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You & we will your dreams by bringing your to . The right furniture in the right place can make all the difference. (2/2)

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J’ai rêvé que je peignais cette toile alors j’ai essayé de la reproduire en vrai. Mais c’est beaucoup moins bien que dans mon rêve !

I dreamt that I had painting this painting, so I tried to reproduce it. But it’s worse than it was in my dream !

I had a dream last night that my family was staying in a themed hotel and our room specifically had a doll theme and at one point I got locked out but all I had to do to get in was close my eyes and walk forward and I was in. Once in I started packing and stuff and then my mom came and asked if I wanted to go to the store with her to get food. I said yes and we went to the grocery store and while we were there the power went out, so we start walking out when I see some people working on the generator and I think to myself “hey maybe I can help” so I’m there and they decide to walk away but I crawl under this right space to get to the generator and I shine my flashlight on it but then I get really scared of spiders suddenly and I shimmy out. When I get out I see these 4 people standing in a line kinda like how the power rangers would, and they start shooting into the crowd. I start running our but I see my mom is frozen so I run and pick her up and carry her out to our car. My brother and dad are waiting in the car. We drive off to these woods, and my dad keeps commenting on these weird dark vehicles traveling together in groups on the road with a black flag behind them. But it’s cool, they’re minding their business and we’re minding ours. So we pull aside and we’re driving in this forest and at one point we pull aside and I see my cousins are there as well as Jared from Capstone(?) and we all go into the water and it’s super salty and there’s a bunch of skulls in it. Someone there (it’s not just family) keeps pulling them out and pointing out what type of skeleton it is and I’m thinking about getting out cuz I’m concerned by how many animals seem to have decomposed there but no one else seems concerned so I don’t move. Then the black trucks show up with a white van in front, all with black flags, and people start murmuring worriedly while I considered hiding under the pier/deck away from everyone else, but they kept going and ignored us, so we were cool. Also I wanna mention that the water was salty and we could float in it just by relaxing and it was super shallow too and my butt kept scraping the horns of oxen that died in the water. I saw one guy freak out from getting stabbed, and Jared was the first to figure out floating and then I think my dad said we were supposed to float in it, or the order coulda been vice versa. But that’s the last of the dream I remember. (I think we were shopping in a Winco??) and it was fun!!!!


Felt the vibe a couple of weeks ago and wrote something new that I wanna share with everyone.

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12/9/2019 2:41 AM

today i dreamt of us cuddled under the sheets, my head resting on your chest as I feel the beating of your heart.. I know it is a dream because I know that it isn’t real but I willed myself to stay there, I willed for my dream to not end and just feel and cherish every moment..

I smelled your sweet scent, I felt your soft skin, I relaxed myself to the sound of your breathing.. it was the best feeling but for some reason it ended.. just like that, my eyes opened, your scent gone, your skin replaced with my silk covered pillow, you’re breathing I can’t hear anymore.. my heart clenched in your absence…

i half wanted to sleep and half wanted not to because I was afraid, afraid that I may not want to go back and awake again, I’m afraid that I might just want to stay there in a dream until my heart stops and the dream would eventually end only this time there’s no going back and I will never have a dream like that again..


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I dreamt about you last night, which usually means you aren’t far. The universe is sending me your request to re-enter my life. To test my feelings towards your arrival. To prepare me mentally, I love the stars for that. They know you have put me through enough pain. And even though they can’t stop what is bound to happen, they can send me a warning. I’m sure the dream will be De-ja-vu, but “when?”, is the question.


I’ll be prepared this time

I had a dream last night, one that maybe someone can use as a FF prompt?

So, the dream was a fake 3rd film. The way to break the bloodpact was to lose your memories. 

So Dumbledore had to dispose memory after memory of Grindelwald and their history. He saved them, as we saw them, all he had shared with Grindelwald. It was all the reasons he had decided to make the blood pact, so all their emotional relationship.

And eventually it got to the point where he could “remember” Grindelwald” but really nothing that they share, nothing that would hinder him from fighting. And since the Bloodpact was made so they would not fight, he could finally fight him. The pendent shattered and was useless. 

(Side note: The memories by the cunning Dumbledore were saved) 

He was able to fight Grindelwald with no problem, no emotion attached.

But then…

Of course he was killed by Voldy. 

Minerva, going through his study, foudn the memories that were removed. The emotions…

And she sent it to Gellert in jail. He was able to see these memories, and see them from Albus’s perspective. 

IDK There is so much I don’t remember because it was a dream. @litsetaure has amazing views and posts on Memory, unforgivable curses, and Grindelwald  that you should defiantly check out!!! I appreciate that she listened to my early morning rantings about a silly dream XD <3

i had a dream about john mayer it was weird af. i ended up at his house bc i bumped into a travelling band of musicians. the architecture was gorgeous. he was married to his backing singer, she was black & had hair the colour of iman’s. she was gorgeous & talented. i can’t remember if prince was there.

everyone in the band of traveling musicians had some working connection with john mayer except me. 😬🥶one of the artists were the boys from holy ghost. the main two & i was like whatamidoingherewithyoulot? when we were in malaysia i didn’t think you liked me at all & i don’t think i like you.

everybody performed on a stage by a pool. during a break john came over to the boys put his arm around me scarily and said “who are you” & i said “i don’t know”.

the architecture was frickin glorious. his house was in LA. duh. oh! and we spoke about my favourite things in his music. ole david duke dick headass.

The season of the day dream

can’t I hum in your ear?
can’t I just whisper?
eyes half open
I was fine kisses
we were pretending to be children
only we started asking questions
you were the voice of reason
I was emptying all the ashes and burning all my houses down

M Baumgart