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Here's Why Your Conversion Rate Doesn’t Matter

Branded packaging is not a fancy coat of paint to your product’s outer cover. If done right, it can double up as a marketing stunt that can cement a brand position in a crowded e-commerce marketplace.

Migration to SaaS platforms. Transforming website layouts. Redefining competitor analysis. We’re tracking these trends and more for 2019:

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#US & #Canada grew total number of #mobile #gamers in 2018 by 5%

How about games for Entrepreneurs? Which game you would suggest?

CHECK OUT THIS GROWTH! This is for one of my clients and through all our hard work, these are the results since we engaged. That is a 7 figure difference in direct sales alone, per year. Here’s to hitting an 8 figure growth stride! (And this doesn’t even include their retail!) ;)

November 2018 vs. 2017 tenured client cumulative growth: $8.8M (2018) vs. $3.6M (2017). All of these companies employ FT CMO’s, VP of Marketing & eCommerce. Why go it alone, when you can get help? Why hire, and invest into your internal team to acquire top talent, and then isolate them without options for input/feedback?

My Monday begins, but because I’m on Bali time, play comes first… work starts at 9pm. The kids won’t realize what it took to get here for many years, But they’ll remember how it felt. I’m all in for family!

Automation creates a great impacts to small business at present. Right technology and tools boost your business. We came across nice below example.

“Occitan Imports” is a home-based, woman-owned business, sells French tablecloths and Laguiole cutlery uses latest technology in their business.
SaaS and automation allows business integrated and optimized while they are focus on growing business.

#Qualified | #Skillful | #Experienced #Resources as well as #Development #Center Available for Short Term and Long Term #Projects.

Be Focused on Core #Business and let us Handle the #IT System for you.

*If you are in IT then join hands and serve together.*

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Perspective is everything. We’re still “tallying” the numbers, but it looks like we’ll be at $25M+ cumulative growth for our clientele, YoY. That’s 3 consecutive years of that performance. And to top that all off, I am more excited for 2019 than I’ve ever been. If you’re in the eCommerce startup or rapid growth mode, keep us on the radar.

To this “Owner Funded” startup. CONGRATULATIONS. Fast paced growth, that is not VC funded, is hard. It hurts. It requires sacrifice. Everything is poured back into inventory and cash flow. Its all about the business. This founder is incredible in so many ways. Humbled to be a part of the journey. PS - This doesn’t include wholesale growth! Which adds to the story! We had a great year. Let’s do better this year!

Hey everyone. This tech product focused brand is crushing it in their online and retail activities. Just had a fabulous show at CES. Very proud of their YoY progress against January MTD.

BTW - We’re not slowing down. Looking for media expansion opportunities. Ping me if you have some media buying opportunities available. Think “Apple'esque” products.


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