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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Vintage Ceramic Creamer, Realistic Peach Creamer, Wedding, Bridal Luncheon, Tea Party, Farmhouse Chic #

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Vintage Angel Gold Tone Brooch, 1970s Celestial Jewelry by Museum Of Fine Arts- Free Shipping US

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Scenes from our Easter Season Concert, including Youth Choir, Vietnamese Choir and Rwandan Choir. He is Risen!

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. - Romans 10:9

Great nieces and nephew- Lily, Ella, Jack’s Easter creations!

Here begins the farewell of Jesus, in John 14:27. At the end of chapter 14 He ends the conversation, saying, “Come now, let us go!” (Jn 14:31). More, here: Photo from the web.

ふまけーん!!🐿💜💙 2日目はDisneySeaでした︎︎☺︎♡

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What kind of sociopath would eat this?! Tag them 🤣🤣🤣 @issac_eatsalot 🚩🚩 @milkylaneofficial 🚩🚩
ALL Milky Lane stores open ALL weekend and these beauties are only on for a limited time. They may have not fresh hot cross buns but theyve bloody got everything else you may want or need today. Kinder Surprise shots, Lindt Bunny shakes, burgers, fries, cocktails. Keep doin what you do guys. It makes people happy 👌🐰
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DIY/DTM: Easter

Made my good catholic family get together on Easter so I could practice being a soccer mom. 

1. Bunny Fruit: pretty straight forward just cut up some fruit and make it look like a bunny or any other easter animal your heart desires.

2. Carrot Napkins: Bought green plastic ware and orange napkins from a party store. Fold it in a cone-ish shape. Tie with yarn, twine, ribbon etc.

3. DTM: Deviled Egg Chicks

4. DTM: Flower Lemon Tarts


Goofy and Usapiyo by EatThisLight
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Tip-Top Easter


Mickey Mouse by EatThisLight
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Tip-Top Easter


20190405 WDW GF Easter Eggs-46.jpg by Rebecca Ashley

Damn you, Cole

Requested by: @saidster

Word count: 547

Warnings: fluff, vaping, a couple swear words, teasing.

Info: it’s easter! You, Colby and the roommates went bowling and Colby is of course being cute and vaping while you sit on his lap.

You just wake up, you groaned and grabbed your phone, the light burning your eyes a bit. It was 11 AM. You didn’t feel anyone next to you so you assumed Colby was down stairs. You throw on a pair of Colby’s sweatpants and one of his hoodies. You put your long, and thick hair into a messy, but kind of cute bun.

You walk downstairs and you see everyone is hanging out, Devyn and Corey were making breakfast. You were confused to why everyone was so active at this time. Usually everyone would be asleep or about to record a prank war video. You came into the realization that it was Easter. You smiled at Colby that was sitting on the couch, vaping. You walk over to him and kiss him on the head. He giggled, the smoke going through his mouth and nose. He sat you on his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Happy Easter!” Colby smiled, kissing your cheek multiple times. You giggled and kissed him back.

“Happy Easter, cutie.” You smiled, everyone else just doing their own thing while you, colby and jake shared the vape pen.

When you all finished breakfast you guys get dressed and decide to go bowling. You weren’t great at it, but you still tried.

You, Devyn, Tara, and Katrina were sitting down while the boys were doing a skit for Jake’s video. Colby kept looking back at you, giving you little smirks as he made strikes. You rolled your eyes and continued talking with the girls. About 5 minutes later you felt somebody behind you, it made you jump a lot until you realize it’s just Colby, he kisses your cheek softly and sits next to you.

“What is Jake even doing?” Tara asks while everyone turns to look at Jake who was standing in the middle of the lane while Sam tries making a strike. You shook your head and smiled, leaning on Colby. He wrapped an arm around you while you guys just watched everyone play bowl.

The day was pretty long, when you got home you went upstairs. You take off your clothes and grab and towel, running into the bathroom before anyone can see you. You hop in the shower, the warm water pressing against your skin. It was relaxing. You heard the door open, but you knew you were okay, being that the door was closed. Sam and Colby’s bathrooms were weird. Instead of it just being one room it was two. One for just the sinks and the toilets and the other for the shower. You continue to wash yourself off until you heard clothes dropping to the floor. You assumed it was Colby coming to join you, and you were right.

Colby walked in and held onto your wet and smooth waist. He kissed your neck softly and you just ignored the feeling and scrubbed your body. He took the Loofah and scrubbed you softly. Damn,, he was trying to get you in his pants. But this wasn’t the time to mess around. You take the scrub and start washing him down until you guys end up messing around and splashing one another with water.

“Colby!” You shout as he giggled spraying water at you.

“Damn you, Cole.” you pout.

Fanart for Peachmilky, I really can’t stop loving her cosplay and how amazing of a person she is ❤️❤️❤️ illustration is reference to one of her Miku cosplay photos ❤️

Also if any one is interested, commissions are currently open❤️


Pluto by Banana Man is my Spirit Animal