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Product Managers! Register for the Design Thinking Workshop during to develop a more systematic and human-centered thought process. The course will provide an interactive exposure to including applications to product management.

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haha new poll ...... hmmmm did I see any ms-31 in Mexico when I was there with my Spanish girlfriend Chi⬇️ ...... I don't have to tell 😈

The children loved making their monster sandwiches today that they had designed and written instructions for earlier in the week. Fascinating to see who can use their initiative and who knows how to cut carefully and butter bread.

Check out our brand new D&T topic on torches! You can make them out of easy-to-find materials! -

Honoured to be a partner of choice for at the '5G Ecosystem Summit', held in Berlin on the 3rd of July. Being selected by does not only validate our technology but proves the trust of leading Telco providers in our unique platform! Stay tuned

Le métier de chargé d'affaires c'est aussi de rencontrer de belles personnes célèbres! merci pour ta simplicité et ton sourire.

It's been a busy few days for DT. Met all our year 6 pupils, soon to be our year 7s having a go at Textiles, Food or DT. We also attended our first F24 race where the girls were amazing!

En el Pacífico Oriental, La -E podría convertirse en alejándose de costas nacionales. En el no se espera la formación de ciclones tropicales en las próximas 48 hrs.

En el Pacífico Oriental, La -E podría convertirse en alejándose de costas nacionales. En el no se espera la formación de ciclones tropicales en las próximas 48 hrs.

A fantastic turn out from 1S parents,to help their children make moon buggies.Thank you! 😀

are working incredibly hard to make various things for our seaside resort including fairground rides, lighthouses and lifeboats. Our criteria is that our product must have a moving part 🎡🎢🎠🛥

Gallery Deluxe Amplifier - These projects are by students at Meole Brace School Science College use our Deluxe Amplifier Kit.

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“Herhal ilerdedir yaşanacak günlerin en güzelleri. ”

Nazım Hikmet

Unsent text #2 continued

Remember that one Saturday at Chipotle, I was getting upset and said you wouldn’t talk to me after that day? You didn’t necessarily stop talking to me after that day, but you did eventually stop talking to me. You had said you wouldn’t ghost anyone because you know how it feels. Do you really? Then why are you doing this to me? Did you really wanted to see me happy? Or everything you said was BS? I wasn’t going to find or try to find anybody in Mexico or once I get back to the US. I would have told you if I stopped having feelings for you, so if that was the problem just know that I would have told you because the last thing I would want to do is to hurt you. I’ve thought about what to do for days. Address it with you now or wait to see if you text me within these three months or wait and see what happens once I get back, but again you wouldn’t do something like this with someone you are in a relationship with, so i don’t know. I’m pretty lost and confused on why this is happening. Maybe when you joked about getting the app again, you actually did and maybe found someone better and someone close to you. If that’s the case, I would be happy seeing you happy. I gave you my heart and i’m guessing it was a mistake. Sucks to hear things, go to places and be reminded of you. Sucks that some of my country songs you sang to me on my birthday that one night and now everytime I think of it brings back good memories, but makes me sad that those moments won’t happen again. I so wish what I had predicted wasn’t true (you ghosting me after I leave the US for the summer), but I had faith in us and I trusted you. This is all my fault for believing in us. I wish you nothing more than the best. Take care Derrik. I’ll be here if you ever need someone to talk with. I’m glad you are here. Please do me a favor and please don’t do this to another girl because it hurts. A lot.

Unsent text #2

My one last text and I hope you reply to this. Last night I dreamed that you replied back and we were all good, you might think i’m crazy, but I did actually think you and I would work out. I was just a fool for believing in us, for having faith the way you had faith the day we first met each other in person. Thank you for your time and love (hopefully it was real while it lasted). I just want you to know that what I felt for you, I had not felt for anybody before. I genuinely care for you and was looking forward to see what the future had in store for us. I was willing to work through the distance and everything, but no relationships work out when they are one sided. I didn’t imagine to be breaking up over text or even going through it with you and this soon into our relationship, but as you are ghosting me and promised you wouldn’t, I think i’m the one who needs to bring it up because you aren’t so far and I feel like the more I wait, the more pain I’ll go through. I wanted to FaceTime you, so I could hear and you see one last time and when talking about this is better in person, but I don’t think you want anything to do with me. I knew that distance was hard, but I also thought you would be able to work it out with me. I miss you. I miss holding your hand, hugging you, putting my head on your shoulder, have your head on my shoulder, kissing you. I just miss being with you. I miss talking to you overall. I wasn’t asking for much other than for you to communicate with me, but I think that was too hard as well. I trusted you, but you were right “DON’T GET WITH A MARINE”. The day you stopped talking to me, I was talking to my mom about you. And that’s something I would not have done if I didn’t see you were worth it enough just yet for my parents to know. I bragged about you to my friends because I was happy that I had just found someone who cared, loved and accepted me the way I am. I didn’t want anything from you other than your love (maybe kisses, hugs, hoodies and company), but I didn’t want you for your money or just to be able to get US. Citizens papers(something that you didn’t want someone to want you for and I didn’t want you for that). I like you for you and love you for you. I care about you. I was looking forward to going that picnic we talked about when we first talked, eating waffles with eggs and bacon. You sipping on come coffee and me sipping on some tea. I was looking forward to getting you back some vanilla extract and scoring some more brownie points with your parents. What happened to our other plans? Going to japan in three years and Mexico in four? Adopting kids from here and there and having three of our own? And they would play soccer remember? What happened to you counting the days till we see each other again? I was looking forward to giving you that long kiss and that long hug after not have seeing you for months. I don’t know where I went wrong, but there are two things i’m thinking that got you mad or distant. 1- you hate it when people boss you around and last time we FaceTimed, I told you to wash your sheets and it was because I know you and I take a long time talking, so I wanted you to do laundry while we talked, so you could also have had them ready before bed, considering how tired you get after work. 2- I asked if I could pull off wearing your USMC hoodie. You said maybe not and I had said I would give it back once I get back. You really think I would give it back? I might have to now, if you want it back. I sleep with it everyday like a little kid sleeps with a teddy bear just so I can feel you closer to me. I just want to say thank you for the things you did for me, borrowing cars and driving 45 minutes to come see me, paying for an Uber to come see me, losing sleep to talk to me and many more things. It feels like as the cologne on your hoodie faded away, your love faded away with it. The last thing I wanted to do was break up with you because I wanted to have tried our best before splitting apart. I fear getting close to people because they leave.


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girls let’s bring this back again