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Heading up to for my final show of the year....hoping for a good one, if not I always have a Christmas prince: the royal baby to look forward

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Kings Gates, one year later still looking for for any kings arrival. ⛏Take down and rebuild both sides ⛏Keeping super tight beds ⛏ Stone indents to match ⛏ Stonecraft Visit you will love it

is full of beauty, and this too... this gotta be my first share from this lovely part of the planet! :D

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Have a great weekend to my son . Happy birthday . Hitting the tiles in tonight

Countless blockbusters have been filmed in . Check this article out to see where popular scenes were filmed.

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Glengyle Terrace, EH3

day one hundred and seventeen (117)

Wohoo, Thursday is over! And for once there happened a lot in school. The morning was ok, nothing special except that Holly and I listened to the Frozen two (2) soundtrack and our favourite song is “Lost in the woods” absolute cracker, Christoff is just bae.

Fast forward to lunch. We sit at our table in the canteen (still can’t believe that you spell it like that, that’s an abomination) and the girl that sat next to me and I actually don’t know her name, threw away a macaroni and it didn’t particularly fell into the bin that actually next to it. Unfortunately, a teacher walked by afterwards, slipped on that macaroni and kissed the floor. With his face. He fell hard. It was so loud that I jumped in my seat. His salad was all over the place, everyone heard/saw it. I felt so sorry for him, it was the topic for the day.

Spotify warped is here and Louise and Louis (I know) were fighting who got more time spent listening to music and me sitting between them got to observe it from the first line. I was literally in between the battle line. It was very entertaining.

Also some S3 or whatever sat next to us and I heard this gem of comedic impro:

Where did your fish go?

It took a swim in the bin.

Grand absolutely grand. What was not so grand was that they were very wasteful. Most of them chucked half of their lunches into the bin. Not cool.

I think that was it for lunch but then let’s speed to English double. We were analysing a poem and were writing down a lot and all of the sudden a boy goes: “Mr MacAlpine can I get a pen, the highlighter is a bit big to write with” That’s gotta be one of my favourite quotes here. The chaotic energy? The randomness? Wow.

Who would have guessed, we didn’t go to Fitness, even though I dragged my sports bag around all day. Well, that was for nothing. We missed the bus, so we sat in the Costa and chatted. Because the bus was so late, we arrived at home as if we’d gone to fitness.

By the way, the weather was absolutely awful today. Windy, sometimes it blew so hard that we nearly fell. Rainy, cold and paired with just bare darkness. Oof.

And that was my day, ladies and gentlemen. It was quite entertaining.


Sentry Guarding the Castle by FotoFling Scotland
Via Flickr:
Edinburgh Castle Royal Regiment of Scotland

Today’s Brain Track™ 😥

And today’s view from the office:


Front and Centre, ch10 progress report:

It’s 11k and still not finished, but getting close!

I’m currently drip-feeding my beta, @letmebelex , and I’m apparently killing them with the angst!

Hey, listen, it has to get worse before it gets better, right? 😁 But, yeah, it gets worse first…

I promise, it will have a happy ending!!


How is it less than a month until 2020?

Why not start the new year more ethically when it comes to your textile products manufacturing?

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Drummers - Citadel Regimental Band, South Carolina by FotoFling Scotland
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The 2010 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Back to Backwards

It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that pains me so… But leave we must if we’ve to return. And there was nothing there for me after my course finished. It was, in the 80s a city in tatters and while we played others struggled, and if you weren’t in college it became harder to belong. It seemed that I couldn’t bring myself to do the next most obvious thing, and head to London, so I went back to Edinburgh for a couple of years, and eventually could only justify London by a sleight of hand. I’d made a stab at Edinburgh but that didn’t work for me either - going back is so often going backwards.


Edinburgh Military Tattoo Finale by FotoFling Scotland
Via Flickr:
The 2002 Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Texting Near Miss

a very short story


Greig: Hi, Miss Thomson, Jill is it? You ‘hearted’ my post on ‘Today’sDate’.  Coffee this morning?

Jill: I remember. Office manager.  Takes great interest in staff. Coffee sounds good Greig. Saturday so free all day.

G: I’m in town. Popped into CoffeeNirvana. How about now?

J: Ok, getting ready handsome. 25 mins ok?

G: Better hurry love. Crowded here. People near door still scowling. Cold draught followed me in.

J: It’s winter. What’s to do?  To wear?  You in one of your favourite Armani?  

G: Weekend. Bootle green hoodie.

J: Ok, leaving now.

G: Ordering macchiato and carrot cake. Get something for you?

J: Order on arrival thanks. Make sure it’s hot.

G: Like you?

J: Take it easy. Talk first. See how it goes eh?

G: No problemo love. Just tapped card to pay. Didn’t work. No cash with me.

J: Tell barista I’ll pay yours together with mine.

G: Great.  Barista said ok, but still frowning at me.

J: Cheer him up with a smile and a tip when I arrive.

G: No room here to swing a cat.  Lucky to get two-seater next to toilet.  Woman already in other seat. Struggled to squeeze in. Macchiato sloshed over table. Old cow wasn’t pleased.

