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うんめえにゃあ!! 爽やかで甘い柑橘系の香り、味は濃厚甘々なメロン系ミックスフルーツジュースで微炭酸。大好き!


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埼玉のお酒、花陽浴(はなあび) 山田錦無濾過生原酒でカンパーイ♪ ( ^ ^ )/□

残りの2台もタイヤ交換終了。あとは夏を待つだけ! 開栓だ。

Taste of Mendip still time to enter! Many local food & drink producers attending markets in & this weekend. Who do you think should enter?

Agnes walked in with a tray of gorgeous raspberry tortes, fruit sorbet, and pistachio ice. jessic lawson... Coooool Kokum Sorbet Juhu, Mumbai 😎😋😋

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Who’s less than sober and ready to fall in love with the next person who’s nice to me? OP that’s who!!

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What’s the weirdest/craziest thing you’ve ever done?

um OK p sure ur trying to expose me but,,, when i was like 12 (6th) my family gathered around for christmas and everyone was drunk so i took a shot and no one cared lmao. anyways, i kinda got drunk lmao and had an asthma attack from twerking