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Turkey Central Bank Slashes Interest Rates Further

RT : Thai economy not desperate, just a bit slow - Finance Minister - more at Thailand’s Finance Minister says the economy is not in a critical situation, it’s just on a b…

Dealing with a#slowdown is like getting over grief, if you follow ’s DANDA philosophy. Read more from his interview with where he shares from his days as the former director of and Sons:

Cross-border play an important role in the global . Could ' digital soon become a reality? There are some countries such as & European nations that are looking at the concept, while China is the [perceived] global frontrunner.

Building in regional by developing tools for supporting SMEs. stakeholders group of the Oulu region (Northern Ostrobothnia) started to bring together experiences and expertise by EU wide quadruple helix collaboration for 4 years onward.

A healthy needs a healthy industry providing employment and driving growth. Discover today why the sector is the largest consumer of steel products worldwide 🏗️

Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea spent decades flying comfortably behind more advanced economies. The good news and the bad is that there is now no one left to follow. via

The annual growth rate of Chinese economy has remained 7% since 2000. It’s becoming the main engine of global economic . China contributes 30% to the global economic growth. Chinese in 2018 reached 90 trillion RMB, the digital accounted for over 30%.

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The Real Chinese Debt Threat Is Surfacing Again

Headlines on record bond defaults have been spooking foreign investors, but a more worrying test for the bond market still lies ahead.

Fossil fuel firms 'could be sued' for climate change

Fossil fuel firms \'could be sued\' for climate change
The world’s most polluting companies could be sued for their contributions to global warming, a major human rights inquiry has found in what has been described as a “landmark victory for climate justice”. The head of a Philippines Commission on Human Rights panel, which has been investigating climate change for three years, revealed its conclusions on Monday that major fossil fuel firms may be held legally responsible for the impacts of their carbon emissions. via Snapzu : Business & Economy