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Don't eat just to fuel your body, savor the flavor and indulge in delicious lunch buffet only at The Fisherman's Wharf, Sarjapur, Bangalore.

Packaged in easy to use container consisting of 1g in a sachet with equivalent sweetness of 2 tea spoon of Sugar in a 25 piece mono carton. To know more -

This virtual cocktail smells, tastes and looks like the real thing

"Drinking a glass of cumin water every day helps you deal with indigestion." Cumin seeds are naturally rich in iron.

Feels like only yesterday I started my first stream and now we're already celebrating our first anniversary! Arr my gahd, so tonight we're doing a 12 hour stream + drinking rules so tonight should be interesting.

Sol Y Sombra (Alcoholic) 🍸 Brandy snifter 🥃 1 1/2 oz Brandy 🥃 1 1/2 oz Anisette

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Shot for @guaposgeorgetown ・・・ Gloomy weather have you feeling down? Take things into your own hands and brighten it up with our Paloma! • •

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Hello, yes, I took like three sips off my dad’s Vive100 four hours ago and now I can’t fucking sleeeeeep…

I have class at 8 a.m. tomorrow…


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I have high standards. I am serious minded. I am seeking a casual arrangement. I want a selfless lover. I want a normal relationship. I like sensitive men. I want a loving man. I need school funds. I would like to meet up for drinks. I hate student debt. I am looking for a monetary arrangement. I want a generous allowance. I enjoy like minded people. I want a partner in adventure. I like spoiling a guy. I like generous people. I like genuine men. I want a sugar dady. I like a tall gentleman.#spoiltheprincess

Quick & delicious Black Bean Vegetarian Fajitas! A flavorful, satisfying meal thats packed with plant-based protein. SO good! | #vegetarianrecipe #vegetarian #fajitarecipe #vegan #healthydinner #plantbasedrecipe