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“You mess with the Samoan Gangsta party you get treated like a $20 dollar hoe!” Just took the Rosey mask off and he’s about to transform back to his ECW persona

: Today in 2010. Ezekiel Jackson became the new (and final) ;  Jackson defeats in an Match. The title was deactivated after Jackson’s title win.

Final & full preview of Taz I'm pushing for Sunday to upload, things I updated, overall body morph, tattoos & added 2nd attire, I may put glasses on 2nd attire 👌🏽

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Henrietta-Maria. From dealing with her husband's love of the Duke of Buckingham, her friendship with Lucy Hay, to her pivotal role in the . Her control over her children and penurious exile, proved her an extraordinarily strong woman. .

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Now vanished, Owthorpe house built by John and in 1650. It contained a ballroom, art gallery, and many guest chambers. And probably this piece of ornate arched wall, now inside the adjacent .

Watching 's One night stand ppv. Its a surreal feeling to see as the anti ecw crusader from Who knew few years later, he would become their champion.

Still can't believe I got to meet the Legend himself, last night at the anniversary show!!

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Elizabeth Colour Wheel - 23
Pre-order: Artist: Elizabeth Colour Wheel Track: 23 Release: Nocebo Release date: March 15th 2019

On constant repeat tonight.


CHAPTER FOUR: I’ve Loved You Forever

“I’m not a creep, I swear!” I proclaimed. Realizing after I said it, the declaration only made me seem weirder.

“Help me understand why you really came to see me.” He was being kinder than I deserved.

“Take the needles out and I’ll tell you.” I bargained.

His bewildered expression softened as his attention turned to caring for me.

“Lay down, please.”

I collapsed with an exaggerated sigh as his steady hand plucked the needles from my flesh. He gently hooked my bra into place, his touch lingered there for the briefest moment.

“I’m going to step out so you may get dressed.” He said quietly without looking at me.

When he left the room, I exhaled until I was empty. What was I going to say to him? How could I express a lifetime of daydreaming about him, the inextinguishable longing for him, the all-consuming drive to pursue him in this fleeting moment? What if he was disgusted by this lifelong quest to make him mine? I heard a soft knock on the door.

“I’m ready.” I said, though I was anything but.

Tajiri was silent as he took a seat next to me on the exam table.

“Tajiri…” It felt strange to say that name. “Yoshihiro…” I dared to speak his given name.

He didn’t flinch. His countenance remained kind and patient.

“Anata ga zutto sukideshita.” (I’ve loved you forever.) I whispered softly while turning to fully face him.

He swallowed hard and reached for my hands. I had never been so eager to offer them.

“Anata wa mada wakaishi…” (You are too young…) He murmured wistfully.

“Bullshit.” I smiled at him. I was 26 years old for fucks’ sake.

“You came across the globe to see an old man!” He exclaimed with a bitter laugh.

“You’re not an old man. And there is a lot more to it than that.” He had no idea what lengths I had gone to to be here with him.

We sat in silence, my hands clasped in his.

“You think I’m insane.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“No, I don’t understand you but I don’t think you’re crazy.” He laughed.

“I want to tell you everything.” I promised.

“Ima jikan aru?” (Do you have time tonight?) Tajiri asked, a look of cautiously hopeful anticipation in his eyes. His choice of phrasing heavy with intimation.

“For you? I have all night.”