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This Friday has me feeling Orgasmic!!!! Make it a good one everybody! Watch some old school ECW and tell me what your favorite Mikey match is! Please don’t reply “the last one”. Lol

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On this day in 2000, won the ECW World Television Championship for the 2nd and final time

Did some shopping on Amazon. I needed to complete a couple of sets... Bought the ECW Unreleased Vol. 1 and the White Goodman, Dodgeball Vinyl Idol.

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The Tribe of Extreme for WWE 2k18 ONLY on Xbox One. A full roster of over 100 ECW Originals covering from 1994-2001 plus all arenas. Search

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Well well well I hear it's birthday!! ❤❤ Happy birthday to one of the nicest funniest guys Iv ever had the pleasure of meeting!! 👏👏 hope you have a fantastic day!! Lots of love from the UK

Tomorrow's the day. Join our livefeed and googlehangout to see the presentations from Resource Mobilization Challenge finalists. Sept 21@7:30EDT.

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“Well, well, well, it is I, ‘The Quintessential Studmuffin’ and a damn handsome man, Joel 'Today is my 43rd birthday, so grab my handle while I blow out the candles’ Gertner!”

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ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rhino
[January 12th, 2001]

In one of the final ECW events and the first of 2001, Rhino dethroned The Sandman to become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion in just one minute at ECW’s final pay per view, Guilty As Charged. Rhino had two title defenses, one against The Sandman and the final one against Spike Dudley at ECW’s last event on January 13th. Rhino would debut in the WWF as Rhyno the following March, where he’d go on to win several titles including 3 reigns as the Hardcore Champion and one as the United States Champion.


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Francine & Shane Douglas Vs. Beulah & Tommy Dreamer
ECW House Show
[May 16th, 1997]

There’s something about the way the ECW ring sounded that made me like it just a bit more. It always sounded like these guys were just fighting on a stack of uneven steel plates. The feud between Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas over the ECW Heavyweight Championship inevitably got their female counterparts involved, as Beulah and Francine couldn’t stay out of their respective beau’s business. This led to a few chance encounters featuring the two, such as this mixed tag team match from an ECW house show in Syracuse that didn’t take long to head into the crowd.