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How To Make an Earring Holder/ DIY Jewellery Organiser (Super Easy)


HOOH anyone else remember these art challenges from waaAAY back in the day??? lol i thought this was the perfect opportunity to try doing one again! 

the original is from pixiv here! ♡

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And a mere three months later, and I’m back at the ENT again with another ear infection. I think this is the longest I’ve gone (since this ear nonsense started almost a year and a half ago) without an ear infection (not counting earaches/possible ear infection that cleared up on their own). Just the left ear this time, and now I have some oral antibiotics and a follow-up appointment to get an audiogram. Apparently, there was a lot of fluid, so he wants to make sure there was no hearing damage. Which there wasn’t last time and I said my hearing was fine, but sure, let’s check it out. I have nothing better to do on a Friday towards the end of the semester.  He asked me the usual about my allergy meds (taking them), but this time, for the first time, he also brought up getting tubes to help. And considering the number of ear infections I’m getting, it’s a valid proposition. But, it’s just such a weird thing considering that’s something you usually think about toddlers getting and I’m nineteen. 

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ɥʎbǝɹıou ɟuɔʞıuƃ suɔʞs.

   would u kindly get the fuck out please ?