J: Keep the seat for me if she leaves.

G: She’s on her phone now.  Bleating about some fat git spilling coffee on her dress.  Older guy next door just pointed his finger over here. Guy behind counter still frowning at me. Helped catching his eye though. Ordered chocolate cake and couple of yum-yums. Added to bill.

J: Do you think entries in ‘Today’sDate’ should always be 100% truth?

G: Sure. Didn’t photoshop your photo did you?

J: No, maybe told one or two little fibs. I’m thirty-one, not twenty-five. You?

G: Been busy.  No time for porkies.  Pal Jakey Jake put it all up.  Coffee almost finished. Still hungry. How much longer you going to be dear? People staring for some reason. Like I was one of those annoyances spending all day on the phone, tapping or shouting.  

J: Well, did this Jake get the details right?  Did he alter the photo?

G: How would I know? Maybe used an old one.

J: Make you a bit younger eh?  Still 6 foot, 6-pack, and single though?

G: Maybe matured a wee bit.  The Jakey my man for speed and weed. See him as a friend though.

J: Well I suppose busy lives. Hard to hold on to friends, make new friends.

G: Like neighbours and people at work really horrible.

J: Poor you. Horrible how?

G: Keep moaning on - stop scrounging, lose weight, slapping bums not funny any more – come out with lots of mince about attitudes, feminism, sexism etc.  Really horrible, unfriendly people. No sense of humour.

J: Ok, I see.  Shame.

G: Coffee finished. You be here soon?  Get me a large macchiato and lemon drizzle cake when you get yours, ok.

J: Nearly there

G: Bitch on next seat leaned over to complain about squashing. Grabbed her knee. Now she’s mouthing off about police etc.

J: Oh dear. Unfortunate.

G: This place is a total pain in the arse.  Red Lion for a few pints instead?

J: Guys near door, the barista, woman next to you, people at the next table – all looking daggers.

G: Yes, right, like I said, all staring.

J: I can imagine. The twin-seat next toilet. Badly overweight, unkempt, angry red-faced bloke in a crud-spattered green top thumping away at his phone, bullying poor woman next to him. Barista and others exchanging glances, ready to act. Whole place staring.

G: Here, where’s all this shite coming from? That how you see me?  Overweight? Unkempt? Bully? Not on ‘Today’sDate’ I’m not. Call a woman stuff like that get called sexist bastard.

J: Maybe they recognise a face from the news. A guy arrested for beating up his wife?

G: That face not have a beard? It’s not on ‘Today’sDate’.

J: I know, not the beard anyway. But right now I’m looking at the stubbly version through CoffeeNirvana’s window.

G: What - bobble hat and tweed jacket - face sucking lemons - that you waving?

J: Yes, me. Waving goodbye.

G: Hold up, I’m coming.

J: Pay the barista once you’ve fought your giant beer belly out of that chair Greig.  I’m long gone.  Bye.  Great not meeting you.

day one hundred and sixteen (116)

And already Wednesday is over. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. Because tomorrow is Thursday. You must be sick of hearing me complain about Thursdays, but I really hate them.

Anyway, I just gotta get over Thursday and there already waits the weekend.

We’ll get a new companion in our “host student accommodation”, a wee Indian boy is going to stay here for a few days (weeks?). So the battle of the bathroom will begin anew. I’m actually always excited when we get new students, because I’m curious and stuff, but I really dread it in the morning and evening, when I seriously need to pee and they block the bathroom.  

Our Biology teacher gave us back our results and guess what your girl got? An A, cuz she a nerd. Pretty proud of myself gotta say, I nailed the essay (which was actually a struggle) as well as the multiply choice. My guess was right and I got fourteen (14) out of fourteen (14). Suck on this, haters. (I actually don’t have haters, cuz I’m not famous enough, lol. I do get a lot of spam though.)

My lovely Biology teacher also always bribes us with food, right now, there’s an advent calendar, where each of us can open it at a day and that’s why there were talking about Cadbury the other day.

Well, Claudia and I went home for lunch and it was a blessing. Our lunch? So silent. Relaxing. No other sound than our chewing and breath. Thirteen (13) out of ten (10).

Fast forward to double French where sneaky Carla had some Swiss chocolate and in our Swiss comradery, she offered me some. Heaven. I haven’t had Swiss chocolate in so long. Y’all other countries really miss out. You don’t even know what good chocolate is. It’s not the same if you buy Lindt in Tesco or where ever. You gotta try Frey and just some random Coop or Denner budget chocolate and realise that you have been living a lie. Tourist tip for people going to Switzerland, just go into a Coop and buy the sixty (60) Rappe cornflake chocolate and every other that your heart desires. Then devour them and open your third eye.

For anyone that has been following the Cash Trap the last week and this one. Honestly how long do they want to carry on? Now Mairead has lost her fourty (40) grand and they still carry on? Paula already left and there is this weird new chick? When will finally somebody escape? It’s getting tenser and tenser?

One new word that I sorta understood but still had to look up

To stammer = Stottern, I mean it sorta sounds like stammeln, that’s why I was like mhhh, this sounds familiar…

See you after hell day.