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Amy North of Grace Academy Darlaston sent us these great completed projects from her year 9 pupils. They used our really bright 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit. It's good to see a variety of materials being used.

Con la renuncia de Walter , luego del empate con , es tremendo el promedio de dimisión de entrenadores en el : casi uno por fecha (17 en 19 fechas). La semana pasada fue en , ahora Gastón Coyete en 💥💣

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bob-belcher: Some Like It Hot (1959) dir. Billy Wilder rabolas

"A book is a loaded gun in the house next door… Who knows who might be the target of the well-read..." rabolas

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tested something out~

justatrashcanhere  asked:

Heyo friendo! Idk if this technically breaks the character limit or not, but who do you think would make the top three for possessiveness?

Sorry, I didn’t answer this until now Tumblr is not giving me notifications. But my limit is 3.


🌙Keith, would be number one on my list. He’d be afraid of you leaving him like others have. He’s need for you is strong don’t leave him okay.

🌙Nightmare might not seem like it, but this bad guy is very possessive of what’s his. He’ll keep you locked up in his castle, where he can keep a close eye on you.

🌙Jasper the big buff Cheeto puff is more possessive than obsessive. This gem is possessive of her human her small, weak human. Jasper doesn’t know where this came from but she likes it.


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Things I’ve said or heard in IB as Raven cycle characters

Ronan: “Mobile phones are terrifying, you get sucked into social media and then the planned obsolescence kicks in and your baby dies and then when you throw is out it kills the environment like no thanks catch me living in a yurt and staring at my cows in 5 years”

Blue: “This class (geography) is stressing me out so much every time I pick up something my brain just goes ‘Plastic!’ and I'm shocked into another week-long panic attack about climate change I think I’m just going to have to go zero waste”

Adam: “why the fuck is everything so expensive I’m just trying to get through school and evERYTHING COSTS SO MUCH MONEY FUCK CAPITALISM”


Adam: “Yeah I got accepted into that uni but they gave me international fee status rather than home fees so we don’t stan them anymore. St Andrews who?”

Teacher (who is really chill so you can fight him and he doesn’t get mad): “You should always do what you love”

Blue: “Listen the frick frack up mister I would love more than anything in the world to parade through the Amazon just learning shit about local culture and documenting plants and being one with the trees and shit but the world is a caPITALIST SYSTEM and I’m FUCKING POOR so just because you come from old money and have artist parents doesn’t MEAN THAT EVERYONE ELSE CAN JUST LIVE THEIR DREAMS like I actually want my children to be able to go to college so I’VE GOTTA GO TO UNI” *deep breath* 

Gansey @ Adam ranting about international fees: *brightly* “You got into your dream college and you think I’m just going to let you not go to it because you can’t pay! I’ll pay for you!!”

Adam: *blank face & glaring a little bit* “you have no understanding of the concept of money do you”


Noah: *wearing calf-length hand-knitted tie-dye socks and weed green vans with gypsy pants and a polo shirt* “I think I just invented fashion!”

Henry: “Why do you look like a stoner that doesn’t actually smoke weed”


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