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📷 Tom Hardy, , Hoyte van Hoytema and Christopher Nolan photographed by Melinda Sue Gordon on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ (2017).

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📷 Tom Hardy’s selfie as Farrier on the set of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ (2017). It was his first Instagram post.

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🎞️ Tom Hardy’s collaborations with Christopher Nolan: • Eames in ‘Inception’ (2010) • Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012) • Farrier in ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

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Watched 2x within 24 hrs & the ending just destroys me: Farrier's lone Spitfire cruising in the air, the soldiers on the beach cheering, Farrier landing the plane perfectly just to be captured by the Nazis with 's Variation 15 playing the entire time 😭

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  • Farrier: Did you do it?
  • Collins: Something goes wrong and you immediately blame me. After all these years, where’s the trust?
  • Farrier: ...
  • Collins: Yes, I did it.

Y'all remember this scene

It looks so aesthetically pleasing but still painful bc it’s a spit and she’s on fire. But like it’s just so fucking powerful, like you see him setting the plane on fire because he had no choice, then just standing there completely surrendering to fate while his beloved plane burns to ashes right in front of his eyes just like his hopes of getting back home alive.

There’s not as single dialogue from anyone in the scene except for Tommy reading the speech in the background but these pictures are just so loud

a life so changed 1/?

pairing: collins/farrier
fandom: dunkirk
word count: 6, 000w

The year is 1938 and the outbreak of war is far on the horizon. Young Finlay Collins wanders Edinburgh in search of solitude to mend his ever breaking heart. But what he finds instead is a relationship so compelling it may alter his life forever.

read on ao3

John Mulaney Out of Context: Dunkirk Edition

Shivering Soldier

Mr. Dawson








Commander Bolton

Colonel Winnant

“Collins,” he says, a little strangled. “I feel bad about how we ended things last night.”

“I stand by why I said.”

“I don’t. It was … unfair of me to assume those things about you.”

“It’s fine,” says Collins.

“It’s fine?” Farrier doesn’t believe him for one moment. He can feel them reverting back to whatever they were before last night, both with tall, towering castles built, with walls so high they disappear into the clouds. What lies beyond them, what could be born beyond the clouds, where the walls fade away and the world can no longer see?

chapter 4 is up !!!! click HERE to read it, or click HERE to start at the beginning !!!!

So peeps

I finished Queer Eye

I’m saddened

I’m also working on my last ask which also makes me sad


With every end a new beginning comes

So please (please please with sugar on top) send in request!

My rules are in my bio if ya want to look at them (idk how to do the link from my phone)

But if not enjoy this gif

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Random writing post


Me finally writing my first newsies imagine: it’s gonna be crap

Post it got 2 likes, yep knew it


Post newsies imagine: 4 to 28 likes/reblogs

Me: That’s good


Me: I wish I could write for the Dunkirk


Me: yes! Finally writing my first Dunkirk imagine that was requested, it’s so great!

Post likes

Me: well that’s what you get for getting carried away in your writing…best stick to HCs

Sorry it’s 1:17 and I’m just waiting for the sleep medication to kick in… but yea saw Crazy Rich Asians tonight. It was good

Request are open….