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Learn Earned Value Management Learn Earned Value Management # #

Project Management General ... -Duration --Complete -Cost-Ratio-BCR -At-Completion -Variance-CV -Value-Management-EVM -Value -Float -Rate-Of-Return -And-Lags -Present-Value-NPV

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whose name we know because they are those young and who believe their of being given everything by others who’ve deservingly IT!

I'm almost 54. I've been training since age 10. Someone asked me if my profile pic was me & my BACK? Why would I put on someone elses BACK pic after this BACK has had 19 serious lower BACK injuries/2 separated SI joints? ALL ME! 😊

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2009 I’m New York City 🌃 with a friend and a fantastic trainer Dicky Jasiewicz,thank you for the last 10 weeks brother he helped change my training program for the better as I hit a plateau,I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in weighing 108 kg and 10% body fat ;-)

Our conference home opener, tomorrow at 3pm! You won't want to miss it!

Congratulations to Team Tennant for being crowned champions of the 3rd annual Tiger Challenge

TIGER CHALLENGE DAY 4. Great ending to a solid week of competition from the guys. Team Schley came out strong and won the first event of the day, but team Tennant came storming back in our second event to force the tie breaker. And the tie breaker did not disappoint..

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Opening up ECC play tonight! 7pm Tip in Victory Hall at Mercy College! If you cannot make the game, be sure to steam the game live!

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💥💪💪💪💥I have had an injured shoulder for a long time. Ever since I started using the @crossoversymmetry My Shoulder has been feeling better. I’m back to lifting heavy and working out hard. It’s not a 100% but @crossoversymmetry has definitely helped. I Warm up and end my workout with the cross symmetry!💢👊💢 #ruckdog #inspiration #motivation #crossfitplatoon #trainwithruck #thepitprogram

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It’s the little things that make the biggest difference with Crossover Symmetry.
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If it’s inside our control, we’re going to focus on it with a level of detail bordering on obsession. Crossover Symmetry is part of our daily warm-up protocol. Small things are big things.
@crossoversymmetry #CompTrain #Earned

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