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Make a difference! provides a great chance to showcase how is linking sustainability to our marketing strategy. We are always open to new and creative ways to cut down on plastics.

Earth Day Giveaway! To celebrate Earth Day this year, we are promoting a circular economy and giving away one of our eco-friendly hats made from recycled plastic bottles! Click here to enter:

Did you know that down is a renewable resource? Replace your pillows with eco-friendly down (now 20% off!): .

Happy Earth Day from Runyon Surface Prep! On this day we like to reflect on ways to make sure we are being eco-friendly in the polishing process. ...

Just in time for Earth Day, our Bananas announced the testing of an environmentally-friendly & edible CARROT STRAW for smoothies & juices! 🌎

This , we wanted to take a moment to remind our guests that they can join us in supporting the health of Mirror Lake by foregoing housekeeping service during their stay. Learn more about our initiatives >>>

Why toss your old items out when you can re-purpose them? It's good for the environment & it helps to inspire creativity! Is there anything that you would do with old jeans that isn't on this list? via

Take a couple minutes this week or upcoming weekend to do one good thing for the biggest home we have, the earth.

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not a study post but happy earth day lads! 🌲♻️🌲

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This Earth Day, Vaughan’s Fabric & Supply wants to remind you about our constant drive to reduce, reuse and recycle. We reuse as much packing material, boxes, tubes, paper scrap and plastic wrapping as possible in each order we ship out, and anything we can’t use, we recycle appropriately. We’re working on making the world a greener place, one box at a time. What are you doing on Earth Day to do your part for the environment? Share in the comments below!


“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry

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Yo Buds

Back from the dead with some eco-friendly tips.

- donate to environmental charities like the NRDC

- check company practice

- buy fresh, unpackaged products

- recycle packaging waste

- compost food waste

- use banks not involved with fossil fuels

- cloth shopping bags

- reuseable metal or glass straws

- donate old clothes

- repair damaged belongings

- promote and vote for eco-friendly candidates

- store leftovers in glass tuber ware

- use the back of the paper if possible

- cloth wraps for storage

- bring your own silver ware

- consider switching to a solar/wind electricity company

- pick up trash in the yard or local park

- use a bicycle whenever possible

- car pool

- demand your state officials oppose fossil fuel pipeline projects

We got 10 years to make an impact buds, let’s get moving! Happy Earth day!


Happy Earth Day!! I love this planet so much, which is why it’s so important to me to protect our Earth every way we can, and be as sustainable as possible! I’ve written before on how to live with less waste and how to travel ethically, but today I want to talk about recycling! I read an article this morning (from yesterday’s newspaper, but whatever) about what is and isn’t okay to recycle in my area. I was surprised at a few of the items which aren’t recyclable—I made a graphic with recycling do’s and don’ts in case you are, too (swipe left to check it out!) Instead of feeling bad about my less-than-stellar recycling habits, I’m using this as a reminder to keep educating myself and push to do better! #SustainabilityIsSexy – so let’s keep educating ourselves and getting better! What are some ways you would suggest we can be more eco-friendly? Where do you want to educate yourself? ♻️💙

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HAPPY EARTH DAY!!🌏🌲💗 I’m so ecstatic with the help of you and signing up for my email list and becoming a member, I have already planted 60 trees during the month of April for Earth Month! I will match this today and bump it up to 120 trees for Earth day and Earth week! If you haven’t yet please sign up in my Bio above, 1 Tree + $1, in the replanting and reforestation efforts 🌳. Today I will match your $1 and as a gift you’ll receive a certificate of where your tree is planted as well a fine art sustainable card courtesy of me. This year the trees will be planted in the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota. Let’s make a huge difference in helping our precious Planet. Let’s keep the momentum going throughout the year and keep our efforts growing as a movement in the masses. This is the only way, when we all put in 1 action or more to make a great impact! 🌏💗   


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