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La felicità non è altro che il profumo del nostro animo.

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I don't think the artist of said artwork drew Yuuri and Minami in Yuzuru's and Shoma's costume because of anime reasons, but because they happen to be two fictional Japanese figure skaters, just as Yuzuru and Shoma are Japanese figure skaters. All they did, was dress up the characters as the actual skaters and with the entire Olympic madness at the moment...I just think you're making a big deal out of something as little as someone expressing their creativity inspired by both real life and anime

people are free to express themselves but they should know the boundaries. as an artist myself, i know this.

drawing them in yuzuru and shoma’s places just because they’re japanese already sounds wrong to me as an asian person. look, you can draw your characters in similar situations. use it as inspiration. what we’re annoyed by is the erasure of yuzuru and shoma. the fact that japan won 1-2 by them is their moment, not some anime characters’. you’re not using it as inspiration, not making it a separate entity. people are making it look like an anime character = this person.

and it is a big deal. like i’ve said, erasure of the accomplishment of actual people.

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Does aya wear makeup/put on jewellery?

aya never wears makeup. for one, she finds it too much of a hassle, and secondly, no one ever taught her how to apply it. however, she does use a sweet-smelling shampoo and body wash, and the fragrance tends to linger when aya walks by.

aya also finds jewellery too restricting ( it’s hard to punch people with rings and bracelets on her wrists and fingers ) and never wears any. however, she would wear jewellery if there was some sentimental value attached to it ( for example, if a friend or a member of her family gave it to her ). but otherwise, the only accessories she uses are the cute clips pinning back her curls.