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A cultivar of the "Mexican Hen & Chicks", Echeveria shaviana 'Pink Frills', in the Crassulaceae.

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エケベリア属シャビアナ ピンクフリルズ 冬色に変身途中のピンクフリルズさん💘 ドレスのフリルのように波打つ個性的な葉の縁も素敵♡

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The first step is admitting there’s a problem. And the problem is going to grow into an even BIGGER problem.

I’ve been bit hard by the cactus and succulent bug. Thankfully, I might finally be learning from all the plant children I have killed in the past. These echeverias have maintained good color and some are making offsets!

Unfortunately, two stunning columnar cacti caught my eye this past weekend (pilosocereus azureus and stetsonia coryne) and a ferocactus emoryi from the weekend before, so… that’s a thing that’s happening.

And now I have an aeonium velour cutting. I need them all.

Going to find me another shelf that sits flush with the biggest south window so they can bask in hours of sun, overcast conditions pending. Additional growing lights will help on the darkest days, but I suspect everyone will come out of winter just fine.