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It is suggested there can be health benefits for those participating in . Read the latest research in the Public Health and Alcohol collection.

Andy is sharing his story by keeping a weekly video diary. “How’s he doing so far?” I hear you ask. Find out for yourself by watching his updates here:

“Pie January” – Where you try to replace the beer you’re not getting in ” by eating as many steak and ale pies as humanly possible

Congrats to everyone who’s made it more than halfway through . Don't let this CAPE MENTELLE WALLCLIFFE SAUVIGNON BLANC SEMILLON 2015 tempt you ..

has become a phenomenon on social media, but the benefits can extend beyond the month. One survey shows that 71% of participants realized they do not need a drink to have a good time, and 67% said they had more energy ➡️ via

Met a new friend at the bar tonight and ordered a ginger beer. Not as good as the real thing, but I'm sticking to dry January. Only 16 more days.

Ohh I'll certainly raise my glass (and retweet) to that! As a non alcohol drinker it's always lovely to find sophisticated ways to enjoy a cocktail! 😊🍸

Gunna be realllll interesting flying sober this weekend .

Your past should not define you, destroy you, deter you, or defeat you. It should only strengthen you! TRANSFORMATION TRAINING TUESDAY IN EFFECT: BBD EAGLES FLY HIGH AT EAGLE ACADEMY (Linden and Merrick Blvd) from 8:15pm-10pm! Let’s L.I.F.E.

Reassuring words at EU Presidency concert from , MOD minister Earl Howe & - diplomacy continues after MPs vote down deal. officially cancelled as diplomats have a drink & process the fallout!

A Mocktail Mule for 2 parts ⁦⁩ Moscow Mule mix. 1 part Club Soda. Squeeze in a lime wedge. Float ⁩ Ginger Beer.

Participating in a ? This is from to check out's wide array of non-alcoholic exilirs. 📸 —

Is the flu 💉shot or nasal spray better? Have you considered the health benefits of a 🍸”Dry January” 🍾 ? Watch: for the full story. Video courtesy of

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#ORedKitchen #Homemade #Chocolate #IceCream #DryJanuary (at O Red Studios)

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Wasn’t going to post this because I look like twat and also have vpl. But I guess I am a twat in real life and also wear pants in real life so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you told me 6 months ago I’d be training core weekly, I’d probably punch you in the face. I wouldn’t say I now look forward to it, but I am at least at peace with it. I struggled so much with these TRX exercises when I started doing them 6 months ago, but I feel a bit better about them now!
After my core workout I did some chest work and a burnout on the chest press. I felt like I could have stayed longer and done more but after an hour and half, I decided to call it a day. #dryjanuary is working a treat for my workouts!
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Not sure where the fire came from 🔥#dryjanuary

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First Dry Weekend! Day 7

So, I never thought I’d be saying this. I’ve done my first completely dry, alcohol free weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend were I didn’t drink any alcohol at all. I thought it would be tough, but you know what, it was pretty easy! Still waiting to feel all these benefits though from stopping drinking, maybe they come in time or maybe I currently am feeling the benefits but haven’t realised yet? I am currently unwell so that could be masking them…

Once tonight is done that will be 7 days alcohol free. Now that’s also another thing I never thought I would say. I am pretty proud of myself! I’ve proved to myself I don’t need a drink to survive the weekend, so hopefully that means the rest of the month should be okay. Although it was back to work today, let’s hope I can find a way to deal with any work stress that doesn’t involve popping open a bottle of wine this month…

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Day Two

So, day two has been okay. Although the fact we have family round tonight and everyone is having a glass or two of red is certainly testing!

Luckily for me, I bought myself some alcohol free red wine (glorified Ribena) but it feels like I am joining in a little having it in a wine glass!

Woke up much earlier today (nice early alarm set for the foreseeable), still felt tired and didn’t sleep well last night but I forced myself up and after a shower and coffee I felt much better!

Hoping getting up earlier in the mornings means I will start to sleep a bit better, and earlier at night as last night was a little struggle to sleep. But as I am off to bed, I can say that day 2 is done! Yippee!