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The Super Bowl is approaching! Open those beers with a Bottle Breacher! Use link or use the link in the bio and get yours before this deal is done!

Do something something something... we clear? I'll pick up my check now and go blow it on hookers and coke.

This week, Bonnie and Anna sipped on a special themed while recording. This is called ANOTHER LEVEL, and to enjoy it with the girls, here's the for two of them: .5 oz Triple Sec 2 oz Bailey's 3 oz Amaretto Shake with ice and strain into fancy glasses!

Pink Lady (Alcoholic) 🍸 Cocktail glass 🥃 1 1/2 oz Gin 🍹 1 tsp Grenadine 🥛 1 tsp Light cream 🥚 1 Egg white

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Se o seu rolê é tomar um bom e barato, só vem!

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💙💀🐭 (at House of Blues Boston)

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