’m such a hopeless romantic mess haha. Other than that it was super relaxing and a lot of fun and I love London omg. Really lucky to be able to see and do all of this. Now back to studying for my finals!! One month left in Europe!! :’(


4 April 2019 - Holyrood 

There’s nothing like a long walk around Holyrood to relax after a long day of writing and researching. My friend Rhiannon and I walked all the way around the park, talking about nothing to everything, from the entire plot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to morning meditation in the woods. It’s so nice to have good friends here who I can discuss anything with and just hang out, no pressure.