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Sora Choi - New York Fashion Week / streetstyle

and in other news im finally gonna say it

for whatever pieces of tlj i did manage to genuinely enjoy and as interesting as i think it is, the rey and kylo stuff honestly bored me a lot of the time. and it was a shame. because while i do think finn is a much clearer narrative foil and counterpoint to kylo ren, i still went from tfa to tlj thinking there was a lot of interesting stuff that could still happen with a focus shifted to kylo and rey

and some of that got executed nicely and the rest of their scenes just. bored me. didn’t quite nail it or see it through in a way i personally found satisfying. those two don’t have as much in common as tlj tried to pretend and it made a bad bet trying to lean into that vs their stark differences imo

meanwhile even when they dont so much as cross paths, finn and kylo wound up furthering their foil/counterpart status even more strongly?? 

  • they both spent the movie internally conflicted with metaphorical angels and devils on their shoulders over which side of the war they were really on. 
  • they confronted and killed their abusers/former masters (i don’t buy into that ~oh kylo was manipulated from the womb~ bs but i do believe snoke in the real canon content was manipulative of him in a big way, as siths do). 
  • they made their choices. they came out fully cemented and entrenched in the roles they chose and the causes they committed to. by the very nature of the conception of their characters, they’re diametrically opposed even when a 2.5 hour movie doesn’t see them interacting in any capacity.

and tbh i’d like to see episode ix get into finn and kylo more. tfa established that kylo had some legit beef with finn personally. it had good setup. i don’t really… care… about seeing more of rey vs kylo. been there done that. she would have killed him in tfa if the ground hadn’t split. she spent a whole movie trying to relate to him and give him a redemption he didn’t want. idk what else there is to bother with. finn is the male lead and there’s a ton left unexplored about him. 

pyreflyes  asked:

The new BO4 Zombies cinematic trailer was released featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s new song “Mad Hatter”, and oh boy, this trailer has a lot to see, from new weapons and zombie types, to seeing Gobblegums returning as elixirs. I know that Zombies is going to be huge this time around.

Not a huge fan of the song, but goddamn does the gameplay look on-point. I’m still most excited about the Blackout BR mode, though, having seen the beta gameplay so far. It’s almost enough for me to get past the disappointment of not having a proper single-player campaign this time round.

Look, I know I’ve seen them a million times, and I know I have all 8 movies on dvd, but I’m not gonna ever stop bringing up the fact that my sister made me leave the theater during the special 8-film Harry Potter marathon they did for the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 so I could go over to Sam’s Club across the street and get cinnamon pretzels for us to eat which caused me to miss the opening to Half-blood Prince where they destroy the bridge and kidnap Ollivander

thrandy  enjoys  the  moments  immensely  when  he  can  be  dad  minus  the  crown