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halsizlik için vitaminler

Today the food we get we don't value it and we are wasting it. In that same world some people are protecting that same food till their last breath.

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homemade dumplings are too good and I will absolutely eat ~ 30 of them without missing a beat


ピーピーガーガー(パソ通)時代の懐かしい面子が集まったオフ、「伍魚福」@神戸長田から人気商品の差し入れは社長もメンバーであったことから。持ち込みはとんでもない酒だし、解散は当然のごとく深夜な「バッカス・酒フォーラム」@Nifty-serve 故、酔っ払う前にひと風呂浴びておく
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My first dinner at home since being out of hospital. Shredded Chicken, Peas and Cottage cheese. It was Yum 💪. I know this is not enough, but I was struggling.

I have tried really hard to have a similiar dinner as I would’ve at the hospital and I think this is close enough. It has been hard to eat, so I just watched netflix to keep my mind off things. I am going to have supper soon, maybe have some porridge 🥣.

I kinda miss being at the Ward, mostly the people there. I am feeling more independent now and I don’t know if that is a good thing for recovery. I am going to the day program tomorrow so I still have support from treatment.

Goal: stick to the meal plan at home.

Lost 3 pounds.

Dudes, I’ve lost three pounds and haven’t had a binge in a got minute.

But today I’m had to deal with acid reflux and heart burn all day (don’t know if there is any correlation in the slightest)


- decided to drink more water (I was skimping a little)

- I also try and eat a lot slower to try and prevent indigestion.

- Green tea before bed.

These are my remedies as of right now (simple I know) but hoping they help.