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We welcome expressions of interest in an earth observation / remote sensing analyst role to be based in Wexford, Ireland. Email and include as many spatial acronyms as you can muster...

For comparison, here's a quick snip of Copper Basin from a few days ago as seen by Sentinel 2 satellite. 46 years on the scars are still there but there's also been a lot of recovery.

Optics and radar for flood mapping over Beira 🇲🇿 Mozambique with sentinel 1 and 2. .. Thanks for tips on mapping with sentinel 3..

is responsible for the world's first fully automated long-haul train - designed by and currently running in Australia 🚄🛰️

PlanetObserver announces partnership with Airbus Defence & Space to distribute their Very High Resolution and data in Europe

How to choose the appropriate wavelengths and spatial resolution to make the most out of for your project. Alessandro Ferretti explains this in his article on Linkedin:

Discover project, uncovering the potential of & to address environmental challenges, tested on: - urban landscape dynamics in 🇦🇹🇫🇷🇩🇪 - agricultural land use in 🇷🇸 - forests monitoring in 🇪🇸 👉🏼

Discover Jeremiah Pate's testimonial from Mission 2! Founder of , the first earth observation company using satellites to collect data on valuable underground resources 🌍

From access to insurance for small scale farmers to drought and flood mitigation, data has an important role to play. Check out this list of projects using EO to improve people's resilience to .

Our kick-start opportunity opens on the 9th April 💰 Make sure you apply if your business can use to protect miners and the environment during the process 🛰️

🔴 New blog post: "Sentinel-3 data Visualization in EO Browser using a Custom Script", using scripts to get natural color (and other) visualizations of -3🛰️ data. ➡️

Sentinel-3 data Visualization in EO Browser using a Custom Script by Pierre Markuse

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This is what the world looked like on average in 2018 (per-pixel average colour based on daily satellite images). There are many areas that don't see too many clouds throughout the year. Source

Funded participation to ESA Business Applications is open to everyone 👐 If you have a project in the works which involves and , then apply for funding and assistance here! 🛰️ 👉

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