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Forever Deja Vu

Dustin's Moving Night

Summary: Dustin finally comes home, to a vacant home and a new pet.

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff ish?

A/N: This is pretty short, I used this for a test on a Stranger Things Discord RP server, so enjoy!

Dustin biked up the very boring hill to his house after school, not paying attention to the falling brown leaves around him. His neighborhood was very quiet, filled with older couples who have lived there for decades. Dustin’s bike stumbled over something small and slowly stopped. He looks down at the front tire. “Fuuuckkkk” He grumbled. He got off to look at what happened. A nail, again.

Dustin’s neighbor Daryl doesn’t clean up his work after the wind drifts through the block each evening. “Not again.” Dustin scoffs. The front tire deflates more and more til you can see the metal retaining the old tire together.  Dustin huffs as he trots up the steep hill to his final destination. When he reaches his home, he stops there to catch his breath. “Jesus Christ” He coughs. He rested the bike against the side of the house, trying to forget about his bike. He had to study. He hated studying.

Dustin opened the unlocked door, walking into the vacant house. The last time he would ever see this house. They were moving- this was his last night there. All they had left was a TV, snacks, cat food- for their new cat, his turtle, and two beds. His mom was still at work- for some reason. Dustin exhaled sharply as he felt soft fur against his calves. Their cat, Hobbes looked up at him with his hazel eyes. “Hey, Hobbes. How are you doing” Dustin knelt to pet him? Hobbes purred as Dustin ran his fingertips across his cheek.

“I know, it’s so strange. We’re moving” Dustin frowned softly. He liked that house, even though there was some gory stuff that happened there. He got up to go to his room, the door closed shut- that’s how he liked it. He opened the door, to see his turtle. “Hey buddy, missed me?” Dustin asked as he slowly walked over to the turtle’s home. The turtle stared blankly at the wall behind him, the usual. He lay back onto his bed, the warmth of his blankets behind him running down his somewhat sweaty back. “I hate jean jackets” He huffs. He liked them, somewhat- just not in this heat.

Dustin sat up, taking his backpack off to grab his textbook Mr. Clarke gave him in Biology. he opened it to a bookmarked page. “Tadpoles..” He hummed. ‘Why are we even learning about this?’  Dustin thought to himself. He enjoys being in Mr. Clarke’s class, and the topics they learned about- well most of them. Some just seemed unreasonable to him. Like, in what way would TADPOOLS help him in the future? Of course, they’re cool- but not to him. He enjoys engineering the most. Being able to build things, learn about that. He couldn’t have that class though, this semester. That made him extremely down that year.

Suddenly, there was a click and the sound of a garage opening. His mom was home. Dustin sat up to the sound and ran out of his room to greet her. When Ms. Henderson walked in, she hummed with a joyous tone. “Hey Dusty!” She exclaims. She loves her son with a passion. The light of her world, those shiny pearls of his. “Hey, mom” Dustin waves. His mother sat down her purse on the kitchen counter. “How was school?” She asked, turning around to give Dustin a nice hug. “It was good- I’m good,” He said, muffed by her cardigan. “How was your job? Meals on Wheels is good right?” Dustin said as he finally pulled away from the hug. “Yes, yes it was so fine!” His mother smiled.

“Good. I’m glad.” Dustin hummed, backing away to lean against the muted color of a wall. “So, we’re out of here by seven, so get packing,” His mom said, unplugging the TV. “On it mom” He huffed. It took his mind off of studying and the bike, oh lord the bike. Second time this MONTH. If he told his mother, she may not get another bike. He strolled back into his room and shut the door. His exhale was deep, filled with relief. He was fine, good- great.