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Modern Dunkirk: Collins&Farrier - Coffee Shop + Single Parent + Police AU

for @smuggsy 

“Collins,” he says, a little strangled. “I feel bad about how we ended things last night.”

“I stand by why I said.”

“I don’t. It was … unfair of me to assume those things about you.”

“It’s fine,” says Collins.

“It’s fine?” Farrier doesn’t believe him for one moment. He can feel them reverting back to whatever they were before last night, both with tall, towering castles built, with walls so high they disappear into the clouds. What lies beyond them, what could be born beyond the clouds, where the walls fade away and the world can no longer see?

chapter 4 is up !!!! click HERE to read it, or click HERE to start at the beginning !!!!

“Sit, why don’t you?”

“I don’t like you very much, Collins,” Farrier says lamely.

“I don’t care for you, either, but you en’t gonna sit with them, and there en’t another chair open, save this one. So I guess you can keep standing in the doorway like a right bampot, or sit.”

Farrier glares at him outright, for there’s no way he can argue with that. The rivalry between themselves and the Irish outlasts the rivalry between himself and Collins by a handful of centuries. That must account for something, so he sits.

chapter three of beyond the clouds is up !!!! click HERE to read the latest chapter, or click HERE to start at the very beginning ( a very good place to start )

stay with me; {010} everything comes back to you (part 2)

(hey guys! here is part 10 of stay with me! i still have more to write but forced myself to make this a chapter because it was starting to get lengthy, but there will be an epilogue of sorts before it is officially done. after that, i think i’ll be writing one-shots or imagines based off of this fanfic specifically as like headcanons and such, because i’m really invested in this story still lol. i hope you enjoy!)

genre: dunkirk

collins x reader

word count: 2266

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anonymous asked:

Something steamy with Collins or just jack lol. Idk what though. Maybe one night stand and becoming more than that. Also fionn? Please? lol maybe flirting with fionn and slowly but surely making out at the beach or music festival, first date? I’m really bad at request sorry. Also Idk if the requests are for their characters in dunkirk or them as themselves. Thanks! x

So I’m going to do this one for Jack since you requested it (one night stand/becoming more). I do love Fionn, trust me, I’m just into Collins more ATM, but I can definitely do a Fionn fic for you, I’ll just have to do it separately. Once I figure out how to do a masterlist, I’ll have sections where you can access everything and you’ll be able to find the Fionn fic when I write it. Thanks for requesting!

“Jack, are you sure about this?” You ask uncertainly, breathing heavily. This was your third time hooking up after a “one night stand” and you weren’t certain what to think of it.

“‘O course, Y/N, why wouldn’t I be sure?” He responds, a little annoyed that you’re asking in the middle of the act. He stops completely when you face betrays your thoughts.

“You think I’m just messin’ with you?” He looks hurt, and you feel bad for ruining the moment. His face is sweaty and his strawberry blonde mop is all over the place. You just want to reach out and touch the almost ginger beard that’s grown in the past week during the press tour for Dunkirk. He leaves you on the hotel room bed and heads to the bathroom. You shiver, suddenly cold without the warmth that intimacy brings.

He comes back in underwear and a t-shirt, then flops down on the bed next to you, disappointed, but still sweaty.

“Jus’ because I called it a one night stand doesn’t mean I’m using you for sex, Y/N.” He looks at you, blue eyes warm and reassuring and your heart melts at this man that you’ve developed feelings for. “That’s just an easy way to describe it.”

“I know.” You pick at the loose threads on the pillow you’d been laying on, wanting to distract yourself from those eyes. “I just…” You face your fear and make direct eye contact.

“Jack, I have feelings for you and I have ever since I met you,” you blurt. He doesn’t look surprised. In fact, he looks happy.

“Y/N. I’d never use someone as beautiful and talented as you as a toy for sex, especially since I have feelings for you too.” He’s just too good at this point and you kiss him roughly, thanking the heavens for such a wonderful man. “

“I ‘preciate the honesty and all, but why don’t we just get back to what we were doing?”

stay with me; {006} things we lost

(the title of this chapter is inspired by things we lost in the fire by bastille like listen to that song its v good and bastille in general is amazing. and it’s kind of a play on words. sorry it’s a bit angsty ???? ahead…. yikes. thank u for being patient for this chapter; things are still p busy with me but i promise to keep this fic going until the end. enjoy lovelies~)

genre: dunkirk

collins x reader

word count: 1622

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Calling all Dunkirk fic writers!

I’m considering writing a series that follows Farrier after the events of Dunkirk’s main storyline and I am looking for some assistance in doing so. My greatest need is for people who can help me do research, as I will soon have a lot less time on my hands to do so and I can’t find every little detail I need all by my onesie, but I could also consider anyone who would like to beta read, edit, or maybe even co-write with me. 

Anyone interested can shoot me a message or ask here or swing by my ao3 account at Sandnose (I know most/almost all of those stories are dead, but I’ve been in a bit of a rut as of late). Thanks so much!