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Lunkad Sky One, Pune enjoys abundant light transmission and excellent thermal insulation, thanks to SGG Envision's advanced solar control glass.

biodegradables de la diseñadora Stella Mcarthe. Confeccionados con materiales orgánicos como el algodón y la lana y suela de un llamado APINAT

Hang in there ... Another busy week starts for Ecovia . These frames are drying, waiting to be assembled. They are off to their soon.

What is , or ? An ingredient widely used in dairy products, baked goods, beverages and even in ! 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 Find out more 👉

The copper candles are in our recycle/refill range. Want more details?

Eco-friendly material for protecting the environment —— More than a straw.

We use , fabrics in all our swimwear, including fibres from recycled fishing nets. So, not only are our fabrics twice as resistant to chlorine, suncream & oil than standard lycra, they're better for the planet too. Read more :

wow. Congrats to Gordon and the team for choosing such as Ambassador. She really emulates all that is intelligent, kind and cool in the world. Bravo bravo. 🌟🌈🌏

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En EcoVita somos expertas en la técnica de la depilación con hilo de algodón (threading) para ir dando esa forma natural a tus cejas.

Además de destacar por ser la mejor técnica para realizar el diseño de las cejas y la definición de la mirada, la depilación con hilo es más duradera ya que extrae el vello de raíz, no irrita la piel, previene la aparición de arrugas y flacidez gracias a que no estira la piel, es rápida y menos dolorosa que otras técnicas.

Did you know yuggen bags are not only great for storing your food & liquids, but they can be used to cook your various foods! 🥘

Cook, freeze and store with ease with bags!

See link in bio for more info! 🌿
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‘No Single Use Plastic EcoFriendly Recycle Quote’ Sticker by taiche
No Single Use Plastic is a typography design and anti pollution quote for anyone against the use of disposble plastics. Ideal for the eco warrior or as an inspirational to others. Perfect for making a statement, making change, words to live by or as words to encourage / ABOUT THE ART / © ‎‎‎ Vector ‎13 ‎February ‎2019, ‏‎18:00:25 Tracey Harrington Simpson / Custom order on via Etsy / / ---—————————————————————————————————————————————————— / / *My Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain. All images are copyright © taiche. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing.

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Blog Post #6 {Business Operation Plans}

Reusable Produce Bags


Total Costs:

Materials $44.47

Per Bag $3.14

Most of these materials take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but include free shipping.  Due to the fact that materials can take upwards of a month to arrive, I would order a larger amount since I have an ample amount of storage space, and would not want to run out of supplies.

The peak demand times of the year are summer and early fall as most produce is in season and harvested during these months.  Making sure there is enough inventory is definitely an important subject to address.

I will be working with my mom to create these bags and we will be manufacturing them between the hours of 7-9 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  In two hours, we can produce 6 bags, or 18 bags per week together (6x3=18 bags per week). I will also manufacture bags from 12-4 Saturdays producing a total of 12 bags per week.  This equals 30 bags per week combined.

The selling will initially take place online on local buy and sell sites, therefor licences and permits are not required.  There are also no fees associated with selling on local buy and sell sites.

My vision is to sell these bags at the local farmers market (Mill Market) to target my key demographic.  This is a busy market that “connects Northern Ontario farmer to local consumers strengthening the local food economy and nurturing healthy communities.” Their fee is:

Saturday Day Vendor: $50 + HST

Total: $60.50

This is over the budgeted start-up amount for this venture.

An advantage to selling at the local farmers market is the lack of competition. Currently there are no vendors that are selling reusable produce bags. By entering this market with my complementary product, I feel my business venture will be successful and a great addition to the local marketplace.

I’m so happy.

Okay so today has been ridiculously positive. I have started off by completing loads of college work and getting home nice and early. It’s also my birthday!!! I got some amazing gifts lots of which were some new vegan products which are pictured below! I had a lovely time seeing my family and having fun with games and food.

I got a new vegan cook book from my mum, she told me she wanted me to learn some new things so I can be healthier and get all my nutrients. Then a new journal specifically for vegans, it has a recipe page, weekly shopping lists, and favourite stuff and some acknowledgements and notes and much more. Then we have some vegan sweets which were actually delicious and very sour which I loved. Some new skincare products which is great because I’ve been needing some (I also received some things from the body shop which is cruelty free but I’m not sure if vegan) vegan toothpaste to go with my new bamboo toothbrushes I’ve ordered and lastly some vegan soap which also helps to reduce my plastic usage for body showers. I’m so utterly grateful for the whole day and I love my friends and family and my boyfriend so much and I hope all of you have a wonderful day/night x


We currently still don’t have a proper bathroom so I set up a drawer in our dresser for the toiletries that we don’t use as often. (Just to explain our house a little: we have a separate small room with a big floor level shower, a regular bathroom with a tub- this room is not done, and a teeny tiny guest “bathroom“ upstairs with a toilet and sink only that we currently use as our bathroom). We keep our few main things in the guest bathroom + shower like toothbrush, soap, face oil, shampoo bar.
In this drawer we keep: spare toothbrushes, more soap, dry shampoo, period cup, a box with my essential oils, my make up, razor blades, some creams we use for cuts, nail brush + scissors. Simplifying our bathroom and getting away from plastic was definitely easy for us. We quickly found products that work for us and I don’t miss anything. 🤷🏼‍♀
There are still some odds and ends we want to use up/ gift to friends like leftover nailpolish and make up I never really use or gifted perfumes that give me a headache. We keep these things in a box and whenever someone comes over they can take what they want. Nothing is wasted but I don’t have to force myself to use up things that don’t work for me. Works great with clothing too!
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In nights like these make a cup of tea…
Be the fire you want to see in this life
Be the warmth you want to feel in your heart.
Take a deep breath and connect with yourself.
Sometimes in teaching we learn the most.
Tea of choice a flower blend with chamomile to help me whine down before bed. I try to use loose tea as often as I can because it Reduces waste. Loose teas use less packaging then tea bags.
Ps. Quick tip I use agave as a sweetener.
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What you need to know about the world's ENERGY and how to help fight against CLIMATE CHANGE!

What is one thing every country in the world needs in order to operate? The answer is energy! Energy is so important that countries aren’t concerned enough about how they obtain their energy and what it does to our planet. There are two types of energy sources found on our planet, one being renewable energy and the other non-renewable energy. What is the difference between the two? Well on earth there is only a certain amount of resources that creates non-renewable energy, meaning that the earth is unable to produce more once its all used up. As well, when these resources are used to create energy they release something called fossil fuels that have a very negative effect on our planet.

So, what are some of these energy sources and how much does the world use them?

Non-renewable energy sources

·            Coal (40.8%)

·           Natural Gas (21.6%)

·           Nuclear (10.6%)

·           Oil (4.3%)

Renewable energy sources

·         Hydro (16.4%)

·         Others (Renewables) (6.3%)

As you can see, the world heavily relies on non-renewable energy sources. So, what can we do as individuals to help fight against CLIMATE CHANGE?

·         Install solar panels/wind turbines around the outside of your home

·         Lobby or protest the use of non-renewable energy in your country

·         Spread the word! Talk to your friends and family about these important issues


In the comment section below tell us how you fight against climate change.