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You can get a shot from your primary care doctor. Many other places offer flu shots too, like your local pharmacy, health fairs or your local Florida Blue Center.

Because of letterpress printing, it became possible for to be printed on plastic, metal, wood, and other materials. Die-cut and custom options were also introduced, prompting people to be more creative with their designs.

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the VisArea component can help narrow down visibility and culling in a scene? Helpful for managing indoor areas and overdraws β€”

became more advanced and stylish in the 1700s. And corporate engraving became standard production style.

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Business cards started in China in the 15th century and were called Meishi or "visiting cards".

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Well that the planet spent billions of years without the famous rings? Check it out:

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UK is the biggest exporter of ? Daniel Szor CEO of ⁦⁦⁩ did! Great to meet Dan in with their local agent ⁦⁩. Good luck with the fair tonight.

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Hi betp what is up in DYKU (do you know universe)??

lmao omg

it’s november so derek does a lot of cussing while he finds shredded leaves in pockets while he tries to do laundry. he never did laundry growing up and is perplexed daily that he ended up with this responsibility. (it’s because he can carry things and not get tired.)

ik it’d be like quirky and funny if they were stiles’ pockets but they’re not, he’s not into leaves. he does accidentally wash money and his lip balm a lot though.

samuel interrupts a lot. zdzisia enjoys watching infomercials. vernon is very loudly learning to tie his shoes.

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I wanna know more about the Boyds in DYK! Are Boyd and Monica married? What's Monica like? What kind of parents are they? What's Verny like at home? I have to know!!!


they aren’t married and it’s not because they don’t want to be or don’t plan to be, it’s just because they haven’t gotten around to it? they hadn’t even been talking about it when she got pregnant, but they had been living together and are in a committed relationship. so they’ve talk about it a bit but they’re more focused on vern rn.

monica is latina and she loves to goof around. she loves to wear hoops earrings and light wash jeans. she looks great in burgundy lipstick and she smells good. she makes boyd laugh, which is rare for him. she values respect, goodnaturedness, and honesty. she has two sisters: melissa, who she thinks is a blowhard, and denise, who is her best friend. melissa is a high school counselor. denise dates a lot and has a lot of unsolicited advice.

monica encourages blunt sharing. if vern doesn’t want to hug somebody he will tell them so. if he hates green beans and it’s being served, he will kindly inform the host that he will not be partaking. boyd thinks it’s rude and half the time vern uses this to lie (“i didn’t do that. thanks”) but monica is firmly in support of being “open.”

she loves her kid so much it hurts.

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It's been so long since I've asked for some sammy and verny goodness. Pls my queen!!! Gimme some

every once in a while stiles switches up the pictures in derek’s office. he recently replaced the “joy” picture with one of all three of the offspring sitting outside with some toy cars on a vividly hot summer day, all with their faces scrunched miserably against the sun.

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Hay Betp how are you? What's everyone up to in DYK?

ok! perpetually constipated, both in terms of creative output and in literal digestive health. i have a stomachache. i cant afford anything.

it’s raining and stiles is at work. he has a migraine that’s making lights hurt and he hasn’t told anyone because derek’s gonna wig out again and jenna’s gonna make him eat another bran muffin. he has the lights off in the store.

back at home, everybody under four feet tall is cussing a whole lot and derek’s ignoring it. it’s microwaved mac and cheese with slices of hot dog mixed in for dinner tonight, woo hoo, living the high life.

lydia has a zit and she has moved her saturday skin routine to today.

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Will you please tel me more about middle school Sammy and Verny?

vern’s sort of a taciturn kid, stoical. he’s impatient, but you wouldn’t know it because it doesn’t show on his face. he regards everything with a sort of mildly judgmental curiosity. most of his classmates like him.

he also does a lot, he’s in a lot of extracurriculars. he plays soccer and he’s in theater. he’s got a real nice voice, even if his tone is just average.

sam likes to draw. he falls asleep in class sometimes.

they’re a grade apart, but they’re in the same spanish class because sam pretends not to speak spanish already. he figured it would be an easy a, and he’s right. (vern understands it, but he’s not great speaking it.)

they go to all of zdzisia’s basketball games, which means she has to come to vern’s soccer games, and she would go to things of sam’s if he ever did anything. you didn’t ask, but she’s pretty popular.

after school sometimes one of their parents picks them up, sometimes they walk home. sam and vern don’t have to speak, a lot of the time.

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i kind of want to know the boat scooper story

“Oh!” said Leeshlee. She had just seen Chevrolet fall off the boat.

Chevrolet didn’t fall off the boat plaintively enough so he did it again. The splash was extremely loud. “No!” yelled Chevrolet. He was in the water. “I can’t swim!”

“You can’t swim!” Leeshlee yelled.

“Help! Swimming is hard for lots of people,” Chevrolet explained. Only no, that’s not what Chevrolet said. That’s just the truth. All Chevrolet said was “Help!” and then he made a glubglubglub noise because he was in the water.

“Hahahaha!” laughed the guy that pushed him. “Now you’re in the water! You can’t get out because the boat is huge!

“Not so fast!” Leeshlee’s ears blew heroically in the wind because she was a puppy dog. “Just hold on!” she hollered. She triumphantly lifted the big scooper.

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Could we get a dyk update but from Sammy's pov?

there would be music playing in the background, he would primarily see people’s thighs and down, there would be a lot of blurry things, and he would constantly be fixing things.

he fixes a lot of things and no one notices which is totally fine. he’s like the elves from the shoe store who secretly have boots at night. you don’t know the remote is in a better place or that all the things in the cupboard under the sink are pushed all the way to the side to make room for the pipes but that doesn’t diminish the fact that the house is better for it. he is the silent fixer.

he’s just figured out how to construct plots when he plays so the same plot of somebody falling out of a boat into the water and then getting scooped out by a big scooper happens regularly. the boat is going There.

adults sit a lot. what’s their deal?

so there he is, experiencing adults’ knees, scooching under the guest room bed, scooping the boat guy, listening to the music in his head. that’s it. that’s the story.

Don’t Starve is my most favorite Indie Video game. It’s not Undertale for all you newcomers to my blog.

I don’t tend to come up crossovers for Don’t Starve, but solely for it’s unique art style alone. It’s why you don’t really see any Don’t Starve crossovers here.