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Take a laundry load off, Call Express Cleaning Solutions.

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A wedding dress is a tremendous investment. Protect it and cherish your wedding dress for years to come with our wedding gown cleaning & preservation services!

Utilize Sanitone’s wetcleaning products to care for today’s fine washables such as silk, beaded, and other delicate garments. Tell your clients you offer this specialized care.

Permita a limpeza segura e impecável de artigos como blazers, fatos e vestidos clássicos 🎩 about a solution where everyone wins? Drop off your laundry to one of our 6 metro locations or schedule a free pickup/delivery via: It’s that easy!

Quit coming home to a second job! 😵 Allow US to take care of the laundry! 🙂 From washing and folding to dry cleaning and alterations, you can take time for more important things! 😊

The number one rule in making your clothes last, isn’t to let stains set. . If you notice a stain, use a stain removal wipe to get rid of the stain and take it to the drycleaners to thoroughly get rid of. .

As the weekend is approaching - trust London’s Leading Laundry And Dry Cleaning Service to Collect, Clean & Deliver ✅

Don't be left losing sleep over laundry. With our bedding and duvet services, we make easy work of keeping your cottons clean and comfy for a good night's sleep. Call us on 0114 231 3499 to have our team do the dirty work, all with collection and delivery.

If there’s a festival in your calendar, it’s time to pack a capsule wardrobe that’s practical, fashionable & sparkling with boho chic. Here what to wear to a festival -> . .

eLaundry is Mumbai's most trusted sofa cleaning service. Android App - Or Call / WhatsApp on - 9137466208

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Απαραίτητο για τη χειμερινή μας διακόσμηση είναι το βελούδινο τραπεζομάντηλο, το οποίο δίνει χρώμα και κομψότητα στο χώρο!
Απαραίτητο βέβαια και για τη διατήρηση του είναι ο καθαρισμός στα Καθαριστήρια ΦΟΥΡΑΚΗΣ!
#drycleaning #professional_services #drycleaning_Fourakis #τραπεζομάντηλο #βελουδω #Καθαριστήρια_φουράκης (στην τοποθεσία Καθαριστήρια Φουράκης)

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An unexpected reward

Today, a customer asked me to press his shirt for same day pick-up. I just wanted to help him. There wasn’t a lot of time, but he seemed so desperate that

I accepted his request. I really hate causing harm to the other people. I just managed to finish in time because it was a promise. The customer took his shirt with satisfaction. He came back again after a while. “This is for you.” He had five dollars in his hand. It was one of my most rewarding days in Canada.