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At the Border we already have an invisible border despite different duty levels, different VAT rates and zero rates on trade across the border. We tackle smuggling of , , , , etc. without border posts or checks at the border.

Keep your Because we in the middle of the United States didn’t vote for YOUR Diversity of: & Dianne, feel free to stay on your side of the country & handle problems before you

More than 12,000 barangays across the country have already been cleared from illegal since the start of the Duterte administration's crackdown on illegal drugs in 2016, the PNP announced Tuesday. | By Read Full Story Here:

RT : British rapist and drug dealer to be sentenced on July 8 after deportation from Thailand - more at ...

Risk Associated with Supplements and Enhancing Drugs: Letter to the Editor - By AK Mohiuddin Read More : ARC Journal of Research in Sports Medicine

An average person in America who is over 65 years old takes between 300 and 600 prescription pills every month. More about that at (, , , , , )

Got on Twitter and forgot what I was doing. Don't do drugs children.

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Nobody: Bobby Brown: you know what would taste good with this chicken?

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Michigan Governor Adds Voice to Push for Banking Access for Cannabis Businesses: A bipartisan group of 20 state and territorial attorney generals has called for the passage of a federal bill that would give cann

Michigan Governor Adds Voice to Push for Banking Access for Cannabis Businesses: A bipartisan group of 20 state and territorial attorney generals has called for the passage of a federal bill that would give cann

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I just wrote 500 words detailing my experience with addiction. I talked about my addict father, my experience with eating disorders, self harm, cigarettes and weed. I even talked about trying LSD and ketamine, and how I’ve never truly felt disappointment before taking a pill at 1am and not feeling anything. But then it all got deleted so fuck that.

Instead I’ll talk about how addiction is the only thing I’ve ever known. My father, my mother, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, and more recently, my brother. Cigarettes, weed, pills, meth, heroine.

Addiction is the only thing I think I’ve ever loved so much even though I know I shouldn’t. Addiction is the only thing that has consistently been there for me. Addiction has replaced my mothers embrace, and the validation of strangers. Addicted is the only thing I’ve truly been. The only thing I’ve truly felt. And that disgusts me, but fuck, it feels so good.

Say no to drugs

If you know me personally then you would know that I have always been against smoking for the longest. Cigarettes to me aren’t even a drug, it’s like the best type of pain reliever. Recently I have been smoking weed. The drug I was always against because I always thought it was like for people with no future. I know it sounds like a bad way to say it but I was raised which such a classy influence as a kid. Of course when we moved here all of that changed. I started hanging out with the best people in the world. My lovely babies who made me the strong fucked up lungs woman I am today. Enjoy my first time getting high!

April 26, 2016

It was the week of state testing and before I had to go test, I was in PE. I was 13 years old, in 7th grade. I always looked down on my friends who smoked. EVEN IF THEY WERE JUST VAPING! I was that serious when it came to smoking. Those lectures my mother would give me really sunk into my heart. I would lecture my friends all the time to not do it. During PE, my friend was walking with me around the basketball courts. I noticed he was smoking something that was the shape and color of a cigarette. I asked him what was he doing. HE told me he was just vaping even though it clearly didn’t even smell like it. He told me to try it, and so I did. I told him that I don’t do stuff like that, but I was 13 and he was very convincing so I did. I started smoking it but I was confused to why I wasn’t tasting the sweet flavors they had. Instead it was like this tobacco sort of thing with weed in it. I don’t know I was so confused but I kept doing it for a long time because I kept thinking maybe I just wasn’t doing it long enough. I did so much like I am not even joking with you. My eyes turned red and I was so dizzy but not dizzy. I don’t know how to explain it but I was out of it. The worst part is that I had MY TESTING THINGY MJIGGY. I am a very smart girl. So because of that incident I couldn’t focus on whatever I was testing on. This test determined on the type of classes I would be put into next year. I did so bad on those tests that I got put into classes where I befriended my lovely babies. I was meant to be in those nerd classes, but what did I do? I fell asleep throughout the whole test and guessed on all of them in the last 5 minutes. It was just the worst that could ever happen to me. Well at that time… Do drugs on your own time pls and ty.

That post about weed causing seizures with lamictal is an outright lie (I mean, lamictal PREVENTS seizures) but imo if you’re taking lamictal for bipolar disorder, you probably SHOULDN’T be smoking weed. Weed and bipolar disorder don’t always play nice.


the WORST thing is confessing to your most trusted friend something self destructive (self harm, drug cocktails, restricting) you’ve done in the past and they. start. doing. it. it just further proves to me that i should KEEP this shit repressed so i don’t hurt anyone else!!!

and it’s even worse that they WANT to know, to feel like they’re helping and they’re the only person who knows and they hate feeling shut out.

i really don’t wanna fuck anyone over anymore

oh what’s up in my life ya know trying to grind and save money. why’s that hard so hard for an unfun miser like me? my fucking girlfriend treating me like i’m some sorta pseudo parent who has to take care of all the bills and expenses guilting me into literally fucking everything yeah i buy all the food drinks and entertainment along with all her dogs expenses and our apartment which shouldn’t be okay but okay but also i’m also her personal bank, money handeler oh and she expects me to keep her in constant supply of weed which i’m fucking sick of.

i’d love to take a fucking break from smoking????? is that too much to ask?????? i constantly feel sick lackluster no energy no motivation and depressed and hmmm maybe smoking a zip of depressants in what is definetly less then a week contributes to that hmm🤔 ?

i keep telling her i wanna save money and stop smoking so much and she’s always fucking on board with a “well don’t blame me for you having no money you have more then me” and a “yeah go for it” which last about as long as the weed does. and it’s only been what two two and a half years of this fucking bullshit. and she’s bought about four times now so we even yeah right bro lol in ur fucking delusional dreams.

buy your own fucking drugs and fuck off. stop fucking making me feel guilty and responsible for everything. and if you tell me one more fucking time that ur a. too depressed to work or b. too depressed, suicidal, in chronic pain and NEEd weed i really don’t know what i’m going to do.

just gotta grit my teeth and last another half a year. i don’t know