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姪っ子のリクエスト 私には甘すぎたけど姪っ子は美味しい美味しいと感動してました⭐️ 喜んでもらえてよかったよかった😊👍🏻

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毎日4種類の世界のクラフトビールが楽しめるっ!🍻 リーズナブルで美味しい小皿料理の数々と共に無限のマッチングをお楽しみください!

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“Und die Pillen die ich schmeiss’ sind nicht verschrieben, doch ich schmeiß sie”

Lil Lano/Hollywood Hills

Now that my au is done… idk what to do for original content at the moment. I’m thinking of throwing together a post s3 harringrove playlist and probably hitting my inbox but beyond that, I’m sort of out of ideas. So I’m gonna get some tequila and try to figure out what my crazy mind can come up with.



■ 8月.18日.2019年 〜「day 8┊100dop ♪」
This week has been pretty awful to be honest. 😩 I’m really ready for the summer to end and for fall to start. 🍂 Work has actually been fine, although challenging and exhausting (next week even more so since we’ll have 20 kids! 😶). Class, on the other hand, has really been wearing me thin. We have long intake forms due every wk that get longer and harder each wk. It’ll culminate into a big paper due wk 10 (it’s wk 8 now), and I’m not looking forward to that. I’m ready for fall to begin. I need a change of pace and more free time to recoup.

💮 I keep managing to get my work done despite struggling each week. Sometimes literally up to the last second before it’s due. Small victories…
✨ My friends and peers are so kind and always keep me feeling positive, even through a tough wk like this one. My group partners for my client fishbowl next Wednesday are super nice and seem really on top of it. It’s making the whole thing feel slightly less intimidating.
❌ I haven’t posted my progress consistently, which isn’t a big deal but I think it’s a big reason I’ve felt so down this wk. I use this documentation as a coping mechanism and a creative outlet, so when I don’t have time for it that means I’m not taking enough time to recoup the way I need to…😞
❌ I literally have so much to do everyday and I’m barely scraping by. I’m so tired and am having a hard time staying focused. I need a break and a better routine because this isn’t working!! Just need to hang in there for a couple more wks…