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Take a look at these 5 reasons why are making the choice to migrate to , by :

Introducing Top Drupal 8 Modules Series! 💙 GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Después de mucho tiempo sin publicar volvemos al lío. Hoy compartimos artículo donde os explicamos como empezar con los ficheros en .

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How to save temporarily values from a form and retrieve them later in a controller?

Thank you Fliss, Anne & David at Elite Skin & Beauty for this wonderful gift! The Siruss team launched their new website last week - take a look!

We created another tutorial using with ON "How to open form in modal using React JS and submit data through infusionsoft API " We want to help developers who want to develop with

First Byron Bay talks announcement: * "Theme with : how awesome it can be" by Janna * " 2.1, Web and " by Morgan Call for papers is open! Share your expertise here:

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Content Moderation and Workspace module

Drupal 8.2.0 will see a bunch of new experimental modules. Once of these is Content Moderation. This is a port of the Drupal 8 release of Workbench Moderation, with a number of updates to make it suitable for core.

Work is currently underway to get Content Moderation working for Workspaces. Workspaces, defined by the Workspace module and it’s dependency Multiversion, are a way of creating different versions of your site’s content and getting the elusive “full site preview” functionality. With Content Moderation you are able to moderate a whole Workspace. Then once published all content will be deployed to the live workspace.

The screencast below shows adding some content on the Stage Workspace and confirming the content doesn’t exist on the Live Workspace. Then publishing the Stage Workspace results in the content being on both Workspaces.



What a day. What a day.

Oh boy. I am seriously falling back to clutter and having crap all over the place. Or maybe it’s just noticeable now that I am allergic to all kinds of odd things. Things like redundancy, storage and clutter. 

My work has me going to DrupalCon in Amsterdam. Which is a convention for the CMS Drupal. Overall, as a CMS, Drupal is a good CMS. I am not a huge believer in having solid systems. After all, anything made by a computer and in extension by a human can’t be perfect. Drupal, WordPress, it’s all fine. It depends what you use it for.

The thing about these events what has me so exhausted is not the matter, but the presentation of it all. It’s not a very serious event. Well, I mean in the grand scale of the world. The core contributions are super cool. It’s just that some folks just really love Drupal. I mean really really really mad for it. They live in the Drupal world. It’s like going to some part of middle earth. Drupal this, Drupal that. Drupal shirts. Drupal logo’s everywhere. Drupal drupal drupal.

When it’s done, you have to make the switch to the world you live in. Where no one knows the name “Drupal”. 


That has me a bit hard headed. I don’t want to be. But I am. There are more important things to do in the world. In my world. 

Drupal in itself is a bit redundant for a Front-End Developer. The HTML that it spits out is just insane. You spent 35% of your time getting rid of that. Preventing it from spitting out more divs, div classes and tags. It’s just insane. Maybe when Drupal8 comes out with Twig, we can all live normal lives again. Who knows when though? There still isn’t a release candidate out. 

Sorry about the tech bla. I had to clear my head, so I can proceed and go on with the my attempt to being a minimalist. What are my focus points again? 

I’m going to make a list.

Ok! Bye!

Yours Truly,

Magalie Linda


Keynote của Dries ở DrupalCon Prague 2013. Có lẽ do áp lực từ Backdrop nên keynote lần này Dries giới thiệu Drupal 8 chủ yếu là tính năng mới. Drupal 8 có hơn 200 tính năng mới được đưa vào.


Bài nói chuyện rất hay của Anthoy về OOP <3