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Japan Has Y967.1 Billion Trade Deficit In May

China’s total sales of consumer goods increased by 8.6% in May YoY. Excluding the price effect, the real growth rate of retail sales of consumer goods was 6.4% YoY, marking a significant from April, citing .

1) My personal economy is robust and resilient! 2) My talents and skills make me recession-proof! 3) I am abundance always and everywhere! 4) Money serves me. I don't serve money. 5) I am financially independent!

, you said on CNN look what Trump has done for us / no he didn't. put us in a recession and brought us out of it, reaping the rewards of Trump colluded with Russia,locked babies in Cages.

🔶Countries whose economies are smaller than .. Koç holding is 's biggest conglomerate.. Founded in end of the WW1 Number of employees : 101.920 first Turkish company to enter fortune list partner with

Setting up large for tomorrow’s fed meeting. If anything is a miss we could see a large move to the downside.

Artificial is spreading all over the world involving our and society, we dare to say it is a second digital revolution, as powerful as the first one.

Power Of The Pink Dollar with happens at 530pm... Come join us to learn about the impact of LGBTQ business on the US at 2 E 14th at The Ralph Carr Justice Center $35 at the door

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Illinois farmers give up on planting after floods, throw party instead

James McCune, a farmer from Mineral, Illinois, was unable to plant 85% of his intended corn acres and wanted to commiserate with his fellow farmers by hosting the “Prevent Plant Party” at The Happy Spot. By Tom Polansek. via Snapzu : Business & Economy

The treasure:gem ratio has gotten absolutely ridiculous IMHO. The only way to lower it is if everyone decides the same thing, and stops buying until the prices go down, which… isn’t going to happen… I wish we could band together to do that though because it’s just ridiculously high now. /:


Richard Wolff: Capitalism Is Reorganized Slavery & Feudalism

Brazil’s National Congress approves supplementary credit to meet expenses

Brazil’s National Congress on Tuesday approved a supplementary credit worth 248.9 billion reais ($64.62 billion) to ensure the government can make payments for social programs and meet other expenses.

The bill was unanimously approved by the lower house and the Senate in a joint session after it had been endorsed by the federal budget committee earlier on Tuesday. It still needs to be signed by President Jair Bolsonaro.

The bill is a priority for Bolsonaro’s government, currently struggling to repair what most economists call an unsustainable public deficit. The legislation is seen as a way to work around the “golden rule,” a fiscal regulation that prevents the government from borrowing to pay for recurring expenses.

“It is the largest credit ever approved by the National Congress,” Senate President David Alcolumbre said briefly before announcing the result, saying that the decision shows “political maturity” by the parties.


It shouldn’t have to be explained to people, but the negative impact on FR of total ‘fairness’ and ease in the economy - keep in mind I’m not referring to more diverse ways to acquire things or qol improvements for those with eye/wrist/etc issues - is that it makes people come back less. It lowers engagement. It lowers clicks. It shortens the time users spend onsite and thus has a long term negative impact on the site’s overall sustainability. They cannot make updates happen every single week and that’s also an unsustainable model (as other sites have discovered), and so the time between must be filled with goals. This is why I don’t support so many of the complaints about the eyes, especially after Galore. This isn’t about elitism, it’s about having Flight Rising in ten years. 

“Lmao what if ancients cost 20 dollars”

Lmao, you mean current genes? They literally cost fifteen-twenty dollars a pop. Not saying to change them, just saying, cause I saw that thread going around and wished I could say that on the forum