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Sunlight can fade the colors on your clothes just like it does drapes.

Handover your dirty, smelly old curtains and get them back as fresh and new only through the cleaning service of Manhattan Dry Cleaners. Just move on:

A good laundry service can save time and money, what are your thoughts?

Time is important when it comes to preserving your wedding dress. Stains sets in very quickly, so take your gown to Crystal Clear Cleaners and we will take care of your dress ASAP. Contact us today at (800) 801-0010.

Bathing suit season is here👙 Make sure 2 be ready, stop in to our tailoring dept 2 make sure u look ur best on the beach 🏖. We have tailors available from 9AM-9PM, 7 days a week 🤗

On this , remember to thank those that keep your business running behind the scenes. They are the faces your customers see and interact with daily.

Today’s tip on Sweat and how to handle your sweat stained shirt.

To keep clothes looking crisp and fresh, bring your garments in for a cleaning after every 3-5 times you wear them. Air pollution, perspiration, and general wear can make clothes appear dull and worn. A cleaning will give it new life, and keep you looking sharp.

Blood stains can be challenging to get out of your favorite outfit, but don't panic. Use Hydrogen Peroxide as a natural blood stain cleaner.

Our loyalty scheme will save you money off your drycleaning and laundry bills. Gotta be good news😉 @cafebrera ⁦

Do you know about our Clean'n'Press Delivery Point Service? Delivery Point is a public location such as a grocery store or convenience center that anybody can use for their cleaning services. Prices and delivery schedules will vary.

For comprehensive, affordable laundry and linen services in Suffolk, contact the team of Farthings! Call us on 01638 560 610. Visit our website

Now, no need to travel far and to stand in long queue to get your , Manhattan Dry Cleaners can provide the same at your doorstep. Just move on:

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An unexpected reward

Today, a customer asked me to press his shirt for same day pick-up. I just wanted to help him. There wasn’t a lot of time, but he seemed so desperate that

I accepted his request. I really hate causing harm to the other people. I just managed to finish in time because it was a promise. The customer took his shirt with satisfaction. He came back again after a while. “This is for you.” He had five dollars in his hand. It was one of my most rewarding days in Canada.


John Leano kills it for Bryan’s Cleaners sponsoring Pasadena Chamber networking breakfast. @bryanscleaners #drycleaning @wccpasadena #bruthajohn #bryanscleaners #pasadena #chamber #pasadenachamber (at Pasadena, California)

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