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Hoping 🎭 had a high 🚁 flying day on his 🎂. 📅. 🎥 🎬 😆

📷 Tom Hardy, , Hoyte van Hoytema and Christopher Nolan photographed by Melinda Sue Gordon on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ (2017).

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📷 Tom Hardy’s selfie as Farrier on the set of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ (2017). It was his first Instagram post.

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🎞️ Tom Hardy’s collaborations with Christopher Nolan: • Eames in ‘Inception’ (2010) • Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012) • Farrier in ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

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Sometimes you do not add tobacco, let's also draw Faria who smiled....

Watched 2x within 24 hrs & the ending just destroys me: Farrier's lone Spitfire cruising in the air, the soldiers on the beach cheering, Farrier landing the plane perfectly just to be captured by the Nazis with 's Variation 15 playing the entire time 😭

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I am grateful to Mr,Nolan, Collins and Farrier, Mr,Jack and Mr,Tom‼︎‼︎‼︎

I always think. I feel that it was better not to paint the color.

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tag dump !

Yeah so the characters as high school students because I have no life and I’m procrastinating:

Collins: great at math and physics. Really good at other subjects too. Extremely devoted to the dramatics club, really good at acting, and really popular because of that. He looks like a cinnamon roll, but you definitely do not want to mess w him. Really sassy, comes up with the most epic comebacks on the spot.

Farrier: obsessed with Shakespeare, English is his favourite, along with P.E. very athletic, really popular because he’s in the sports team. Girls (occasionally guys too) swoon over him. Looks like he could kill you, could actually kill you if you pissed him off. Surprisingly soft with his friends.

They’re both straight A students, best friends and really popular for being such an iconic™️ duo and for having the most lit parties ever. Literally, a whole party would be cancelled if one of them failed to show up.

“Platonically: hey babe love ya

Romantically: yo sup bro”

Tommy: he prefers to stay low-key but everyone knows him. Writes indie songs. Has headphones on 24/7 (except when he’s with Gibson). blackout poetry. Doesn’t give two shits about studying, still gets decent grades. Has the voice of an angel. Angst™️ is his aesthetic.

Gibson: he is low-key, loves to read, almost always has a book in hand. Practically lives in the library. Multilingual babe. Teachers love him. History of his favourite. Writes deep, deep poetry. Mostly quiet but will talk to you if you show interest. Also into acting. Him and Collins are good pals.

They’re not really the partying types, but would not say no if invited to one. They still prefer to stay low-key, but if they leave early people definitely notice. They do sing a lot together, sometimes it’s covers, sometimes it’s songs Tommy wrote.

Alex: very, very famous - all for the wrong reasons. He’s a drama queen, honestly, his tendency to spill tea puts Jeffree Star to shame. Somehow knows everything about everyone. Has like a 16gb drive filled with ~explosive~ screenshots. Honestly, FBI who?

George: he’s quiet, but eager to learn. little angel. He has such wonderful manners and he’s very unproblematic. Studies hard bc he wants to make his parents proud. Loves to act. Definitely friends w Gibson and Collins because of that. They hang out a lot.

Peter: such a pure soul, he just wants to help as many people in his life as he can. Helps his classmates with their homework, the only one who makes efforts in group projects, doesn’t mind if others take credit either. Always at top of the class. His parents are really proud of him. Just as unproblematic as George.

They both are best friends, they do a lot of stuff together. They also make playlists for each other,,, stay far away from any drama, but secretly enjoy watching everything unfold a bit. They also own an Instagram meme page that is really popular. No one knows about it at school.

Even though none of them are as problematic as Alex, only Peter and George manage to never get into any drama, even remotely. All of the others somehow manage to get dragged into stuff. Mostly it’s Alex who starts the drama coz he’s the queen but who says your faves can’t be a tad bit problematic.

Sometimes it’s Collins with his quick wit and the lack of intellect most of the school appears to possess, bc most of his sarcasm goes over the dimwit’s heads, leading to some verbal battles, that our fave almost always wins.

Sometimes it’s our boy Farrier, and it’s mostly because of his sport. He hates people who cheat, which surprisingly happens a lot in this particular field, leading to altercations. The coach usually dismisses everything bc he doesn’t give a shit which infuriates him but he can’t really do anything about it.

How do Gibson and Tommy get into this? you ask, Well I don’t know either. But I’m assuming since they’re friends with Alex, he somehow manages to get them in as well. They don’t really do anything much other than watch everything unfold in utter confusion.

  • Shivering Soldier: Why is Collins crying on the floor?
  • Mr. Dawson: He's drunk.
  • Shivering Soldier: And?
  • Mr. Dawson: He saw a picture of Farrier's husband.
  • Shivering Soldier: ...But he's Farrier's husband.
  • Mr. Dawson: I know.
Sound Barrier

SUMMARY: Following the end of the war both Farrier and Collins struggle to reconcile their experiences over the past six years with a world now at peace. But peace looks very different these days. Fallout from the atomic bombs is felt throughout the world and the race to prevent another drop has begun as the Iron Curtain spreads across Europe.

WARNINGS: none Link
AO3 Link


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Dunkirk request!

So I’m on my last request, which is for Newsies, and I just really want to do more Dunkirk ones.

So please feel free to send in HCs or imagines for Dunkirk

Also still feel free to send in Newsies because well they’re nice too (I also write for any of them and any ship pretty much)

*no smuts tho*

*in front of a broken coffee machine*

farrier: who broke it? i’m not mad, i just wanna know.

george: i did. i bro-

farrier: no, no, you didn’t. alex?

alex: don’t look at me. look at tommy.

tommy: what? i didn’t break it.

alex: huh. that’s weird, how’d you even know it was broken?

tommy: because it’s sitting right in front of us… and it’s broken.

alex: suspicious.

tommy: no, it’s not.

george: ok, ok, let’s not fight. i broke it, let me pay for it, farrier.

farrier: no! who broke it?

alex: farrier… gibson has been awfully quiet.

gibson: really?!


farrier [voiceover]: i broke it. it burned my hand, so i punched it. i predict that 10 minutes from now, they’ll be at eachother’s throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.

So peeps

I finished Queer Eye

I’m saddened

I’m also working on my last ask which also makes me sad


With every end a new beginning comes

So please (please please with sugar on top) send in request!

My rules are in my bio if ya want to look at them (idk how to do the link from my phone)

But if not enjoy this gif

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