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Domenica accompagno l’amico Vincent Gallo alla comunione del nipote...

Results of a new survey showed 86% of workers and 80% of managers said clothing choices affect a person's chances of earning a promotion.

Mentoring Interns: How to give well intentioned critique of professional work-wear without coming across as that judgmental hag. Warning: advanced level magic, not for the faint of heart

: The Art of - Walking into a room looking sharp, clean-cut, and put-together will emphasize your masculine or feminine power. That perfect blend of sharp contrast and casual, easygoing freedom is necessary for this look.

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Results of a new OfficeTeam survey showed 86% of workers and 80 percent of managers said clothing choices affect a person's chances of earning a promotion.

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Did you see Don Cherry 🍒 outfit tonight ?!?!? Lol ! Even sweeter ! TAMPA BAY !!!! !!! NA..... not really ... bye Felicia !

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Random Student Quotes

“Dude, have you ever had the feeling when you’re playing fortnite for a long time and you just want water? Like -I don’t know- you just get up and fill up a bottle of water and it just tastes so good.”

“I fell asleep in Mr Ryan’s class for the first time and what does he do to me? He walks up and kicks me in the kidney.”

“I have Woodman’s ptsd”

“I hate walls so much. They’re like so stupid. What do they even do?”

“I hope someone literally shows up naked and hits a juul in [dean of students- redacted] office”

“So I can see the nipples of every boy in my lifetime fitness class, but if the teacher sees my arm she’s all like ‘huskjurgurgehedeaeaeaggh!’”

Self Love

Okay so I’m a highschool senior and I’m graduating in two days and I just wanted to share something that happened to me today that really just shows that we make progress even when we don’t realize it and Self Love™ isn’t just about accepting the way you look, etc.

Our senior class got to go on a field trip on a short school day today to six flags, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a big amusement park with roller coasters and stuff like that. Well I’m out of dress code for the day. Ready to just get on this bus. Then I’m told I can’t go unless I pay a fine.

I was in band for three years. Marching concert, the whole nine yards. If you were in any extra curriculars when you went to high school then you may know that fees can be pretty hefty, especially considering I have two other siblings in band at the same time. My parents couldn’t really pay it in a honesty.

Well I go down to see if I can pay some of it and start a payment plan bc I have a job now and I can pay it myself. Well the band director refuses to sign off on a payment plan saying I can go with the written promise of me saying I can pay it out. The fee is $387. I only had a hundred cash in me and no other way of paying. I gave him some of it bc I had to use my cash for the senior trip today. My friends even pointed out that if we all combined our money to help me pay for it we still would come up a hundred or so dollars short, which isn’t the full amount still and I would have still been refused allowance to go to the amusement park.

I walked all over the school trying to get some information on how I could possibly go without having to pay the whole fee, bc it wouldn’t be possible to do so before we left in about half an hour. No luck there. The faculty accompanying us on the trip refused to allow me to go. So I did what any person who care about their “senior experience” would do.

I went to the bathroom, texted my boyfriend. And cried for about fifteen minutes.

That’s when I had really had enough. I left. Yes you heard me. I left. I don’t have a car. I was wearing Nike flip flops. It was 97° outside today. I walked a full 3.5 miles home from my high-school, to a gas station for water, and to the front door of my home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, this isn’t about what happened to me today. Or about bashing my trashy American school system or just shitty people in general.

I walked home today. After being treated badly. I walked home today after crying my eyes out in the dirty public school bathroom. I walked home today down dirty, small town, country roads. I walked home today in the 97 degree Texas heat.

And now I’m in my room. And I honestly think this is the most self love I’ve ever given myself. I skipped school today bc I no longer put up with people trying to ruin my day. I am stronger than I was before today. Self love isn’t just about telling yourself how wonderful you are. Self love isnt just little motivational quotes or wearing a crop top bc you finally feel comfortable in your own skin. Self love is fighting against the way people treat you. It is removing yourself from places that harm you. It is removing yourself from the presence of the hurtful actions of others. Self love is taking care of you, even if it comes with consequences that may make other people angry.

And another thing. Progress. Progress isnt always noticed until something happens like why happened to me today. We don’t always realize that we’ve changed. Last year I was in an abuse relationship, I was afraid to take risks, I was afraid to stand up for myself. Now I know. If anyone ever tries to hurt me, I can just leave. I can take my Nike flips flops fucking elsewhere. I can walk 3.5 miles in the broiling heat under heavy sun without breaks and make it home, and still feel like I can do it again.

And if that doesn’t make you feel motivated I don’t know what will.

psa: school dress code

the dress code has no benefits and only degrades and slut shames girls. i have had multiple encounters with teachers telling me to cover my boobs because they “distract male students”. you can tell me to lower my shorts all you want or cover my shoulders but don’t you dare tell me to hide something i can’t change. i was sitting with my guy friends today and the counselor made a whole big stink of pulling me out of the cafeteria to scold me for having breasts. she said “you know how middle school boys are” and i nearly started crying in frustration. how about instead of punishing girls for their bodies, we teach boys to be respectful? never have i seen someone embarrass the shit out of a boy for looking at a girl and it’s unfair. i’m finally learning to be comfortable in my skin and the adults in my life continue to be rude and tear me down. i’ve been given numerous dirty looks and have been even called disgusting for things i have NO CONTROL OVER. this is absolute bullshit and i’m fucking sick of people making me hate myself. all i’ve learned from school is that having breasts is bad and that if you have guy friends you’re a slut. 

i am so glad i my school don’t have a dresscode because if i ever got in troble for wearing chlothes that are “too reaviling” i would probably just end up wearing less chlothes or something


When customer service makes you want to do a video and tell everyone about a business. #MakeItFit alterations #fashion #dresscode #dressforsuccess #FestiniVlog (at Make it Fit dba Original Hems)

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If you decide to impose a dress code on female students at your school/college/university

And the reason for the same being that it causes a distraction to the male staff

Kindly consider hiring decent staff who would prefer to look at the students’ faces while teaching them and are not paedophiles

If you decide to impose a dress code on female students at your school/college/university

And the reason for the same being that it causes a distraction to the male students

Kindly consider teaching boys to not see women as sexual objects but as fellow human beings

Coz when you impose a dress code you are telling your female students that their education is less important and that they are less important

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