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Happy Birthday Christopher “Chris” Chetti (born July 16, 1974)

Announcing the 1st Ever Wrestle Cave Gimmick Challenge. Vote for your favorite Gimmick. We made a bracket of 32 gimmicks both good and bad to determine what your favorite Gimmick is. Not everybody could make the cut but these 32 were worthy. Voting starts soon.

人は 選手を名勝負製造機と呼ぶ。日本人として唯一人 世界ヘビー級王者に君臨した男。今回 を呼ぶに当たり最初から田中選手との鉄板カードを考えた。そこに を絡め極上のハードコア決定だ!! ‼️ .…

BREAKING NEWS: You want extreme? You got it! We are excited to bring the great fans attending an opportunity to meet a true original, “The Queen of Extreme” ! This is her first signing in GA in almost 20 years!

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Watching 95. Cracking me up when talks about wrestling for “one of his last matches before he retires!” Terry Funk will outlive the roaches after the Apocalypse.

Trying something new. Doing some about my being a fanboy, specifically marking for the . You can check us out on Twitter at and you can check out my first blog if you're so inclined. LINK:

My first Tweet & my first entry: The Whys & Wherefores of My Memories. How my love of rasslin', my arthritis medicine, and ECW gave me an idea for a blog four people will read. LINK:

ECW's November To Remember 1998 and Living Dangerously 1999 arena's have been uploaded on Xbox One by our friend Nachtzehrer77. Stay tuned as there's more to come. Search

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5 Questions With...Jake "The Snake" Roberts - check out & some of his thoughts on the collectibles industry!

“While I breathe, I hope.” This “cryptic message” discovered in a copy of The Faerie Queene reveals it to be one of the books Charles I read during his final imprisonment.

人は 選手を名勝負製造機と呼ぶ。日本人として唯一人 世界ヘビー級王者に君臨した男。今回 を呼ぶに当たり最初から田中選手との鉄板カードを考えた。そこに を絡め極上のハードコア 決定だ‼️ ‼️

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WWE SmackDown cosplays ECW
[June 18th, 2018]

In the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules, members of the WWE’s SmackDown roster got together for a very cool photo shoot, cosplaying as some of ECW’s most notable stars. Shots include: