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021919 Dream / Talking to myself

I had a dream that people pitted my parents for having me. No matter what I did they would talk behind my back shaming me and ridiculing me. It’s, as if I ruined my parebnrs lives by being born.


If it was Janurary 2019 and past me, I’d probably be crying about this dream. For some reason I’m okie dokie. Ever since I bought the diffuser I’m so much more happier. Idk if it’s in my head or if diffusers really work. This is how I feel these days. Wah I really love the diffuser. it’s been so helpful and I have yet to buy oils for it. The only thing I’m feeling is pain. My time of the month is kicking my butt big time. I almost cried about it last night cus it bothered me so much I could not fall asleep. Welp I’m awake and a bit sleepy and in pain but other then that, I’m having a good morning. Ah and I’m real happy about my url change. It’s a means to a happier me and bcus I just love the meaning and saying it. Brings a smile to my face. So yeah that’s all. GOOD GLORIOUS MORNING EVERYONE. 😊❤️😘🐇

Khả năng của con người vốn giới hạn nên chẳng thể nhìn thấu được tương lai, vì thế chỉ có thể phó thác vào cái gọi là “ước mơ”, lấy đó làm địch hướng đến. Mà ước mơ thì có thể đạt được hoặc không đạt được, và tương lai có thể sáng lạn hoặc cũng có thể mù mịt. Con người thường qui những thứ đó về hai chứ “số mệnh”, nhưng lại không biết rằng bản thân thay đổi thì số mệnh tự khắc thay đổi.

Nếu không có nỗ lực thì ước mơ chẳng thành hiện thực, nếu không có kiên trì thì tương lai cũng trở nên u tối. Vậy nên số mệnh thế nào là do bản thân mỗi người nắm giữ. Thay vì trông chờ vào cái số mệnh hư hư ảo ảo, chi bằng bản thân tự cố gắng. “Thuyền tới đầu cầu tự nhiên sẽ thẳng” , chỉ cần bản thân bỏ ra nhiều thì sẽ được đền đáp xứng đáng.



I had a dream last was a long one (felt like a long one) so bare with me.

I was with someone? IDK who. A girl. And either we were told about this place and we went to check it out, or we stumbled across it and wanted to see if it was true. Or maybe the girl escaped from it??

So we’re off to find this ‘cult’/’apocalyptic cult”/”???”/Think about the ending of birdbox kind of?

And we’re out in the middle of nowhere and the girl I’m with is looking around and we find this? Sewer entry? And this girl said it looked familiar from her school days. Of course we go to it and we’re both thrilled and nervous at the same time, but we climb through it. 
It was pretty much just a few seconds of darkness before we were at the opening and there was a ladder. We climbed up the ladder and came into full light because for some reason the end of the pipe was just…exposed in the middle of a room. Like it had been broken from above or something?

(For those of you that are more visual…here’s a crude paint drawing of what’s going on…)

It was a school? An abandoned school. We were dirty and smelly and nobody noticed us slip in. I don’t know? It was weird. And we were looking around and all these people are in ‘classes’ and acting like this was a college with dorms and it was all indoors…because they lived there and learned there.

And the ‘leader’ was acting as a principal and his followers were ‘students’, which is kind of how cults are…so? 

Then shit got weird. (LOL THEN, as if it’s not already weird) I don’t remember anything about what happened while we were there. I don’t remember talking to the ‘students’ or anything. But the principal caught us and was telling us we had to stay. And there was no other way. It was either that or…you know?! The girl said that she would stay if he was willing to let me go. And it was the classic, no don’t sacrifice yourself for me trope. And as I was walking back to the pipe with the principal, I woke up.

My awake brain wants to know why the people there didn’t say, “Hey! If they came in from the outside, it must be okay??” 
And what was that? 

I went to school in a church basement and skipped class to go set off some explosions at a NASA test sight. I had to sneak over to it trying to hide the explosives I was carrying in a clear cup. When I got there, it was already busy so I just laid on the grass and looked up at the sky, which was pink and purple and beautiful. I checked the time and it was about 3 PM, which meant I had to leave soon, so I took some pictures of the sky.

I still feel guilty about “skipping class.”

iceoblivious  asked:

If you’re not too busy how does Dream, Science, Swap and Fell Sans help an S/O who’s cramping on their period?

Dream (Dreamtale Sans (Goodboi))- Oh dear, that’s no good! Whatever his s/o ask for, he retrieves for them, he pampers them, gives them massages, medicine, the food they’re craving, anything and everything they desired to make this time past faster for their sweet s/o. Just know that he’ll be there for his s/o, and he’ll do whatever he can to make his s/o forget about the cramps and pain that comes with being a female. 

Atom (Science Sans)- He knows about the female reproductive system, and he is prepared to help! He knows that some causes to menstrual cramping is lack of water ingested before and during your period. So he’ll make sure his s/o drinks lots of water. He’ll also give them tea to help soothe the pain, if his s/o likes tea that is. He’ll also make sure that they’re eating a bit healthier during this time, it could help a lot. Heat also relieves the pain, so expect a something warm! He’s basically 100% prepared, fortunately for his s/o.

Blue (Underswap Sans)- Heat helps with cramps, as well as staying hydrated and eating things with nutrients! He’s going to be so prepared for his s/o’s period, that he basically keeps track of it, even knowing before his s/o when it’s supposed to start and reminding them when it will start and to drink lots of water before it starts. Expect lots of hot showers, cuddles, and reassurance from this lad. 

Red (Underfell Sans)- He’s getting them a heating pad, and some medication specifically for menstrual pains. Do you… want him to possibly massage? He’s willing to massage! Just uh, tell him when to stop because he might not stop massaging.

Bonus: Black (Fellswap Sans (the angry child)- He might not understand why his s/o is complaining so much before he learns more about the subject. Seriously, their uterus grows twice its size when females have their periods? That’s horrifying, and he can understand why his s/o is cramping and feeling pain. He will make them comfortable, though they have to let them know that they’re on their period. Trust me when I say once he realizes his s/o is on their period, they will be treated like the queen they are. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think that if... Or rather when Ink finds out about the Drunken Pastry Shenanigans that Dream is up to, do you think he helps? Or just cackle in the background, advocating for more vodka bc Drunk Error is hilarious in so, so many ways?

Dream: Hey so Ink I’m lowkey spiking pastries that I make for Nightmare’s team-

Ink, before he knows anything but that: vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka

Dream: uhhhh

Ink: is it too much to ask for a drunk error? is it? is it Dream? Why would you deny me my simple pleasures in life. God, you’re a terrible friend.

I was in a cooking competition with Marcus Wehring, Monica Galetti & Dave Grohl.

I did not win, but I did beat Grohl, which was impressive, as he owned a restaurant.

It was especially impressive, as my main was vanilla cheesecake covered in goat tagine. My dessert was a circle of sliced bread (shop-bought), topped with a quinnell of pistachio ice cream.

I think Grohl had forgotten his recipe