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does not BEGIN to describe my kid's taste in music. now but just a minute ago was .

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We started SaturdaySelects with the idea of sharing music that our friends were making and weren’t releasing them. That grew to us throwing parties, hosting artists like Didi Han and Maximus MMC from around the region, Soulection from Los Angeles, travelling around and playing shows, connecting with more like minded people and here we are right now, a collective/record label/tech startup. And over the years, many of you have played a pivotal role i in the development of SaturdaySelects, and we would like to take the time to thank you for that.

Following up from our 1K Compilation a few months ago, this time we got the friends and family of SaturdaySelects to hop on and release some tracks to commemorate hitting 2000 followers on SoundCloud! We can’t thank you enough for the insane support we’ve received and promise to keep spreading good music from this tiny little place called Kuala Lumpur.

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Much love.

Artwork by Johann Razali
Compiled by Roshan

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Originally posted by adventurelandia

  • Enchant your mop water ! I use a little bit of white vinegar and hot water with a pinch of salt
  • Clean sheets with lavender clothes soap for good sleep !
  • Place vanilla scented candles in a bowl of coffee beans while cleaning, your house will smell like French vanilla coffee
  • Clean with Castile soap, it’s all plant made and smells so good
  • Clean countertops with lemon water
  • Use sage to smudge, make sure you get every corner and cabinet space to get rid of bad energy
  • Soak sage and lemon water with green tea to clean your bath
  • Dust !

I live by the Phrase “messy room, messy mind”, put some music on and get cleaning !


The other day I was feeling very pessimistic, so I decided to draw a bath with anything and everything I had and made this bath !

You will need :

  • Sage
  • Sea salt
  • Two green tea bags ( I used Stash Premium’s pomegranate green tea)
  • Loose peach tea ( I used peach tranquility from Starbucks)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Rosemary
  • Two green candles
  • One white candle
  • A lavender candle (preferably double wicked)
  • Selenite

Directions :

  1. Draw a very warm bath, make it as hot as you can (please remember to be safe, you are bathing in it)
  2. Pour the sunflower oil in, following with the two tea bags
  3. Light one wick of the lavender candle
  4. As you pour the sage, salt, rosemary and peach tea in chant

“Happiness is key, happiness is inside me”

  1. Get into bath and lights candles
  2. As you clean, think of the water cleansing all of your bad energy

I used a charcoal scrub on my body and then used sea salt shampoo !

  • When you are ready to get out, drain the water and imagine all of your negativity going down the drain
  • Rinse the tub with cold water

This was one of my first spells and it worked very well ! Good luck and blessed be !

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religions / belief systems)

• we also accept :

any sexuality

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as long as you are kind and respectful,

we accept you ♡

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In this part of the kitchen, the wall fabric covers several imperfections. The table, covered by a round, ruffled cloth, is actually a board resting on a small washing machine. Both the table and the fabric are easily removed and serve as camouflage for the appliance.

Decorating with Fabric, 1977


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