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RT THE MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN A broken medallion saved his life. ➡ ^&

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RT Vietnam Veteran’s story: Homeless in Homestead by our SMD

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📕░░ Romance Inolvidable░░ de Blake y Alex se hacen inseparables, creando un lazo entre ellos que seguirá uniéndoles a pesar de la distancia que los separa ➡️

Das Klassentreffen in dem alten Schloss in der Toskana sollte für Alessandra eigentlich nur eine Ablenkung werden, doch dann überschlagen sich die Ereignisse …

Love Song of the Prairie: Gladstone: Would Ruth Ever Find the Home She Had Always Dreamed Of? - Life in the United States was hard. Beaten down after a season of loss, Naomi decided to return to the home of her youth in search...

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Descarga Espérame en Nueva York (Caroline March)
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Dicas da Lírios
Resenha Literária
Obra: Enquanto a neve cai
Autora: @vanessa_benfatti
Formato: ebook na Amazon
Física na editora @hemeditora

Resenha Literária
❄A obra em destaque é da autora Vanessa Benfatti, Enquanto a neve cai
Sendo a segunda leitura da obra em uma leitura coletiva. ❄Em meios aos comentário das leituras participantes e os toques de criação da autora torna a leitura divertida e dinâmica. Para conhecer a historia da jovem Holly, uma estudante e patinadora profissional em fuga nas véspera de natal.
❄Ai você se pergunta o que leva uma jovem a fugir e com uma lista bem peculiar em sua agenda de mão, no dia do natal ?
❄No meio do seu caminho se cruza com o jovem misterioso e belo musico de violino em Penn station, NY. A Autora nos encanta em uma trama leve e marcante. E ao decorer dela surge ao leitor um romance moderno de princesa e o plebeu. sera que o amor registe a diferença de statos que existe entre os dois?
❄O leitor vai encontra varias referencias divertidas no meio da trama, como o nome do personagem “Maverick” (top gun).
❄É uma obra com muitas mensagem positivas de amor, de amizade e também conflitos familiares.
Tudo isso envolto no clima natalino e ao som do violino de Marvel.
❄É uma história incrível de aventura, encontros e recomeços em uma pista de gelo divertida. Parabéns Vanessa pela maneira linda de formar esta obra.

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Today, I have re-branded the eBook version of my novel ‘The Abduction of Rupert DeVille’ to become a full-length Electric Eclectic Novel.

Oh, and with a new cover. (which may not show up on Amazon yet).

This is what Toinette says about The Abduction of Rupert DeVille.

“This is a very British dark comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was emotionally disturbed at times. 

This book takes you on an emotional journey, traversing every possible feeling, sometimes with no transitions or segues to ease the mental whiplash. Yet, somehow it all works together to make the story wonderful, in a very specifically dark, funny and unique way.

The writing is impeccable, almost lyrical at times, making it an easy and engaging read.

This emotional adventure starts with Rupert early in his day, contemplating the step-by-step (literally) plans he made for this special evening. Then he is snatched off the street and the story begins.

As the description explains, there’s a girlfriend and an employer worried about Rupert’s disappearance, and after you get to know him, you can totally understand why they’d worry so only after a few short hours.

Attempting to avoid spoilers, none of the characters in this book are quite what they seem. While Rupert is definitely mild-mannered, he’s also calculating, considerate and most definitely a lover, (not a fighter). George is probably my favourite character in this wacky tale of random events that all fit together perfectly, actually making sense in the larger scheme of things. He’s older and calmer than Rupert and Carla, but he might also be a bit scary, (in the best possible way). Carla’s a simple girly-girl on the surface, but after peeking into her past you learn her perfect simplicity is hard-earned.

Moments in this story made me blush, made me feel a bit queasy, made me laugh out loud and even made me feel sentimental. I imagine it was like reading the screenplay of a Guy Richie modern adaptation of a classic whodunit. 

There was violence, sex, mystery and all the complexities of family dynamics. 

This is an adult-only read; perfect for fans of dark humour and British humour, tales of calamity and upbeat characters in odd and sometimes violent situations. I hope this author has more stories like this.”…/…/B01ATOL21C


Set in San Francisco’s past, present and near-future, the stories in this anthology provide imaginative, urbane, and even humorous glimpses into Sapphic love and lust that will both arouse and entertain readers. Those who have never read M. Christian’s erotica are in for a treat. There are no clichés or hackneyed plots to be found in these erotic tales; instead they are filled with substance, creativity and diversity that encompass sweet innocence, sensual tenderness, raw lust, pleasure-pain and more.


