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reading this damn book. 😂😂😂😂

In Ep61, we hear new listener Alison’s creepy railcar hotel dream & Hannah’s dream about a massive game of tag! Find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Podcoin!

It is always a good time to set another goal or to a new dream! Any new goals or dreams for you?

Think about it... we choose what we want to see and we tune the individual world around ourselves and if it’s now what we want, we have powers to change it 📷

Light breaks through. 🦋🌌 Dream is my favorite female skin in the game, I love the gradients of Blue and Purple! Please Share Around! ☺️

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So here is a blueprint of a little hospital i have ben working on 😄❄ but thats not all❄ the hospital is made out of a dream i have ben having lately XD. Picture 1 (ground floor) Picture 2 (basement) Picture 3 (outside) Im stil working on the 2 floor 😄❄

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Rules the kingdom between sky and earth.

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If you’re sensitive and the world feels like too much, a natural reaction is to cut yourself off. What else can you do if you’re legally required to follow other people’s rules? And that’s basically everyone under the age of 18. 

You can’t selectively cut yourself off just from the bad emotions. The whole system shuts down, which leads to depression and apathy. People in depression rightfully sense the world has gone insane, but don’t believe there’s anything they could do about it. They’ve tried so many times, and had their ideals and concerns shut down and ridiculed, until at one point they’ve stopped trying at all.

By the time you grow up and have all the tools needed to change something, you’re already conditioned into thinking that’s just the way it is. You go to school, find a job, buy house, have kids…that’s life, you know? If you’re lucky, you might even not hate your job that much, and have a bunch of friends to get drunk together on the weekend so that you can reset.

But there’s a part of you that remembers how it’s like to dream big. It’s the part that won’t settle for a meaningless job when our whole planet is on fire. It’s the part that wants to belong somewhere, connect with others, lift them up, create something together. It’s the part that wants to fool around, get silly, do something weird and utterly impractical just because you can.

That part is still there inside, buried under grief, disappointment, and pain. Dig through this shit with courage, confidence, and hope, and who knows what will wait on the other side?

Repairing, Restarting, and Starting.

A small reference to this about 9 paragraphs in.

“You two sure this is a good idea? I mean… What if he takes it the wrong way? Thing’s aren’t exactly-” He stammered as his nerves rose, basically being pulled to the meeting place they had chosen.

Why would he take it any other way? They parted ways so badly, he must hate him! It was all his fault anyway. Was he just not happy with the relationship he had with Error? He was happy with him, but he was really happy with him too. It all is just too confusing to understand right now.

“He agreed to, I think It’ll be fine. You did say you still want to be friends, right?” The anxiety-filled skeleton nodded.

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I had a dream that I was in London and I met all these cool scientists of color. I had gathered them all up for a picture and this one girl who was brown, but had really fried blond, curly hair kept pointing out this one scientist to me. He was this really tall Indian guy. I went over to talk to him. We spoke for a little and then I met his mother. She had a really thick accent. She introduced herself and said her name was Morning. I nearly screamed in excitement and asked her again what her name was and again she said Morning. I told her that that was my name too. When I spoke to her I noticed I had taken on her accent. I tried to stop, but realized I couldn’t. When I looked out the window of the room we were in I could see buildings, and the sun setting behind the London eye. I felt God like and powerful because I knew they could not see that far. I pulled myself back into the room.

Dress Girl Photography Outfit Aesthetic Vintage Black dress Quotes Love
Dress Girl Photography Outfit Aesthetic Vintage Black dress Quotes Love

“ ‏كانت لديّ قدرة هائلة على البكاء وفقدتُها، كانت لديّ قدرة هائلة على الغضب وفقدتها، كانت لديّ قدرة هائلة على الحديث وفقدتها، كانت لديّ قدرة هائلة على العتاب وفقدتها، لم يتبقّ لي من كل ذلك سوى قدرة التركيز، أركّز في كل شيء ولا أبكي، ولا أغضب، ولا أتحدث، ولا أعاتب ”



Dear Santa, could I get this Lego Bugatti this Christmas? Pleaaase?

So, uh, here’s an interesting thing… I guess. Is dream karma a thing? Probably not, but that’s the best way to describe my last two dreams. Fair warning, these dreams were pretty dark.

So the night before last night, I had a dream that turned creepy. Everything was normal at first, then three of us (other two being my sister and a sort of friend of my sister) had to go somewhere in the dark for some reason. Anyway, I don’t want to go too into detail with any of these two dreams, but some man tried to attack us in the dark, and got my sister’s friend. And we didn’t have much of a choice but to leave her behind (she ended up getting away, when she came back I woke up).

So my brain was riddled with guilt for a good while when I woke up, dream-me left this girl behind after all, that should fuck you up a little bit. Anyways, last night I had a similair dream. Everything was good, really good even. I was on a trip, don’t remember with who though, and I was alone in like a changing room or shower room at the resort or something when I man came in. Weird, I thought, but I just turned away and ignored him. He started to talk to me, and when I politely blew him off he grabbed me. I kicked and screamed until I got away and found someone I knew, then I woke up.

So, my conclusion from this is that our brains can be real assholes. First they put you in a horrible position where you have to leave someone behind and then they put you in another horrible situation (where you are the one being assaulted) because you felt guilty about not being able to do anything in the first one.

I’m calling it dream karma, and I hate it.

I was a middle aged man (even though I’m a 16 year old girl) who was in a city about to be hit by a tsunami. I was at work, but I left my kids and wife to rent a hotel room at the highest floor I could find. When I got to my hotel room, there was this woman there and even though I couldn’t see it, I felt the presence of multiple Bart Simpson drawings staring at me.