Listen to a Sample
Harvey Weinstein’s Obsession: A Memoir


“This is intolerable.” 

I sat watching the Georgia Judge dictate over the little South Georgia cases before he got to mine on October 2018. I had filed a suit to ensure a restraining order would be in place on two men – Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Robbins. 

I couldn’t stop the tears running down my face. The stress had been getting to me even though I am rather good at thriving under pressure. This judge had shown promise at stop the madman that clearly suffered from delusional issues of power and grandeur (Even though neither man had the mental capacity to follow through on their own devious designs) But in spite of the emotion, I was steely eyed determined to crush these fools.  

I knew there was a possibility that this would be pulled out from under my feet. This would be no exception. The warm body that had been sent from Atlanta for Louis Brisbois just mouthed monotone words…. “We think the suit should be thrown out for lack of proper serving.” 

“But I DID serve the companies and the men in the suit. I gave a copy of the signed postal certificates to the Judge at the last meeting.” 

The judge shifted slightly. “But that’s not good enough, Miss Swain. You have to have it served by a Sheriff of that county.” 

“But Georgia law states that if served by mail and SIGNED by recipient, that serves as legal recognized service.” I restated bluntly. He was blatantly disregarding the law in favor of Harvey Weinstein.

 “That’s not good enough. Plus, I am tired of people filing frivolous lawsuit……” He droned on and I blocked his nonsense out of my head. I wasn’t ready to give up.

“Your Honor, I have stated pieces of evidence that THESE men have made threats to me, have sent people to trespass on my property, and continue to do acts of sabotage and violence to me and my property. AND the postal suit receipts ARE accepted by Georgia civil law!” I declared.

“That makes no difference, you didn’t serve the defendants properly. You have no idea who you are up against. Case dismissed.” 

My mind exploded in rage. CURSE THAT DAMNED JUDGE TO HELL. One thought came to my mind….No you fool, you have no idea who YOU are up against. I followed the lawyer who was a few steps ahead me as he treaded outside of the Reidsville Courthouse Annex.  

“You tell your client, this isn’t over. I’m not finished with him.” 

He said nothing but continued on.  He knew it wasn’t over either. He just hoped he was far away from this as possible next time. 

Out today!!!!!

Out today!!!!! My debut novel Daisy Chains!!!!
This is so crazy and …well weird feeling because in honesty I never knew it would actually happen. I’ve been writing since  I was 19 and basically learned as I went from formatting to editing and trying to get it published. Too actually have it out a few weeks before my 22nd birthday where people can read it is really horrifying, like people can review it and judge me now and its both exciting and scary to knew what people will think. But now that is finally out I can’t wait to see what happened next, I have another novel I’m trying to get an agent for now and I can just feel that this is my future, and I hope it’s bright.  

So if you’re trying to get your own book published just knew if I could do it anyone can <3 


After a wild night of partying on the last day of spring break, three seventeen-year-old friends Rose, Lily, and Violet wake up to find their best friend Daisy Young is missing and in the small town of Watkinsville, Georgia in 1975 that’s not normal.

As the days go by, everyone starts to wonder how the girl who spent her days with her head in the clouds and had no enemies could go missing. Rumors start that she ran away; that’s until Rose, Lily, and Violet find bones in a riverbank.

Watkinsville descends into madness as Chief Thompson and the newly instated 21-year-old Officer Mark Hollow look into what had happened that night. But only more questions arise as men from around town start to confess for no reason, all with the same story. So Rose, Lily, and Violet and Officer Hollow take it upon themselves to find the killer.

But little do they know they’re running against the clock and things may not be quite what they seem.

If you think it sounds like a good read here’s the link to it, I’m so happy to have it out in the world.


Ebook Based On Imaginary Events: Collected Flash Fiction eBook: Michael Neal Morris: Kindle Store
Buy Based On Imaginary Events: Collected Flash Fiction: Read Kindle Store Reviews -

I do hope you will take advantage of the low price of the ebook version my new collection of stories. You can find it on Amazon and other places ebooks are sold.

My publisher called the book “F’ing brilliant.” But I’ll let you decide for yourself. I hope when you are finished reading you will rate the book and post your honest thoughts.